Chapter 1 – Be Mine

Disclaimer : I own nothing that belongs to either the Southern Vampire Mystery Series or the True blood series all characters and etc. that belong in those realms belong to Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, HBO, etc. basically others who aren’t me.

Chapter 1

Sookie watched Eric walk out of her house, well his house, and finally let all of her confusion flow through her. Deep down she knew that he was right, without Bill she was vulnerable to any set of fangs that walked up and wanted a bite. Thinking about Bill still filled her with fury, he had tricked her so easily it was insulting, while thinking about Eric now seemed to fill her with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. Two emotions if she was honest that had always been associated with the Viking in one form or another since the night they met.

Eric had always been there for her, at times even going out of his way to make things easier for her. If she was honest with herself half the time she was with Bill she’d wondered why he couldn’t be more like Eric. While Bill was more reserved and never wanted to do anything that wasn’t right and proper, Eric was an adventure waiting to happen. She sat down at her kitchen table and put her head in her hands, and fought back the tears that threatened to fall. She didn’t know what to do any more, everything was so mixed up and lumped together she couldn’t see her way through any of it anymore to even try to make the right choice. Plus without her telepathy to give a helpful boost she was flying blind in the vampire department and trusting her own instincts hadn’t worked out so well for her in the past. The best way to decide had to be a pro/con list, just write it all out and take a look without anything else getting in the way. Taking out a pen and a piece of paper she began to draft a list to decide whether or not to be with Eric.

She knew that deciding this way was childish and vaguely stupid, but she didn’t trust herself to make decisions like this anymore without writing everything out seeing it all in black and white. Somewhere in the back of her mind she’d thought that if she’d done something like that with Bill she might have noticed some of the wrinkles in her thinking. Like how a man like Bill who was so uptight and straight laced about everything managed to be late only once the entire time she’d known him and that once just happened to be the night she’d been attacked. Or why had Bill moved back to Bon Temp when every since soul living or dead she’d ever known had only ever wanted to leave it behind. Most importantly if she’d bothered to lay some of it out she might have put everything together after Dallas. Bill had gotten so enraged over the few drops of blood Eric had gotten into her when she’d gotten whole mouthfuls of his blood after the Ratts attack.

Shaking her head to clear it of old unhelpful thoughts she set to writing out everything she could think of in regards to Eric and what being with him might be like.

Pros : Sexy (shallow but worth a mention), Protective (he always looked out for the people he cared about in his own special way), Adventurous (he was always finding the fun in life and trying new things to keep from getting bored), Exciting (he screamed excitement in every aspect of his character), Caring (he really did care for her in his own special Eric kind of way).

Cons: Manipulative (he would always look out for himself and had no problems moving you this way or that to make sure he got exactly the outcome he wanted in the end), Scary (all vampires were predators but some were just plain scarier than the rest).

Looking down at her list after she finished it she had to admit that in reality Eric was more good than bad (mostly). Now all she had to do was think about how to go about accepting his offer.

Eric sat in his office at Fangtasia looking at his daily reports without actually seeing them. He thought over his little meeting with Sookie and wondered not for the first time if she would finally come to her senses and come to him. He had always known that it was just a matter of time before she realized that he was the superior choice, and she became his lover. Now that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that fool Compton was beneath her she would come to him. Maybe. What was he thinking of course she would come to him he was Eric Fucking Northman Viking Sex God. Women killed for the privilege of sharing his bed. Of course she would come.

Before he could obsess any more about the matter Pam barged into his office without knocking, as usual, and just stood there giving him a look of disinterested superiority.

“So, how did it go with the little blood bag?”


She bowed her head in deference of the warning in his voice. She knew that Sookie was more than just a blood bag to him, but persisted in insulting her just to get a rise out of him. While she had never been supportive of his interest in Sookie she had become downright childish about her dislike in the past year. Snide comments had become the norm but now that Sookie was back and potentially within earshot he would no longer let it pass, he would not let his Childe jeopardize his chances, no matter how she felt about it.

“Sorry Master, what I meant to say was how was the meeting with Miss Stackhouse?”

“It went well Pamela but I have no desire to discuss it further.” If he allowed himself to start talking he knew he would just go in circles until he heard from her again and that would do neither of them any favors.

