"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 5 – Vampire Rescue Part 1

Chapter 5

Daina knew she had to think fast if she was going to be able to pull this whole thing off without getting anyone, herself especially, hurt. Looking towards the restrained vamps she tried to figure out if any of them would be of any use to her right now. They were all so easy to read really it was kind of sad.

Godric and Eric were both old enough and smart enough to figure she was working an angle, while Godric didn’t know her from Eve she figured he was taking his lead from Eric who was calm and collected about her involvement.

Bill and Jessica were both so adorably confused it was almost funny, he had over a century of experience on her and yet was just as far from figuring out what was happening as she was.

Stan of course was furious thinking she and Sookie had betrayed them all, as unflattering as the thought was it did make a kind of sense. They show up and then disappear into the night just in time for everyone else to get snatched and then here she stood in their prison obviously unrestrained and as far as they could tell on friendly terms with the enemy.

The woman she didn’t know just seemed to be pissed off in general at the situation, which she could understand to some degree but honestly if the woman didn’t get that look out of her eyes soon she would have zero problems with leaving her behind. She was definitely one of the bad killer vampire peoples and she was a person she would never let stand behind her if she ever had a choice about it.

Isobel though had them all topped in the anger category. While the others were really just angry or upset about being there she seemed to be furious, angry to an almost homicidal degree. Why? What could have pushed her further over the line than the others? Under that anger seemed to be hurt?

Oh well, the emotional well being of the vampires was not one of her current problems she needed to focus on the issues at hand, main one being how to get them all out of there. She’d seen it in Gabe’s mind, if they were all still here at dawn the Fellowship was planning to have its self a bit of a vampire bon-fire.

Not that she understood exactly how they thought they would be able to control not one but seven vampires when the time came, especially when two were over a thousand years old with extra vampire abilities beyond the norm but she was guessing that it had something to do with that witch she saw in Gabe’s mind before.

The witch herself was going to be another problem, if she could capture this many vampires at one time it wasn’t very likely that she wouldn’t be able to sense them on their way out the door. First things first though, how to unchain them, because no one was going anywhere until that happened. She needed some help, luckily she came with back up.

“Sookie! Stackhouse we have a problem.”

“What happened? You didn’t get caught did you?” How dare she say such a thing!

“Alright, first of all the fact that, that was your first and apparently only guess hurts my feelings it really, really does. How dare you think that I would be so easily caught! Second, the problem isn’t with me it’s with the situation which had changed dramatically in a way that no one, least of all me, could have seen coming. And C, How dare you think that I would be so easily caught! I know that was part of the first one but it needs repeating.”

“I’m sorry? What happened?” Much better.

“Since you said you’re sorry I’ll tell you even if your apology was in question form. Now, don’t panic but they have more vampires than we originally thought they did. In fact they have our vampires. Eric, Bill, Jessica, Isobel, Stan, some woman I don’t know and a guy I’m assuming is Godric are all down here just chilling waiting for the party at dawn.”

She stood very still making sure not to show any outward sign of the headache that was starting to form while Sookie panicked. It was a long and loud panic, almost a professional panic really.

I know you heard me say don’t panic! Stop it right now or so help me God I will turn and walk out of here right now and leave them all to die!” How did she expect her to get anything done with her screeching echoing inside her skull?

“You wouldn’t.” Oh how wrong you are cousin of mine.

“Don’t push me woman. I may like some of these people a little bit, but this is not my fight and I would have absolutely zero problems with leaving them here. Am I making myself clear? Good! Now shut up and do exactly as I say because with this many variables this plan has already been blown to hell and we need to move quickly if we’re going to have a prayer of any of us getting out of here with our lives.”

Godric watched the woman who was flirting shamelessly with their guard. When she had walked into the room he’d felt the shock of recognition shoot through his Childe’s body even though there was no outward sign of it. So Eric knew this girl then, not only knew her but seemed to see her presence as a good thing, most of the others seemed to know her as well.

