Chapter 4 – Girls Night

Chapter 4

Sookie looked up at the sign over the door of the club her cousin had dragged her to, The Pulse, it looked nothing like Fangtasia and even seemed to be going out of its way to be the anti-vamp bar and that made her even more nervous about it.

She really wasn’t in the mood to party, not that her cousin seemed to be listening to her about that. When they made it to the door, the bouncers reached for their wrists and held them for a moment before stamping their hands. What the hell? Looking to her cousin for an explanation she finally got one, but that only made her wish she had asked sooner.

“This is sort of the Fellowships answer to places like Fangtasia, the name is really very literal, you have to have a pulse to enter. You said you didn’t want to party, and I know you didn’t want to stay there with Bill and his very own Jenny Craig, so I figured you could come on recon with me.”

“What the hell are we doing here?” This was not the type of place she ever wanted to come to, places that excluded entire races tended to be all around bad for one reason or another.

“I already told you we’re doing recon, none of the Dallas vamps can definitively know if Godric was even really taken by the Fellowship so tomorrow may be a complete waste of time. So instead of walking in blind I decided to come here, honestly it was ridiculously easy to find out about this place, for a sorta-super-secret-society they aren’t really all that stealthy. This is where most of the Fellowship comes to unwind at the end of the day, secure in the knowledge that they’re surrounded only by their own flesh and blood kind. Mainly the senior staff, while the juniors are left doing grunt work as usual, if anyone knows about a vamp snatch it’ll be one of the people here tonight. So just relax, have a drink, and listen.”

“What do we do after we listen?” It wasn’t like they could just walk up to the Fellowship door and demand they give Godric back, even if they did know for a fact that they had him.

“Well, that all depends on what we hear doesn’t it?”

Dropping her shields slowly she found it was a lot easier and far less painful than it usually was to listen in. Maybe she was getting better at this.

Daina watched her cousin smile and had to fight to not shake her head, she was softening the harsh onslaught for her cousin and she wasn’t even noticing, she was seriously behind where she should be with her gift. Normally she wouldn’t partially shield for another telepath, she was all about people making their own way in the world, but after everything else today her cousin really did need to feel useful, and like she was significantly contributing. Closing her own eyes for a moment she started to sift through and listen. To anyone watching it would just look like she was trying to relax after a long day like everyone else.

She decided to set her telepathy on a kind of word search mode, it would all stay in the back of her mind like white noise unless certain words were mentioned then it would surge to the surface again demanding immediate attention.

“So, Sook, should we talk about what happened back at the hotel?” She knew it was a sore subject, but they couldn’t just let it fester that wasn’t healthy. Besides any inroads she could make on the We Hate Bill front was for a worthy cause and worth the slight discomfort the conversation would bring along with it.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Forceful, that was good, a backbone would serve her well in the coming days, but not right now, she was too persistent for that.

“The hell there isn’t, that little prick just cheated on you while you were in the other room waiting for him.” How shitty was that? He could have at least gone down to the lobby for his snack instead of ordering in.

“He wasn’t cheating, he was -” She paused for a moment remembering where they were before continuing, “you know what he was doing.”

“Yeah, I know exactly what he was doing. It’s you who seems to be confusing the issue.” Then again things with Bill seemed to confuse her cousin more often than not. She wasn’t completely sure what it was about Bill-y boy, but something wasn’t right about this whole relationship.

Stupid goddamn vampires, don’t know why we can’t just kill them all now, why we gotta wait?

When it looked like her cousin was going to respond to her comment she held up a hand and tilted her head slightly to show she was already listening it was the universal telepath sign to please wait a moment.

Don’t see what this damn dog and pony show’s gonna do anyway, sure roasting a vamp on t.v. at dawn sounds nice and all but honestly he’d prefer to just stake the bastard in his cage. He loved the feel of vamp blood on his hands and watching them just implode was beyond satisfying, far better than killing a human that just lays there after they’re gone. He didn’t care how big and bad this vamp was, it could die just as easily as all the rest had, vampire Sheriff or not.

There it was a mention of Godric, so they did have him, unless he was thinking about some other Sheriff from another state but she doubted it. The reason she hadn’t heard his name was probably because the prick hadn’t bothered to learn it.

Tracking the thoughts back to the source she found an older man, over middle age probably in his late forties or early fifties, balding, with a bit of a gut now. Though she could tell he was in fairly good shape and had probably always been so, he looked sort of military in his stance, but from his thoughts she doubted he actually had been in the actual military or if he had been he’d probably washed out early on. Most likely para-military, which explained why he was hooked up with the Fellowship of the Sun.