With that they discussed the club instead until close to dawn. Before he died for the day Eric’s last thoughts were of Sookie as they always were of late. He wondered once again what she would do now that she finally had to choose.

Sookie woke sometime around noon with a firm decision in her mind. She chose Eric; now all she had to do was come up with the best way to tell him. She knew that how she told him was just as important as what she told him, at least to her it was. Rising to start the day she began to make a mental list of what all she needed, she knew that he was in his little cubby he’d made in her/his house so she’d have to hurry to have this finished before he rose for the night. What she had planned was simple yet hopefully memorable. By the time sunset rolled around she had everything ready, she’d already eaten so that wouldn’t be a problem, and she’d made sure that there would be no interruptions by her family or friends. Tonight was for Eric and no one else. She heard the door to his cubby open and straightened up on the sofa. She was wearing a simple pair of jeans, with a green and white striped short sleeved blouse; her hair was up in a ponytail as always. This was her let’s talk outfit, what she’d bought today was for later, her celebration ensemble.

“Hello, lover are you waiting for me?” His sexy confident voice sent shivers down her spine.

“Yes, we need to talk.” She tried for stern and foreboding, what came out was less stern and more of a request. Oh well at least she’d tried. But stern wasn’t really her thing, Gran always said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

“Oh, really. Very well lover what do you wish to talk about?” She could tell by his tone he’d conjured up a list of topics he thought she’d embark on. None of which were pleasant apparently. Boy was he in for a surprise.

“We need to talk about what you said yesterday. About the whole me and you thing.” She hadn’t planned to beat around the bush at all but… girls gotta have her fun.

“Really lover, and what exactly about us do you wish to discuss?” Shifting a little she indicated the cushion next to her on the sofa, they really needed to be facing each other for this conversation. He gave her a little smirk and sauntered over to her in the way only he could, every muscle rippling just under the skin making her mouth water. 

She knew the second he decided he had the upper hand. Now it was just a matter of turning the tables on the smug bastard. Just because she decided to give things with him a try did not mean that he was going to control the entire relationship. She realized now she’d put up with far too much of that from Bill. Smiling just a little she rubbed her legs together slightly just enough to make him think she was uncomfortable with the hunger he stirred within her. She’d learned a lot about herself while she was in Faerie with Claudine, mainly that she wasn’t such a good girl after all. And what better way to get in touch with her bad side than with the help of the big bad Viking.

“Well, Mr. Northman,” Just because she was horny as hell didn’t mean she wasn’t going to be polite with the first part of this conversation. “I wanted to speak to you about me possibly being yours. But I meant what I said yesterday you and I will never be the way I was with Bill.” Oh no they would be so much better and twenty times hotter but she’d just let him come to his own conclusions about that statement for now. He thought he knew her so well now was the perfect time to show him the old Sookie was no more, and the new and improved Sookie could not be outfoxed. They would start this relationship on equal footing or not at all.

“What exactly did you have in mind Miss Stackhouse?” Oh yeah he was upset, well that’s what he gets for jumping to conclusions. She guessed it was time to put him out of his misery and end this little game before he got too upset and stormed out to cool off, games were fun but only if they could both enjoy it. It just wouldn’t do for him to leave while she needed him so much.

“Well, I for one would like our ‘relationship’ to be,” She got up and took the three steps necessary to get to his chair. She placed her hands on the arm rests and leaned in until their lips were a mere inch apart. “Hotter don’t you?”

His eyes had widened slightly when she’d leaned in but now his signature smirk was back into place. Never one to miss an opportunity he leaned in the last inch between them and took her lips with his. She moved her hand up to run her fingers through his hair, god how she loved his hair, holding him to her as the kiss deepened. She felt his hands slowly moving up to her waist and braced for him to pull her into his lap. When all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

They broke apart as she scowled at the offending door with frustration, who in the hell would be coming here now? She’d spoken to everyone during the day and stressed that she wanted this night to herself. Marching over she slung the door open with a little more force than necessary, and just gaped at the person on the other side. This was not good.

