Chapter 3 – Welcome to Dallas

Chapter 3

Daina sat very still as the plane finally touched down in Dallas trying not to laugh. Sookie was beyond nervous about the flight at first, but after twelve mini bottles of booze she was a lot more relaxed now. Apparently her cousin was very chatty when she had a buzz going.

It turned out Eric had arranged their flight for them on a private plane, there was only her, Sookie, one pilot, and one “flight attendant” which with her telepathy she was beyond grateful for and so was Sookie.

They had stepped down the five steps from the plane when they landed and moved to wait for Bill and Jessica who had insisted on tagging along even before either she or Bill knew where they were going or why. She didn’t really blame Jessica, the girl had really just tagged along with Bill not really caring about any of the details as long as she was with her Maker, and she was somewhere other than Bon Temp Louisiana.

When they saw the limo driver waiting for them while Sookie immediately moved towards the man with an open friendly smile on her face she let herself fall back a step. Her telepathy was sending up warning signs left and right telling her to be cautious and pay attention to really look at the situation. Letting down her shields she touched the man’s mind lightly and found a snarling mass of venom and hatred. Wow, this dude had some serious issues. Not letting her own smile of greeting slip in the slightest she quickly sent a warning to her cousin.

“Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!” Sending everything she’d learned from her cursory scan of the man’s mind towards her cousin, she was surprised that the other girl was so stunned by it.


“What? That was totally justified.” How often did you get to use that quote in real life? It was not an opportunity she could pass up, who knew when it would come around again?

“No it wasn’t! This is serious!”

“This is a balding middle aged fat man without a life.” It wasn’t like they were about to face a ninja, this guy was just plain pathetic. Honestly, was the Fellowship getting low on bad guys to be sending this bottom of the barrel weenie after them or were they just not considered important enough for the top shelf stuff? What exactly was the top shelf stuff for a hate group? Maybe Mr. Hair loss was the best of their best. If so that was just so sad.


“What! Come on the two of us could take this little pansy bastard with our eyes closed.”

With that said without a word or even a twitch of warning she lashed out taking the man by surprise sending him crashing to the ground with one blow.

“See, I told you so.”

Moments later the silence of the hanger was disturbed by Bill slamming out of his travel coffin with a very manly and as usual completely useless display of his skills.

“Oh relax Billy the threat has passed we took care of it all on our own, but uh if you still want to rescue someone Jessica seems to be in serious need of some help.”

Turning he finally noticed the coffin jumping around like a fish out of water with the baby vamp trapped within pleading for assistance. Observant he was not. While Sookie looked concerned and Bill looked frankly more annoyed than he should have considering he was basically Jessica’s vamp daddy she couldn’t keep a straight face.

“This is serious!” He thundered in the face of her laughter.

“I’ll say! You didn’t think to give the poor thing a crash course in travel coffins before loading her up for parts unknown?” Now that’s just rude on multiple levels.


“What? It’s a fair question. How would you feel if the flight attendant hadn’t gone over the safety video with you your first flight? By the way, I’m getting a little annoyed with you continually yelling my name in my head, that’s rude and I for one thought you of all people would behave better.” Her tone was beyond miffed but she couldn’t hold back all of her laughter; sometimes her cousin was just too funny.

“Stop it he’s right this is serious. We need to figure this out.”

“What’s to figure? The vamps have a traitor we’ll snoop when we meet everyone and go from there. The ‘danger’ is over for now so why are you two still stressing over a minor bump in the road when we haven’t even reached our first pothole yet? Save the panic for when we’re crashing it’s useless and time consuming now. Not to mention irritating as hell.”

“Oh.” Damn right oh, did no one see the method to her madness? She always had a reason for the things she did. They would save so much time if her cousin would just fall in line and stop questioning all the wrong things. Though it was a slight relief to her that Sookie still had the ability to question anything at all, it would make the next phase of saving her sorry self that much easier to do.

“We need to find out who this man is working for.” Bill sounded like he was talking to a small child, with a learning disability. How did her cousin not hear that?

“He works for the Fellowship, duh, but he’s a drone who knows nothing beyond the party line and the specific instructions he was given about Sookie. Trying to talk to him won’t get you anything beyond the I hate vampires broken record.”

“It would still be worth speaking to him. He may know more than you believe.”

That was it she’d had beyond enough of this bullshit. Poking Bill in the chest to make sure she had his undivided attention she let it all fly. Biting her tongue had never really been her style anyway, far too passive.

