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Chapter 6 – Tyler

Chapter 6

Tyler tried to keep his fear at bay with anger and it worked the whole time Klaus was targeting everyone else, but now that he was alone the fear wouldn’t be shut out. He knew Klaus hated him, knew he wanted him to suffer, but unfortunately after watching everyone else go before him he knew two things for certain. One, he wasn’t going to die. And two, he was going to suffer.

He listened with his enhanced hybrid senses as Klaus and his witches came closer and closer. He knew they were moving at human speed to prolong this, wanting him to psych himself out before they ever even got there. And it was working. By the time Klaus came into view his heart was pounding in his ears and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The look of satisfaction on his face told him without a doubt that was exactly what Klaus had wanted all along.

Caroline watched and listened as Klaus got closer and Tyler’s fear got stronger. She wished not for the first time, but probably for the last, that she could do something anything to let Tyler know that she was here that he was not alone. Say something to make Tyler feel better, but she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, and could hardly think after so long without blood. She had very good control for a new vampire but she could feel her control failing as her hunger grew.

Hopefully today it would all end; hopefully today Klaus would end them all.

She knew that he wouldn’t, just like he hadn’t truely ended any of them, except for Jeremy and Matt. She couldn’t think of either of them without feeling this bone deep void of nothingness in her heart. They were dead, her other friends were suffering, and she had done absolutely nothing to help. She was as useless now, even more so really, as she had been when she was a human being controlled and used by Damon.

Klaus stared at Tyler further unnerving the already pitifully frightened boy but his whole focus was really on Caroline who he could see just off to the side. Her skin had become almost translucent, the veins around her eyes protruding, and her fangs descended in hunger. She was beautiful! She was also starving, but that would end today.

He’d expected to find her fighting her paralysis by now driven nearly feral by the hunger, but no, not his Caroline she was too controlled for that. First he’d deal with the puppy then he’d move on to where he truly wanted to be.

“So pup, you thought to replace me as Alpha did you? If that’s what you truly want you should go about it the right way, with a challenge fight.”

What! No way, not only was Klaus like ancient but Tyler knew he was far weaker now than ever since he hadn’t fed in days. There was no way Klaus would lose.

“Not happening. You’re well fed, well rested, and you have like a thousand years on me. I wouldn’t even last thirty seconds fighting you.”

“Oh you prideful fool you wouldn’t even last two seconds fighting me. But I’m not the one who suggested you could win this fight that was you, when you decided you could take my place as alpha of my hybrids. You made the choice now face the consequences or do you forfeit?”

“No! No forfeit!”

“There’s a good lad. Now Kristan here is going to release you then do a little spell to help you shake off the effects of being down here without blood for so long. Can’t have you fighting at anything less than your best now can we? Then you and I shall fight to prove once and for all who is Alpha here and who is… not.”

Tyler felt the tingling in his limbs as the witch did her spell and he felt his strength return to him full force. Without a seconds hesitation hoping to catch him by surprise he lunged at Klaus. For a second he thought he may have gotten him, but no, in one swift move that took barely any effort and even less strength Klaus had him pinned.

“Now that I have your undivided attention let’s get a few things sorted out shall we? I took away the pain of the change and since you don’t seem to appreciate that fact I’ve decided to give it back to you. From now on you will change every full moon like you did before I gave you the gift that you spat on with such disdain and once you turn your hunger will be over powering and nothing you do will ever fulfill that need within you. You will go back to the mountains that gave you such freedom and stay there until you breathe your last. And don’t worry about Caroline Tyler; I will make her far happier than you ever did. Go on now; run along back to your wolves, I’m done with you.”

Tyler felt the compulsion settling into his mind like a heavy weight and knew that none but another original could ever lift it. Since the only originals left walking the earth probably for the whole of his lifetime were Klaus and Kol he knew he would be changing every full moon for the rest of his life. Tears’ streaming down his face he ran from the cellar and the man who’d made him the monster he was destined to become.

Caroline watched Tyler leave with tear filled eyes before she felt herself falling to the ground as the spell holding her in place was lifted. As she felt Klaus’s arms close around her she wondered what he was going to do to her now as she fought his hold. Her strength was all but gone after so long without even a drop of blood and she was easily subdued, within moments a bloody wrist was thrust in front of her and his voice crooned next to her ear.

“Go on love, have at it. I’m sorry you had to suffer so, but it’s over now. Once you’re strong enough you can go home to your mother and live your life. School should be starting soon and now you won’t have any drama distracting you from your perfect senior year.”

So that was it? Her punishment was watching everyone else suffer? She thought momentarily of refusing his offer of blood even though she knew now more than ever that he was more than capable of making her take it. Then she had a new thought she would need all the strength she could get in the coming months. She had a lot of friends to find. With that final comforting thought she closed her eyes and bit down on his bleeding wrist while he whispered to her of their future together.

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