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Chapter 1 – Be our guest

A/N – This story has been edited for spelling and grammar mistakes if I’ve missed any please let me know and I’ll fix them. Disclaimer – I do not own either True Blood or the Characters they belong to Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, HBO, and a whole host of others. I make zero profit from this so please don’t sue me I can’t afford it.

Chapter 1

Sookie looked around the Casino floor slowly dropping her shields to check on everyone. She’d been a little nervous at first when Eric told her his idea to buy a Casino slash Night Club to make into his new base of operations and that he wanted her to run it during the day. It turned out, irritatingly enough, that Eric was right, she did love it.

The life, the fast pace of it just kept her energized. Her telepathy also improved now that she used it more and more often without having to feel ashamed or like she was intruding on her friends privacy.

They had been open for two months and already they were the number one hottest place to be in Shreveport, since Fangtasia closed down. It was always hard to suppress her smile, not that she tried overly hard, from her face every time she thought about Fangtasia. What had started out as a punishment for Eric turned into a parting gift for Bill.

Looking at her watch she realized her shift was over and she was going to be late if she didn’t get moving. Expertly weaving her way through the crowd she made her way to the attached club Whisper of Dreams, and Eric once more up on his throne.

It was just like Fangtasia complete with a very bored Pam checking ID’s at the door, with one noticable difference. Beside Eric’s throne stood a slightly smaller one for her. She’d argued at first, not wanting to be on display, but he’d argued right back saying that it wasn’t for them it was for him. He wanted her near him. Really? How’s a girl supposed to fight with that? So she’d relented and now just ignored everyone but him when she went to the club to keep him company every night.

Making her way past Pam, who gave her a fanged grin, and through yet another crowd she finally made it to Eric’s side and nearly threw herself into her seat with a sigh of relief. Which of course only made Eric grin in amusement, since his night was only just beginning and he hadn’t had the time to become totally annoyed yet. The thoughts of Fangbangers, who almost never saw any expression from Eric that wasn’t boredom, anger, or thinly veiled disgust made her smile to.

“Problems lover?”

“No more than usual. It’s just been a very long day followed by a very boring night.” They both knew she wasn’t complaining, she loved everything about their new life together. Just some days when it rains it pours and a girls just got to vent to her insanely handsome too good to be true completely sympathetic boyfriend.

“Well, lover just remember, tomorrow is a brand new night.” For some reason that sent her into a fit of giggles that only stopped when Pam appeared beside Eric.

“The King is here.”

Fuck, guess tonight was about to be less rain more hurricane. Good thing she was from Louisiana and was used to the blowing winds.

Bill stood before the “happy couple” and fought to hide his true feelings. Sookie was supposed to be with him not Eric! He knew he wouldn’t fool anyone with his fake smiles and false air of letting by gones be by gones, but effort always counted even when it was wasted.

Your majesty to what do we owe this pleasure?” His Sheriff’s words dripped with disdain, but he ignored it, it would do him no good to throw his weight around now. He needed to keep things running smoothly, not incite an argument.

“My home is undergoing some renovations and I have come to stay in your lovely establishment until their completion. After all your place is the best in the Area.”

He watched for their reactions, hoping for dismay, but saw nothing. The both of them were just too good at hiding their emotions from the outside world. They didn’t even twitch though he knew they must be raging on the inside. He would content himself with that certainty.

Sookie didn’t know what to do, or what to say, it wasn’t like they could deny him a place here. He was the king after all and unless they wanted to leave Louisiana or Eric wanted to challenge him and become King, neither option appealing to them, they had to act the part of dutiful servants. Just the thought of Bill and likely Jessica being underfoot for only God knows how long was agony. The intrusion to their privacy would be huge she knew that much. No matter how ernest Bill appeared in his reasons for being here she knew he was only really here for one thing. To try and split her and Eric up.

Eric barely kept his fangs from dropping at his Kings smug little announcement. Glancing at Sookie he was pleased to see she was keeping herself under strict control with a snake like Compton in their midst they could not afford to give anything away. They both knew why Billy boy was here and he vowed then and there that no matter what he tried he would not succeed. Not now, not ever! He and Sookie were together now, they were happy and he would not allow this little weasel to take that from them.

Pam was close enough to Sookie and her Master to feel the tension pouring off the both of them. She had to hand it to Bill he was a master manipulator, a larger than life snake and he knew exactly where to strike. He knew that if he came at them in public as long as they had their own space to retreat to he would never win so he was placing himself in their space. Giving them nowhere to escape from his presence.

Knowing him this was just step one in an elaborate plan to tear her masters new life with Sookie apart. She knew deep down that the little parasite would lose in the end that Eric and Sookie were stronger together than apart, the only thing she wasn’t so sure of was how much damage would be done before they found a way to pry him out of their lives.

“Of course your Majesty we would be delighted to have you here. Ginger will show you to your room. You remember Ginger don’t you, she used to work at Fangtasia.”

