"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 4 – Bonnie

Chapter 4

Bonnie looked around the basement at everyone who was left and her insides grew cold with dread. There was only Tyler and Rebekah, it was almost over, and she knew she was next.

Normally the thought of something this disturbing being almost over would have filled her with relief, but now that she’d seen the kind of punishment being handed out she just knew she didn’t want it to be her turn any time soon. None of them had slept since Damon had been lead away by Kol and now after Stefan they were all to wired and afraid to close their eyes. She kept trying to summon her magic, to do something, anything!

Something kept blocking her, Klaus’ pet witches no doubt, she could feel her power just below the surface of her skin flowing through her body like blood, a part of her, only she couldn’t quite reach it.

Closing her eyes she reached deep inside herself trying again to break free. A sound in front of her made her eyes snap open to find Klaus less than an arms length away smirking at her in satifaction.

“What’s the matter witch? Feeling a bit… out of touch?” That bastard.

Caroline watched Klaus taunt Bonnie and wished for the thousandth time that he would just change his mind, have another mood swing, and just let them go. She knew her wish would go unanswered like all the ones before it, but it was the only thing she could do when faced with losing yet another friend. It was useless, but then again in this situation, so was she.

Klaus could barely keep his eyes off Caroline, he knew she was slowly losing pieces of herself with every friend she lost, but soon it would all be over and she would see the truth. Until then he needed to focus on the task at hand. The Bennett witch.

“So witch let me see if I remember this right. Every time you interfered with my plans, every time you tried to kill me, what was your excuse again? Oh, yes I remember now you did it for love. The love of your friends, your love for your family, your town, life in general. Or maybe just your hatred of vampires. You know I thought about turning you, gave it quite a bit of thought really, I mean you can’t be a witch and a vampire and you hate us so I thought it would be poetic in a way.”

Bonnie held her breath, hoping he’d decided on something else, anything else. Her hatred of vampires wasn’t nearly as strong now as it had been in the beginning, but she still never wanted to be one herself. If it came down to it, she’d stand outside and wait for the sun to rise. Even the other side had to be better than this.

Then I thought again and realized I really don’t fancy you living forever. No instead of gifting you with enteral life, I decided to just take away your magic, forever. Letting you spend your eternity as a mortal with no extra anything, kind of like the quarterback you all keep rushing in to rescue time and again. What do you think hmm? How would you like to live a life fully aware of the danger surrounding you without any power to protect yourself or anyone else?”

Looking into her glassy eyes he saw that she understood just what was about to happen to her, she was about to become the one thing she’d never been before. Ordinary. Looking around he saw looks of shock, horror, and malice on the three remaining guests. Gesturing to the witch behind him to begin he went on to explain just what it was he was doing.

“You know how you feel now? You can feel the magic inside of you but you can’t access it. The witch behind me is in the process of making that permenant. You will remember the spells, you’ll feel the power to help inside of you, you just won’t be able to use it. Ever again. Oh and one more thing. Come on now look at me deary. You will run and keep running never to stay in one place for longer than a week. Also if you hears the sound of the voice of someone you care about you will run away or the sound will burn your skin like the sun burns a vampire. Do you understand? You will be completely alone and utterly powerless for the rest of you miserable existance however long… or short that may be.”

Reaching up he freed her wrists and watched her slump to the floor in shock. Grabbing her arm he shoved her none to gently towards the exit.

“Go on then, better get started.”

Watching her stumble her way out blindly he turned to the others and did what he’d been wanting to do all along. He laughed.

They had thought to best him, to destroy him, now look at them! He had won as he always did, didn’t they know that, he would always win as he always had. Giving his darling Caroline one more long look he turned to leave his time of revenge was almost at an end and he had plans to make and things to do before the end.

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