You, do whatever you think you need to in order to make yourself feel useful and needed, even though you’re really not. We are going to take the limo, that’s just sitting here, and go to the hotel and get settled before the meeting. Let the baby vamp out of her box and come find us when you’re done.” Spinning around she marched towards her ride honestly not really caring if her cousin followed in that moment or not.

God, this trip had barely begun and it was already giving her a headache.

The meeting with the Dallas vamps was going about as well as expected. The vamps didn’t think Sookie had anything useful to contribute and Stan the man was more kill first ask questions… wait what questions. It would have been kind of adorable if he wasn’t such a bastard in all other aspects of his personality.

When they’d informed them that they had a leak in their organization, god they sounded like the mafia, the vamps had only shrugged it off like it didn’t matter that they had like zero control. Only Eric really seemed to grasp the significance of that little nugget of information, which was totally why he was still her favorite fanger to date, closely followed by Pam of course.

Daina was getting very sick of it and just wanted to go find her hotel room and lie down until these idiots got their shit together.Honestly who calls in reinforcements without having a plan first? Or at least an idea that might someday turn into a plan if you closed your eyes and wished really hard, and no kill them all wasn’t a plan. No matter how many times Stan insisted that it was.

“Are we there yet?” She knew she sounded like a whiny five year old, but honestly at the moment she was so bored that was kind of what she felt like.

“Daina you need to pay attention. And are we where yet? You make no sense sometimes you know that.”

“Pay attention to what exactly? They have no plan, no verifiable information, and really no clue if the guy they’re looking for is even really where they think he is. No one said he was taken by the Fellowship; he just disappeared and they all just assumed that’s where he went because they didn’t want to think too much about it and see if he could be anywhere else. The only thing we’re listening to is posturing and kill them all stuck on repeat. Also I make perfect sense all the time. It’s not my fault if you can’t keep up.”

Daina knew she was annoying her cousin but really what else was there to do. If she opened her mouth and tried to talk where the vamps could hear if Billy dear didn’t shut her down before the end of the first word then Stan would. Damn it she was bored this was way less entertaining than promised. Hanging with these vamps was like if your parents told you they were going out of town on a trip then at the last minute told you that your babysitter was a nun. So close to being fun you could taste it, then you were cockblocked by an ancient hag. So not fair.

Maybe she could slip out and go party somewhere, there had to be entertainment to be found somewhere, right? The whole city couldn’t be this boring could it?

“I’ll go. I’ll infiltrate the Fellowship. I’ll go during the day if they have him I’ll hear it. They won’t suspect me.”

Ladies and gentlemen the entertainment had finally arrived. Unfortunately it was led by stupidity and closely followed by incompetence but hey at least it was finally here.

“Please tell me that is not your whole plan. Tell me there is more rattling around in that brain of yours and you’re just delaying for dramatic effect when you spring the rest of it on everyone.”

She could tell by her cousins thoughts that that really was the plan. The whole plan and nothing but the plan.

“You have got to be kidding me. What? You plan to just walk in all on your own and say what exactly? Hey can I have the grand tour and I mean everywhere and everyone. Yeah that won’t be suspicious at all.”

“Sookie I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Oh no, she was agreeing with … Bill. Oh she was gonna be sick she just knew it. Time to regroup and rethink. Sure this plan had some redeeming qualities, somewhere, it had to have something hell anything. She would not agree with Bill, she refused to do something that disgusting. Think brain think, she had to come up with a plan that would give this little half-baked plan a chance at success.

“You know what you’re right Bill, it’s not a good idea for her to go on her own.” She waited a moment for him to gain all of his smug superiority around him like a cloak before continuing, like she said before pause for dramatic effect. “Which is why we’ll go, two is always better than one after all, and you know three is even better. Do you guys have anyone from around here that could go with us? That way we have a local for cover if they notice the accent differences ‘n all.”

“My human, Hugo, can go with you, I will see to it that he is available to you tomorrow.” She could tell the Dallas vamps didn’t really see the point of this plan, but since they had nothing else to go with they were reluctantly hopping aboard with the rest of us.

“Thank you Isabel.” Best to be polite, even though she was basically lending out a human being like he was a cup of sugar instead of a person. One must always mind their manners.

“Alright so tomorrow we go in there fine. But we’ll need to do a little research tonight. Scratch that I’ll do the research and I’ll let you know what I find alright. There is no way in hell I am getting caught with my pants down around my ankles in hateful redneck central. I’ve seen Deliverance damn it and that will not be happening to me!” Not that she thought things would ever go that bad for them, but she had a point to make and that was the best way she could think to make it.