All three of them watched Bill’s face turn sour at the mention of Eric’s former club. Oh her Master really was clever. If Bill thought that his political title would keep Eric from insulting him then he really hadn’t been paying attention these last few years. Like with any form of battle, in the political arena Eric was a god. He would always win!

Sookie paced around her lovers underground rooms trying to remain calm. Why was Bill here? What the hell did he think he would accomplish by coming here and intruding on their lives? Surely he had to know that she was with Eric now and there was nothing he could say or do to change that.

“Calm down lover.”

“I am calm!”

“Yes, I can see that.”

He was laughing at her; she didn’t see how any of this was even remotely funny. Bill was pushing his way back into their lives. The whole point of giving up everything and moving was so that they could be rid of the little weasel. Obviously they hadn’t moved nearly far enough, though she doubted anywhere would be far enough away from Bill.

“How are you so calm? This is so infuriating!” How could he just sit there? Like this wasn’t a big deal.

“I agree, but you and I both know that getting worked up and giving him any form of reaction is just what he wants. You and I have been dealing with him long enough to know that the best way to deal with him is to ignore him forcing him into a rage and then waiting for him to make a mistake. Besides he may be in our hotel but you are in my bed and that’s what I choose to focus on especially right now.”

He was right Bill was up there in their hotel and with his vampire hearing would be able to hear them if they were to start yelling or screaming at one another. Probably what he was waiting for, just sitting up in his room smug, hoping to hear them arguing about him. Well, that was a double edged sword for dear old Bill. He’d be able to hear if they fought loudly but he’d also have to hear if they were loud while doing something else as well. Smiling to herself at her idea she knew exactly how to distract herself from Bill being here.

Seeing his lovers smile Eric couldn’t help but to smile himself. That was her mischief making smile, the one she wore whenever she was about to be really bad.

“Whatever you’re thinking lover… you have my full cooperation.” He loved her devious nature, it didn’t make itself known nearly often enough, but when it did. It was glorious.

“I’m so glad you said that.”

Taking his hand she lead him back towards their bed stopping only long enough to remove his shirt before pushing him down onto the bed. She crawled up his body to reach his hands her eyes devouring every inch of him along the way. Grabbing a silk scarf they keep by the bed she tied his hands to the headboard.

He couldn’t help but be amused, as though something like this would keep him restrained.

“Now if you break free I’ll stop understand?”

“Of course lover.” He loved it when she took charge of things he just couldn’t wait to see what she had in mind.

He watched her slide back down his body rubbing against him the whole way until she was standing at the foot of the bed once more.

“You deserve a reward for keeping your calm with Bill you really do.” With every word she popped another button free of her shirt. He liked where this was going so far.

“You are so kind my lover to reward me thus.”

“Oh baby you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

He watched her clothes slide from her body at an agonizingly slow pace. If he were able he would rip them from her body but she had said that if he freed himself their play would stop and that was something he could not bear. He was already so hard he was aching for her; he would explode if she were to stop now.

As she stood before him with nothing covering her perfection he felt his fangs run down in lust. She began to crawl up his body stopping half way up to lick his abs making sure to follow all the grooves and ripples with her tongue making her way steadily higher while he desperately wanted her to go lower. When she reached his nipples she spent time lavishing attention on each of them, swirling her hot tongue around each, her moans of enjoyment only making him harder.

He could not hold back a moan of his own as he began raising his hips desperately seeking friction. She glanced up at him through her lashes not even trying to hide her laughter at his situation.

“Oh how selfish of me.”

She continued her climb until she was above him her breasts positioned just above his mouth.

“All yours baby.”

Needing no further encouragement he lunged up catching her nipple in his mouth dragging his fangs across her sensitive flesh in retaliation for her teasing.

“Eric! Please, bite me. Please!”

Oh how he loved it when she begged, seeing no reason to delay they had all night after all he let his fangs break the skin and listened in satisfaction as she screamed her release.

Bill was going out of his mind; he had been forced to listen to his Sookie and the Viking fucking loudly for the past three hours without pause. He wouldn’t be the one to call and complain, that would just make him look jealous and petty, so he’d waited for another vampire or supernatural guest to complain about the noise and was unfortunately disappointed.

Instead of being disgusted by the sounds it would seem that most of the other supernatural guests were either ignoring them or trying to outdo them. A knock at his door finally pulled him from his morose thoughts and he rushed over to answer it.


“What took you so long Irena? You should have been here two hours ago.”

“Forgive me your majesty but you were quite vague in your message. All you said was that this had to do with your former lover and mine. What exactly is it you need my help with?”

“Listen for a moment and you’ll hear the problem.”

He watched her face change instantly from boredom to rage when she finally heard what he’d been listening to for the past few hours. Oh, yes she was a good choice indeed; she would help him tear them apart that much was clear. Then he would have his Sookie back and she would be more than welcome to that manwhore Sheriff who had stolen her from him. It was perfect.

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  1. Scumbill is really delusional to think Sookie would ever go back to him.

    November 20, 2014 at 6:04 pm

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