Glancing down she saw the ring that signaled him as a member and given his personality and his age he was more than likely a senior part of the staff, he would accept nothing less, not with his ego. Now they just needed to get a little closer and get his mind on the right things, and maybe if possible plant a little seed in his mind that could help them tomorrow if they needed it.

“Sook, real casual look over towards the bar, see the older balding guy in the blue sweatshirt?” She watched her cousins casual bored room scan with barely contained pride, that’s her girl, they really were related after all.

“Yeah?” Sounds like Sook was as equally unimpressed as she was with the little soldier boy over there.

“He’s who we’re here for, now here’s the plan. First, I’m going to stand up and stretch a little, see how he reacts to it, then if I tell you I’m gonna want you to do the same, to see how he reacts to you. Then we’re just going to walk casual like to the bar, and once we’re there we strike up a conversation about the Fellowship and vampires in general, try to send his mind down the right rabbit hole.”

“Then what?” Seriously did she seem like a step by step kind of girl. Honestly! She was lucky she’d thought as far ahead as getting to the bar and talking, was she supposed to know what to do all the time from the start. This was her bo-bo mission idea, she was just trying to make it work. Jeeze.

“We wing it, it really all depends on what happens next. Let’s begin.”

Standing she stretched her hands over her head high enough to have her shirt ride up a bit flashing her toned and tanned stomach to the room, catching everyone’s attention as she knew it would, but she was really only interested in one man’s opinion.

Damn that was one nice piece of female, too bad no girl like that ever had the time of day for him, not even when he was still in his prime, not that he was over the hill just yet. Oh the things he would do to her with half a chance.

Pervert, no she meant, perfect. This was perfect and slightly disgusting, with a hefty side of disturbing, but she could work with it.

“You stay here Sook, change of plans I’m going over to the bar alone. If one of these guys actually works up the courage to talk to you don’t blow them off, we’re just two girls out for a girls night, out looking for fun and yada yada remember.” She threw the instructions out as she slowly made her way through the crush towards the man in question, while simultaneously doing her best to make it look like she wasn’t aiming for the son of a bitch. Stealth was the name of this game.

“I got it. What are you gonna do?” Something vaguely disgusting, bordering on skeevy, but hopefully it would work and that’s all that matters. She hadn’t heard much from his mind yet, but what she had heard hadn’t given her much hope for Godric’s continued good health in anything resembling the near future.

“I’m gonna chat up a guy at a bar.”

Walking over she made sure to squeeze in right next to him at the crowded bar, brushing her breast against his arm as she leaned in to get the bartender’s attention.

“Two long island iced teas please.”

She looked everywhere but at him at first, making sure to really overlook him, almost like he was invisible. When the bartender sat the drinks down right next to his hand, the fellowship fucker was fuming. He did not like to be relegated to the background.

Going to grab the drinks she let her hand brush his making sure to bump his ring looking down ‘in shock’ at the feel of cold metal against her skin. Looking up she smiled at him before biting her lip to draw even more attention to her mouth, before asking what she already knew.

“I know that symbol on your ring from somewhere, are you like in the army or something, you totally look military.”

Stoke to his ego waiting to let it grow a bit along with another part of his anatomy she eventually delivered the other side to her comment.

“My dad was military too, and you look a lot like him.” Crush him. She watched his chest almost deflate.

“No, it’s a Fellowship of the Sun ring, I’m second in command of the Dallas branch second only to Steve Newlin himself.” Go ahead buddy let your pride shine through your reason.

“Steve Newlin I know him, he’s that guy on t.v. right?” Playing the dumb blond card was annoying, but effective so she played it up.

She was getting so much from his mind now that he was focused totally on the Fellowship and all it stood for, for him anyway. She saw Steve Newlin, and his wife, and -cousin Jason! What the fucking hell was he doing here in Dallas? At the Fellowship compound of all places.

“Change of plans Sook we have a slight problem.” Little more than slight, but no need to cause alarm just yet.

“What? What happened?” Then again alarm was probably inevitable with how tightly wound Sookie was at the moment.

“Don’t freak out, remember where we are, but it turns out Jason is at the Fellowship compound, we have to get him out at the same time that we get the vamp or when they piece it all together they’ll kill him Sook.”

“No! That can’t happen!” She agreed, not so soon after Gran, the Stackhouse clan wasn’t big enough to be losing people in clusters like that.