“Daina stop worrying everything will be fine. If you’re that sure it’s a bad idea you don’t have to come with, you can just as easily back out as you stepped in.” How dare she! So much for her being all meek and innocent, she had just thrown down the gauntlet like it was nothing at all. Back out, Ha! I say Ha!

“The fact that you can say that with such confidence when your plan isn’t even really a plan so much as a vague idea makes me nervous. Of course I have to come with you, you’d probably die in there without me and we both know it. I am the brains of this ditzy duo after all. Actually I’m the beauty too, so I’m not really sure what you’re bringing to the table but don’t worry dear I’m sure we’ll think of something that will be all yours.” Like the optimistic stupidity, there that could be hers.

“Daina calm down nothing bad is gonna happen to me.”

Of course nothing bad would happen to Sookie she wouldn’t allow it to. She would be with her cousin every step of the way if not physically then mentally and she would have several back up plans at the ready long before anyone stepped foot in that hell hole.

She was a firm believer that you are only truly prepared when the back up plan for your back up plans back up plan had a contingency plan attached.

Sookie followed Bill back to their room and tried to keep her nerves steady. It had seemed like such a simple idea when she’d said it during the meeting but then Bill had expressed concern, and then Daina had said she didn’t think it was such a good idea. The only difference being that once Daina realized she was set on this idea she changed her tune and decided to help her succeed instead of just telling her every possible way that she could possibly fail or otherwise screw everything up for everyone involved. Bill hadn’t budged an inch.

As the door closed behind them she watched Bill walk to the other room and close the door firmly leaving her alone in what was basically the living room. On the way up after Daina had left for her room he’d told her how he didn’t want to feed from her tonight so that she would be at full strength. At the time she’d thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of him, but that was when she thought he was just going to drink a couple bottles of true blood instead. Now she knew he was going to order room service.

Not ten minutes later a knock on the door and a quick mental check told her that Daina had come to see her and was very excited about something. Opening the door she stepped back to let her in trying to puzzle out exactly what had her so thrilled but she couldn’t get any clear thoughts. She wished the same could be said of Bill’s meal for the night.

“Sook, so I was researching the fellowship of bigots, right, like I promised. Well not the actual Fellowship so much as the building they’re housed in and not so much researching myself as much as you know getting other far smarter people who owe me favors to do it for me so that I can take the credit, though now that I’ve confessed and told you about them I guess that part of the plan is shot, but still you won’t believe what they found out there’s…”

Daina’s revelation was cut off by the sound of a moan from the other room. Her too intelligent eyes scanned her face and finally narrowed in anger, but her voice was soft and caring when she spoke.

“If you tell me that’s just Jessica finally getting lucky I swear I’ll believe you.”

That was the final straw. It was bad enough having to sit here and listen to that tramps thoughts about how good it felt being with Bill, but to have Daina know about it too. She just couldn’t take it, she broke down and started to cry.

“Oh honey no, no tears, this isn’t worth tears. This is worth a kick somewhere he won’t soon forget but that’s all. You know what? I have an idea, come on you’re coming with me.”

With that Daina grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of her room and towards the lobby obviously headed out towards Bill’s rented sedan. Where the hell were they going? She was too tired to even argue at this point really, so she let her mind wander a bit to try and get her thoughts off of the humiliation of what happened in the room they just left. That was when she felt it, a tug at her mind from someone farther down the hall, someone who most definitely wasn’t Daina.

Looking towards the elevators she saw a hotel employee walking towards them, his wide eyes looking everywhere but at them, almost in panic. Oh me oh my, another telepath, this was so exciting. She didn’t have the time to talk to him just then, but that didn’t mean she’d forget about him, oh no they would be talking later for sure.

Eric sat in his hotel room and tried to re-order his thoughts. How had things in Godric’s nest become so completely unbalanced that the likes of Stan and Isabelle were in charge in his absence? His maker was smarter than this, which only left the possibility that their appointment to positions of power was intentional, but he would be damned if he could see the purpose behind such a move.

Now Sookie was voluntarily walking into the lions den on his behalf, the only saving grace to such an action being the addition of her cousin at her side. He knew it was the best way that if Godric was truly being held there Sookie’s telepathy would be the only way short of a massacre to find him, but that certainty did not set his mind at ease in the slightest.

If anything happened to Godric or Sookie while in that building, or even young Daina then the massacre their actions aimed to prevent would be ensured. He would personally kill each and every soul he could find, and nothing and no one would stay his hand.

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