"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 5 – Rebekah & Matt

Chapter 5

Klaus stood in the doorway of the cellar and looked at the final three occupants and felt nothing but sorrow. As he stared at his baby sister Rebekah hanging limply from the chains binding her he couldn’t help but feel sadness. His dear sweet sister had brought this on herself of course, but that didn’t make what he had to do any easier.

With all the others it had be so simple, even Elijah, he was tempted to just skip her and move on to the ungrateful wolf boy but he knew it was his soft spot for her that had allowed this to happen in the first place. No he could not afford to be weak, he would be strong and in time she would be the better for it. Even knowing that when he took a step into the cellar and Rebekah turned her fearful gaze towards him his heart broke.

This had been the same beautiful, foolish, loving sister who had stuck by him throughtout their never ending existance, always loving and forgiving him in turn. He hated what he was about to do but again he reminded himself that she had done this to herself, he was just helping her to understand where she had gone wrong in her life before now and showing her the way to correct her behavior.

Tyler watched Klaus enter the room and head straight for Rebekah. Looks like the SOB was saving him for last. He should have known that from the beginning, after all he was the first hybrid how could he be anything other than the last lesson.

Fair enough, at least Caroline wasn’t here to suffer through all of this with them. Closing his eyes he thought about Caroline and what she must be going through with everyone disappearing on her. It must be horrible not knowing what was happening to them all.

Caroline watched Klaus stare at his sister and could have sworn she saw remorse play across his face. But just as quickly whatever it was, was gone again. Internally shaking herself she realized what she’d just thought. Of course it wasn’t remorse that monster wasn’t capable of such a thing. What kind of person does this to innocents, to his own family? No, there was no feeling in him and she would have to remember that. If she lived long enough for it to matter anyway.

There was a small traitorous voice in the back of her mind whispering that they weren’t exactly innocent in all this, but she quickly and violently silenced it. They may have done some bad things, and yes, maybe they did deserve some of his anger but this was taking things beyond too far. She shouldn’t have expected anything else though really, none of them should have, this was Klaus after all he always took things a step farther than anyone else ever could, or ever would.

Rebekah took a page from her brothers book and gave Nik her best Elijah face. Her ‘I don’t care what you do to me’ face apparently needed some work because all it did was make Nik grin. Giving up on being stoic and silent she just stared and him and did what little sisters did best when things weren’t going their way. She pleaded.

“Please, Nik you don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, but you see little sister I do. You dear sister have a problem and I am going to help you rectify it. Do you know what your problem is sister? Your problem is that your heart is continually convincing you to choose fleeting romantic love over your family. Never fear though I know just what to do to help you with this failing of yours.”

With a snap of his fingers a witch came down leading a docile obviously compelled Matt behind her. NO! Oh no, not this anything but this.

“Nik please, he hasn’t done anything!”

“Hasn’t done anything? Hasn’t done anything! What about his part in our dear brother Finn’s demise? Or the fact that you continue to choose him and others like him over your own family. Hasn’t done anything? Why, he’s done everything sweet sister, and now he will pay. Don’t worry though since he was only ever a pawn and never a real player in this game I have no interest in watching him suffer.”

With that he reaches up grasping either side of Matt’s head and twisted. The sound of his neck snapping echoed against the stone walls of the cellar and everyone watched in shocked silence as his body sagged to the floor before his heavily compelled mind could even register the pain of death.

“Now dear sister, the witch behind me is going to perform the same desiccation spell everyone has seemed so keen to use on me, on you. You will be weak and immobile but you will be awake the entire time. Then you will be placed in your open coffin in the cave where the story of our family decorates the very walls. In the middle of that room, in the very midst of our story will be poor Mathew, don’t worry there will be a stasis spell on him so you won’t be forced to see him rot I’ll spare you that much at least, then you can compare them for many years to come and see which his longer lasting. Family or quarterbacks.”

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