“It won’t we won’t let it, but for right now we need to change things around a bit. We can’t wait for morning to go get this guy, we gotta go now when he can move under his own power and we aren’t stuck trying to carry him or something equally stupid. I’ll get this guy to invite me back there and you’ll come with when we get there we’ll split up, you’ll go find Jason and I’ll get the vampire in the basement. You in?” She had better be because for the moment this was the only plan they had.

“I’m in!” Good, because while she could do it on her own she really didn’t want to.

“So you’re like really important huh? Oh my god, have you actually seen any vampires?” She put as much blonde into her voice as she could muster.

“I sure have. Why do you ask?” Why’s someone here want to know about vamps?

“I’ve always wanted to see one, but I’m just way too scared to go to one of those ‘vamp clubs’ they have around here. Oh my god, you’ve seen one, which means you could like tell me all about it right, you must be so brave.” She made sure to sound out of breath while exaggerating her breathing just enough to emphasize the rise and fall of her chest.

Hell if just talking about those blood suckers gets her this excited, wonder what actually seeing one would do.

That’s it stupid follow along like a good minion.

“I can do you one better, how would you like to see a real vampire, up close and personal.”

“Oh, no, that would just be too scary, I’d be liable to just scream my head clean off and make a right fool of myself.” She clutched at her heart, as though she was imagining the fear of such an encounter drawing his eyes back to her chest again.

“The vamp I’m talking about he’s all locked up, no way he could hurt you, ain’t no way ain’t no how. Especially not with me right there next to you.” She could almost see his… ah pride begin to swell.

“Well, you are a big strong fellowship guy aren’t you. Second in command and all, I bet you ain’t afraid a nothing. Sure, I’ll go but my friend she’s gotta come too, I can’t just leave her stranded here all on her own.” Gesturing towards Sookie she made sure to lean in close enough to brush up against him again, this time letting her hardened nipple drag across his arm letting him know two things at once. One she was aroused and two she was braless. That was all it took of course, men were so easy sometimes.

“Yeah sure, she can come along.” He made it sound like such a magnanimous concession. Prick.

“Great, I’ll just go get her.”

“We’re in Sook, now here’s the plan….”

Daina kept flirting with Gabe the entire ride over with Sookie following along behind in their car, she ran her hands up and down his thigh and turned every conversation into an innuendo about the good times to come between them. By the time they pulled up in the Fellowship parking lot he was as randy and ready as a teenage boy. Sookie had made sure to drop a few cars behind, giving her the perfect excuse to lag back and find Jason.

“Shouldn’t we wait for your friend?”

“Nah, she’s a big girl, as I’m sure you’re a very big boy.” Letting her hand lightly stroke him through his cargo pants, she had to fight not to let her revulsion show on her face. This would only work for as long as he believed it. And believe it he did. He thought that tonight all those fantasies of doing the blonde cheerleader captain in school were finally going to come true. Sometimes men were so basic it hurt to have to listen to them, especially on the more intimate level.

Heading towards the basement door with him she heard Sookie pull into the parking lot and prayed that this whole thing worked, because if it didn’t they didn’t have a plan B or C or whatever fucking plan came after the one they were on now. This whole situation was such a goddam clusterfuck already they were liable to run through the whole fucking alphabet before the night was over.

Coming slowly down the stairs not wanting to trip on the concrete steps she heard a voice from farther down, likely Godric.

“Be silent, not one word.”

Good plan she supposed, don’t give your captor the satisfaction of hearing you, it was a tactic she knew well. Letting Gabe swing her around again so that he could kiss her she let him back her towards the vampire or rather vampires in question, the guy had to be talking to someone right.

Stopping short he pulled away from her and with a bit of a flourish announced their arrival.

“For my lady, vampires just as requested.” She could hear the barely restrained sadism and glee in his voice again when he talked about the vampires, he really had some serious issues.

Looking up she expected to see Godric for the first time, instead she was greeted by the sight of seven different vampires hanging inches off the floor bound to the cage walls. Eric, Bill, Jessica, Stan, Isobel, a female vampire she didn’t know, and a male vampire she was assuming was Godric.

“Wow quite the vampire collection you got going here.” Walking over slowly she stood in front of Stan who wasn’t looking nearly so smug now as he had been just a few short hours ago at their little meeting where he hadn’t even let her speak. “Were they really hard to catch?”

“No, we got ourselves a sure fire vamp catching method that works every time.” In his mind she caught the image of a woman, who from her eyes and the wind whirling around her she assumed could only be a witch. Hypocrites.

“Funny, I thought they’d be scarier somehow.” Turning away from the fury in Stan’s eyes she looked back towards Gabe, this rescue could still work, it just had a few more moving parts is all, time to get down to business.

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