She tried valiantly to get her mouth to close, she really did. She must have looked a bit like a fish out of water but she just couldn’t help it. Standing before her on her porch was the only man she’d ever seen who could possibly rival Eric for the title of resident Sex God. He was at least six four maybe taller it was hard to tell when everyone was a giant compared to you. His hair was as black as the night surrounding him and it fell to just below his ears in beautiful waves that just called for a woman to run her hands through it. His eyes were a deep blue that appeared to almost be purple and they were fringed by such lush dark lashes that she felt herself becoming momentarily jealous in the name of every woman on this earth. As her friend Lafayette would say that just ain’t motherfucking fair. She felt more than saw Eric stand up to and begin to move toward her probably to see who had her so thunderstruck. Quickly shaking herself to hopefully regain her senses she cleared her throat that was suddenly dry.

“Hello, can I help you?” If her voice was a little raspy that was only because she had just been kissed within an inch of her existence before this guy ever showed up. Yep.

“Yes, I hope you can. My name is Brad and I just bought a house just a little ways down the road. I’m sorry that I’m here so late. I started all of this long before the sun went down but as always happens things came up that I didn’t expect…” She stopped him there because she recognized a rant in its early stages and was hoping to prevent it, not that hearing him was a hardship, no his voice had this Irish brogue to it that made her abdomen tighten just listening to him. However Eric was now right behind her and the tension in the air was nearly stifling.

“What exactly did you start ‘long before the sun went down’?” Maybe if she steered him back towards the beginning they could find the end sooner.

“Oh, meeting my neighbors. My mother always said that next to family your neighbors will know you best. I see you have company and don’t worry I wasn’t planning on trying to shove myself into your evening or anything. I just wanted to introduce myself, I would have been here at a better hour but I got waylaid by a rather talkative woman by the name of Mrs. Fortenberry. Then I thought about just going back home and coming to introduce myself tomorrow but then I realized I just had one more neighbor to talk to which if you hadn’t guessed was you. So I figured why not.” He stopped to take a breath and that’s when good old Eric decided to chime in with his two cents. Perfect.

“I realize being a vampire I do not have an excellent grasp on human manners and the like, however I do believe it is not appropriate to call upon a woman at night without having an introduction first. Or have human males fallen so low in just the short amount of time since the days of the Kings court.” As Eric reprimands go that was fairly mild but he’d gotten his point across. He did not like the idea of an unknown male coming to his lover’s home in the middle of the night unannounced.

Deciding it would be quicker to just listen in on him a little and assess his current threat level she quickly dipped into Brad’s mind and heard… nothing. Throwing up her signature Crazy Sookie smile that did not go unnoticed by Eric she tilted her head to the side and tugged on the hair her mind going a mile a minute. So far anyone she couldn’t hear was usually up to no good.

“Well, thank you for coming by and I’m sure we’ll see each other around town. It was very nice to meet you, but as you can see I do have company and it is getting late.” With that and a little wave she closed the door on the newest complication in her life and turned to face another one.

“So lover I noticed you liked your new neighbor.” The look on his face told her more than his words had that he’d noticed her appreciation for the new neighbor man’s assets. This night was not going as she had hoped. Closing her eyes in frustration she tried to gather her thoughts in hopes of salvaging the evening.

“Eric come on don’t be ridiculous it was just a friendly conversation.” She tried to pretend like she didn’t know what he was talking about hoping he’d just drop the entire conversation. But of course Eric being Eric he forged ahead anyway in his usual takes no prisoners manner.

“Yes, a conversation during half of which you could not speak because your jaw had hit the floor the moment you saw that over greased rodent. Or are you now going to try and convince me that your mouth was hanging open in revulsion, Sookie?” Uh-oh she knew she was in serious danger territory when he called her by her name. Not as danger Will Robinson as if he’d called her Ms. Stackhouse but still not out of the woods. Best defense when it came to Eric, option one, tell him the obvious or option two, try and distract him with something far more interesting. For something like this she chose to combine the two.

“Oh please Eric, you know that no one on this earth could possibly compare to you. You are a VIKING sex god who bows to no one. He is just some new neighbor who rudely interrupted us just as we were getting to the best part of our evening.” Moving towards him she placed her hands on his abdomen and slowly ran them up over his chest. She looked up into his stormy blue eyes with a look she hoped clearly stated where her interests lay.