It was pure luck that the mans attention was solely on the girls body because if he’d been looking at any of the younger vampires faces at the moment of their arrival he too would have known that she was not the stranger she pretended to be. The younger ones allowed far too much of their inner thoughts to play across their faces.

Focusing on his Childe’s inner most emotions towards the girl he found fondness, annoyance, and hope. Eric saw the girl as their salvation? Not that either of them had given up on trying to free themselves since their capture, but he seemed to see the girls arrival and misdirection as a step in the right direction. Interesting.

Looking towards the girl herself, he found that while her body and voice seemed to be doing all the right things to keep their jailors attention he saw in her eyes that her mind was a million miles away from their cell and this place.

It had been clear from the moment of shock that had shown in her eyes upon first stepping foot over the threshold that she had not expected to find them all here, since the others had only arrived barely an hour past he assumed she’d been expecting to find only him within the walls of this holding place.

Whatever plan she’d had before was likely now either completely useless or needed to be adapted and he found himself fascinated by her ability to do so, it was rare in the youth of this era. He could hardly wait to see her in action. Strangely he seemed to harbor no doubts within himself of her success.

Daina knew that everything was ready, or at least as ready as it was ever going to be. Sookie and Jason were in place, all of them crossing their fingers that this plan would work, and if it didn’t work they would wing it until it did. Failure was not an option, she didn’t do failure. Sending the signal to Sookie she waited for the fire alarm to sound, she waited for the party to really begin.

Sookie had no idea what the next step was going to be after pulling the alarm or even what the next, next step was going to be. Daina was keeping her and Jason in the dark about the new plan and she was steadily letting Jason know exactly what she thought of that high handedness.

“What if there ain’t no real next step Sook?” Her brothers curious question pulled her out of her rant and back into reality.

“What do you mean?” There had to be a next step it wasn’t like they’d evacuate the vampires with everyone else after she pulled the alarm after all.

“I mean from what you done told me the plan y’all came in here with done been shot to shit and now you’re just slapping this one together on the spot. Maybe the ‘next step’ depends on what happens after this step.”

Maybe he was right. Maybe Daina wasn’t sharing the next step because even she didn’t really know what it was yet. Well, if Jason was feeling chatty there were a few things she wanted to know about.

“What is the world are you doing here anyway Jason? You know these people are just all a bunch of fanatical nutjobs right. Hell, if you wanted to join up with people like that you’d have been just as well joining up with the local skin heads back home.” Sometimes she just didn’t understand what went on in that head of his.

“Only because you refuse to take a look.”

“Shut up Daina! I am not invading his privacy like that. He’s family.”

“We’ll analyze that statement later, after we’re all not dead, for now just pull the alarm. It’s time to get this party started.”

“Don’t start with me right now Sook, I know I got some explanations to be giving you and everyone else but not right now alright.” He sounded so beat down already that she decided to let the issue drop.

“Okay, I’ll wait.” For now. Reaching over she pulled the handle to sound the fire alarm and watched as the entire building filled with lights and the sound of an electronic voice advising evacuation.

Now what Daina?” When the answer came she could almost taste the impatience that laced every word.

“Now you two get down here!”

Oh right, that made sense.

“Come on Jason we gotta get to Daina.”

“Alright Sook, lead the way. I’m right behind you.”

It took a bit of doing and some really creative suggesting but Daina finally managed to get Gabe to leave her alone down in the basement with the vampires while he went out to see what was going on. After all he was the big strong second in command. Oh boy, was she glad she didn’t have to deal with him any more, stroking his ego was a hands on activity she could do without.

Turning back she got to the vamps just as the door leading towards the main level closed behind his inflated backside.

