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Chapter 6 – Vampire Rescue part 2

Chapter 6

Daina took a deep breath and decided on a plan, sort of, well it was at least more of a plan than what she started with so she felt just fine with calling it a plan now. Turning back towards the room she ran up to stand between Jason and Sookie and explain what was about to happen.

“Okay, Sookie you’re gonna stay here and get these vamps down. Eric and Godric first, I swear if I find out you let Bill go before the two who can actually help save our bacon I will kill you myself. Jason you’re coming with me.” Sookie gave her a look that screamed how insulted she was at the suggestion, but come on now it’s not like the thought never crossed her mind to save her honey first.

“Well, alright, what’re we doing?” Good old Jason, always willing to lend a hand even when he didn’t have a clue.

“Something we’ll likely go to hell for.”

“Okay.” Oh, she could feel the favorite cousin status starting to shift. He didn’t really have much in the way of brains but at least he embraced it.

“Just follow my lead and hopefully before this goes too far we’ll have two big strong vamps backing us up and keeping us from getting killed.” Fingers crossed.

She waited until Steve Newlin was on the last step before she got started. She came running out towards them with Jason just behind her.

“Jason, I can’t believe you would do something like this! Didn’t you learn anything growing up? Mr. Newlin, hi there, I’m Jason’s cousin and I just want to apologize on behalf of my family. Honestly it was never our intention to raise such a low down dirty hound dog, but these things do happen. I’m just sorry that it had to happen to you. Here you are trying to give no future Jason here a purpose in life, you invite him into your home, and this is the thanks you get.”

By now Jason had caught on to what she was doing and she could feel his resolve to play along strengthen. He might not retain much in the way of book learning and the like but when it came to people he had the Stackhouse gift for pushing their buttons.

“Now damn it woman you just hush up about this. It ain’t none of your concern what I do. I’m a grown ass man.”

She could tell their little audience was beyond confused, except for Sara who was now beyond scared. She knew what they were talking about and while she’d been planning to tell Steve about her and Jason all along so that she and Jason could be together this really wasn’t how she wanted it to go. She wanted him told in private where she could still save face not here out in the open where everyone would know her sin.

“Grown man my ass, you’re nothing but a spoiled little boy always wanting the new shiny toy.” Still nothing from Stevie boy, looks like Jason ain’t the only one here without a whole heap of smarts. Maybe if she was a bit more direct the lights would come on. “Even if the toy is married to someone as good and wonderful as Mr. Newlin here.”

Finally! Steve looked to Sara for her to deny what was being implied and when she did nothing but avoid his eyes he knew it was true. Just like that they were off. Every one of them was yelling at someone for something. Edging closer to Jason she started moving both of them back away from the group as she felt the two newly freed vampires getting closer.

Just as it looked like Steve was about to come off the steps and after Jason they all heard Gabe give a deep moan of pain. Like they were all attached by a string every head in the room snapped to the side to see what was wrong and what they saw stunned them all.

There at the bottom of the stairs against the wall stood Gabe with a vampires hand in his chest grasping his heart. About a dozen thoughts flew through her mind at the sight but the only two that stuck for more than a fraction of a second were Ewww and Awesome!

Slowly the hand began to draw back out of the chest until it was holding up the mans heart that had been pulled free, they all stood frozen and watched in sick fascination as Eric brought the now severed heart up to his mouth and sucked on one of the ventricles like a straw in a juicebox.

That action was what sent everyone into a screaming frenzy for the door, the door that Godric was blocking. Deciding she and Jason really weren’t needed for this part she dragged him towards the back where Sookie and the rest of the vampires were, she didn’t trust that female vampire enough to leave her cousin alone with her.

Sookie had gotten Eric and Godric down now, and watched them speed away to help her brother and cousin deal with the people they were stalling a few feet away. While logic said to just continue down the line and free Isobel next, she just couldn’t do it, she had to free Bill.

“Don’t worry darling I’ll have you down in no time at all.”

She didn’t know why she cared so much what happened to him, especially after what he did feeding off that girl back at the hotel, but he just looked so weak and adorable hanging there her heart went out to him. When she’d gotten him down she went to Jessica next intending to free her as well, when he stopped her.

“Sookie free Lorena next.”

What? Who the hell was Lorena? And why in the heck would she free her over Jessica?


“Because she is older than the others and she would be able to better protect us all should one of the humans get past Godric or Eric.”

Oh well she supposed that made sense and he looked so earnest when he said it, almost like he was pleading with her to agree with him. Why wouldn’t she agree with him?


She was just freeing the last lock when something moved in the corner of her eye and she was about to turn to see what it was when the woman “Lorena” lashed out with one hand and grabbed her by the throat. What the hell?

