"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 7 – Epilogue

Chapter 7

Caroline stared at the wall in her room and tried not for the first time to figure it out. She knew where to find Stefan, Rebekah, Tyler, Elijah, and Katherine, and Damon was with Kol. That wasn’t the problem. Finding Elena and Bonnie would be a challenge but not impossable. No the problem would be getting to everyone without Klaus or any of his minions finding out, that and where to start. Her heart told her to go to Stefan first but she knew that Klaus would be watching him for just that reason.

No she needed to be smart not emotional about this. The best way to go would be to get an original first but that came with it’s own set of problems.

To get to Elijah she’d need a witch and with Bonnie gone she was a little high and dry in that department. No witch who wasn’t invested in the outcome whole heartedly would every willingly go against Klaus.

Rebekah while not gaurded was in a room where no vampire could enter and the only human left in the know now was her mom she really didn’t want to put her on Klaus’s radar.

Kol got Damon out of the deal meaning he wasn’t very likely to help her rescue everyone and everyone else was either dead or Klaus.

She knew something like this was a marathon not a sprint but she thought that after three whole weeks she’d be at least a little closer to a plan if not actually doing anything. While Klaus’s punishments had seemed sort of random at the time the more she looked into it the more certain she became he put everyone where they were so that no one but him could ever let them out again.

Every time she thought she’d solved a problem she’d find herself facing three more. She wanted to get someone else’s opinion on this but had no one left to turn to. It was beginning to look hopeless, but she knew from experience that if she kept at it there was nothing she couldn’t do. Even against a thousand year old unkillable psycho with an army of witches and hybrids behind him while she stood all alone on her side of the invisible line. She could do this damn it! She just need to figure out where to start.

Klaus watched as Caroline once more attacked her wall with post-its and highlighters. He’d known what she would do once she was free and it was just as entertaining as he’d imagined. It was why he’d always made sure to explain everything where she could hear it, he needed to give her a place to start after all. He wondered not for the first time where she would try to begin once she was ready.

The obvious move would be to go for one of his siblings but he’d cut her off from that without help. Question was would she risk it? She had to know that if he ever “discovered” what she was up to any help she found would be killed. So now all that was left to do was sit back, wait, and watch to see just how determined she could be. Oh she was magnificent, he couldn’t wait until the fun really began.

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