“Okay here’s how this is gonna go, we didn’t really plan on having to rescue this many of you so we’re sort of just winging it here. Sookie and Jason should be down here any minute now and we’ve got about five minutes after that before everyone else realizes that this whole thing is a false alarm, they give the all clear, and we’re all caught. I got the key off of good times Gabe back there but even with it having to unlock two locks per each of you and there being seven of you this is so gonna be cutting it close to the wire. Eric and Godric are the oldest so I’m gonna undo them first, then I’ll just work my way down the line first person to try to attack me gets left behind. We all clear? Good, let’s get started.”

“How did you manage to get the key?” Yes Bill, because that is the most pressing bit of information at the moment.

“What, did you think I kept feeling up Gabe’s shorts because I wanted to see the surprise inside? I picked his pocket, duh.” Such a waste of, well everything.

“Wait so you didn’t turn against us?” Since it was Jessica who asked she supposed she could go ahead and answer her. If it had come from Bill or one of the older vamps she would have just ignored them on principle. If you’re that old and still don’t have the brain power necessary to puzzle something like this out then you deserve to be left in the dark.

“No, we didn’t turn against you. After Billy boy over there ordered himself some room service in the form of a shapely redhead who moans like a pornstar, Sookie and I went out for the night. We went to the Fellowship bar here in town to try and find out for sure one way or the other if Godric was really here, because I so hate wasting my time looking for things that aren’t really there to find. While we were there we did find out that he was here but we also found out that our cousin Jason was hanging around here and we didn’t want him catching the heat for us letting the nice vampire man escape. So we decided all spur of the moment like to come here tonight so we could get Jason out and at the same time free the one vampire we thought we needed to rescue when he was able to just walk out the door under his own power and we wouldn’t be stuck trying to carry a heavy coffin past security. The rest of you were a bit of a surprise, but I’m very flexible and now we’re doing things this way.”

By the end of her little explanation Sookie and Jason had finally showed up to lend a hand. She handed Sookie the key, while Jason found a discarded prybar and she got to work with her lock picks. Hopefully they could get this all done before the alarm shut off and they were back in the hot water they’d just barely gotten out of before.

“What was Jason even doing here?” Wow, baby vamp had to be one of the most annoying creatures she’d ever met. She was suddenly beyond glad that she was going home after this little adventure.

“Well, you’d have to ask him what the original plan was for coming here but from what I’ve heard in reality he was mostly just doing the Reverand’s wife.”

“Daina!” What? That was hilarious and was just begging to be shared with the group. It was definitely a moral booster.

“In the church no less.”

“Jason! How could you?” Sookie sounded so scandalized she just wanted to laugh.

“Oh, don’t be so hard on him Sook, she started the whole thing. He was behaving himself, trying to be a good boy, keeping his pants firmly zipped for the first time in forever when suddenly there was a hand grabbing hold of him out of nowhere. Believe me when that happens you just shrug your shoulders and go ‘why not’. Trust me on that one.”

Sookie was looking back and forth between her and Jason like she didn’t know who to be more angry with. Eric on the other hand was looking distinctly amused and even seemed to have that male look of agreement in his eyes. The one that just seems to scream “What else was he supposed to do but jump her if she was asking for it so bad?” She was in complete agreement, it takes two to commit adultery after all.

“Stop being so pious Sook, you know us better than that. Now we need to get this done!”

No sooner had the words left her mouth than the lights and alarms stopped. Looking up and down the line she saw that while Eric and Godric where nearly completely out all of the others were still either mostly or still completely restrained. So much for that plan time to move on to plan B.

“Well, I guess it’s time for plan B.”

“Daina, this was plan B.”

“Alright then, plan C, honestly Sookie now is not really the time to be criticizing plan names.”

“Sorry, what’s plan C?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as I’ve thought of it.”

Hearing the door to the basement begin to open she caught the thoughts of Gabe and he wasn’t alone both Newlins were coming with him to check on their “guests”. More than that though, right on their heels like a faithful puppy came the reason for Isobel’s anger and hurt feelings, it was Hugo her “pet human” she’d intended to loan out for this super secret rescue mission. The Dallas vamps had been betrayed and now they were all so screwed.

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