Daina and Jason entered the little caged area just in time to see the woman grab Sookie by the neck and Bill just stand there doing nothing, wringing his hands like an old woman. When he noticed both of them standing there, seeing what he was doing, only then did he spring into action.

Unfortunately his actions like everything else about him were well below average. The other vampire, obviously older and stronger than him, easily tossed him back leaving him looking a little dazed and confused almost like the action wasn’t part of some plan he had. Oh boy.

“Hey! Gruesome two-some out there if one of you is done terrorizing the natives could you please get your pale butt in here we have a bit of a grumpy vampire situation!” Jason just gave her a look like he couldn’t believe she wasn’t charging right in to try and save his sister. Without any kind of weapon against a vampire old enough to toss Billy boy around like a rag doll. Get real.

Besides for both Bill and this woman to be out and mobile Sookie had to have skipped past Isobel, Stan, and poor Jessica to release them both first. So a little karmic retribution wasn’t exactly a-miss. If she had just waited and gone down the line like any smart sane person would have done by the time psycho lady was out and about there would have been three other vampires besides the ever useless Bill able to help them out of this new mess.

“Daina what are you doing?”

“Waiting for back-up. Or did you think that watching me get tossed aside as easily as your loving beau would somehow make this all better?”

When no response came to that she just shrugged her shoulders, of course there was no response she was right.

“Let her go!” This from Godric, the original snatched vampire. He didn’t even bother coming back into their little section of the room he just shouted his command and expected his disembodied voice to be obeyed. Which turned out to be a reasonable assumption since that’s exactly what happened.

With no one else in immediate mortal danger they were finally able to get the rest of the vampires freed, with one eye on psycho bitch at all times of course.

Just as things were starting to look up she turned to find the witch from everyone’s memories standing at the foot of the stairs staring at all of them with an impressive amount of hatred in her eyes. Whoa, they were in tr-ou-ble.

“Ah, hell.”

“Who is that?” Yes, because that is the most important question to be asking right this second.

“That my darling cousin is the witch who helped to catch all the vampires. Without her none of this would have been possible, let’s give her a round of applause.” If you’re not laughing you’re crying and she refused to cry in front of all these people.

“Darn it Daina, can’t you be serious for five seconds this is important.” Oh, no she didn’t just say that.

“Yes it is, thank you so much for pointing that out. I don’t think I ever would have figured out just how important this whole situation was or just how completely screwed we all were without you standing here next to me all but shouting it in my mind. What I would like to know is when you decided that I was so completely lacking in intelligence. Have you always felt I was a brainless buffoon or is this a new point of view for you?”

“Daina I didn’t-“ Sookie tried to defend herself, but she was having none of it.

“YES YOU DID! Somehow over the last few hours it has entered your mind that I am an idiot though I’m not quite sure what exactly it was that I did that gave you that impression. Ever since you and I hooked back up a few days ago all I have been hearing from you has been you talking to me like Bill talks to you. Like I am a brain damaged invalid incapable of rational thought, and I am tired of it.” Beyond tired of it. She might not be the smartest person ever, but she’d be damned if anyone made her feel like she was an inch tall. Damn it!

“Daina-“ Again Sookie tried to interrupt, most likely to defend herself and Bill all in one go, but she was just too damn tired to hear it. Any of it.

“No Sookie! I will get us out of this since you seem hell bent on laying all of the responsibility of this entire mess on my shoulders and then I will go back to my room at the hotel and then maybe if I am feeling generous you, me, and Jason can have ourselves a little family reunion chat.”

Without another word she withdrew from her cousins mind, making sure that the little bitch felt it, and proceeded to shut down her end of things making it impossible for Sookie to open the conversation back up without speaking out loud.

So situation assessment. There was a very brassed off witch of indeterminate power standing between them and freedom. Godric and Eric hadn’t popped back up in the few minutes they were having their stand off which meant one of three things. Either they were dead, incapacitated, or they had left them all behind in the commotion and high tailed it back to safety all on their own. She was standing in a small caged off section of a concrete basement sandwiched between one unstable vampire, one baby vampire, two pissed off vamps who at the moment seemed either unable or unwilling to move, and her two cousins who were fairly weak in the supernatural department of things.


Time to move on to plan D or maybe it was plan E now. Damn if she’d known she would have needed this many plans beforehand she would have planned ahead and brought a genius along for the ride or something.

What to do, what to do.

No sooner had a plan begun to form than the witch jumped as though shocked and a bloody hand appeared through her chest holding her heart.

Well, that worked too she supposed.

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  1. Ugh Lorena. Scumbill is pathetic…..but so is Sookie at this point. daina really needs to smack her upside the head a bit

    November 21, 2014 at 7:14 pm

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