Eric could tell his lover was trying to change the subject and he was still fuming over the vermin who had interrupted his time with Sookie. But, always being a tactician he reasoned that it would be wisest to drop the subject for the moment and go back to the more pleasant business at hand. As her hands began their slow journey upwards towards his chest he had to fight not to close his eyes and moan out his ecstasy. His lover was finally touching his person both willingly and if the look in her eyes was any indication eagerly. Deciding then and there not to waste any more time on the fool at the door, though they would be discussing him later and whatever it was about him that had so suddenly put up her defenses, he leaned towards his lover with a feeling of pure animalistic hunger coursing through his entire being. He had never wanted anything more in his entire existence than he wanted to taste her lips in this instance.

As their lips finally met the hunger exploded through both of them. Her small delicate fingernails dug into the flesh of his shoulders as she clung to him in wild abandon, the small sting of pain urging him on telling him to push them both higher. Wrapping his arms around her waist crushing her body flush against his own with a burst of vampire speed he took them to her room. As they crashed through the door with more need than finesse he kicked it closed behind him, then turned her to press her against it.

Without breaking the kiss he managed to divest them both of their clothes with ease, centuries of practice will do that for any man, one of his hands fisted in her long blonde hair while the other slowly made its way to her breast to cup the exquisite mound of flesh. He finally broke the kiss when he felt she needed to breathe but quickly moved his mouth to the other neglected breast. Her breathless moans that ended with his name like music to his ears, nothing would ever sound as perfect as that. He felt both of her hands fist in his hair to try and hold him to her chest and he couldn’t help but smile in victory.

Sookie felt his smile against her breast and knew she should care or something but the only thought in her head was a chant. Please don’t stop. Pleasepleasepleaseplease. She’d never felt this way before in her life, he was on the verge of making her cum just by sucking on her nipple. She was so out of it she didn’t even hear herself as she began to speak, she was awash in sensation, and his touch was all she knew.

“Eric! Please I need you inside me. Please take me.” She heard him chuckle and the sound caused a vibration along her nipple that made her moan and arch toward him greedily.

“Patience lover, we’re nowhere near done.”

She’d barely registered his words when his mouth moved to her other breast and began to suck even harder causing her to let out a small scream. Later she’d barely recall chanting his name over and over again like a mantra. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore his fang scraped against her hard nipple and just like that she came apart in his arms.

She felt as though she were floating reality only starting to return when she felt the familiar feeling of her comforter pressing into her back. He’d moved them both over to the bed and had laid her out on in spreading her legs wide apart. He was staring at the juncture between her thighs and licking his lips, for a moment she thought he might be about to do something she’d only ever heard about in other girls minds. But he seemed to rethink it and instead began to slowly climb up her body planting kisses in random places as he made the journey up. When he finally reached her face he looked deep in her eyes as he slowly inched his mouth closer to hers, just before their lips met he smiled and spoke.

“This is only the beginning.” As his lips finally crashed down onto hers she felt him thrust into her core for the first time. He was big, far bigger than she thought possible, but while he felt different it didn’t hurt. She’d been so wet from her first release that she’d barely felt it as he’d thrust forward. She felt fuller than she ever had, and while it was strange she had to admit she kind of liked it. Then he began to move and all thought ceased from that moment on. She was sure she would have been screaming his name if she’d been able to but all that would come out were moans and yelps of encouragement. She wanted to scream his name but her lungs wouldn’t cooperate with her, burning in need for air she couldn’t seem to fill. As she felt her release building again he began to go faster until finally after one last thrust the both fell into the abyss together.

She felt him lift his head after a few minutes and she felt his eyes on her as she tried to find the strength to open her eyes. She knew she should say something so she said the first thing that came to mind.

“Wow!” She felt his whole body vibrate with his laughter which sent little aftershocks through her system as he’d yet to leave her body.

“Wow, indeed lover you were magnificent.” She felt a blush begin to creep up her cheeks at the compliment and turned her head so she wouldn’t have to meet his eyes until after she’d gotten her unruly feelings under control. But as she looked out the window of her room she found a pair of eyes looking back at her.

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