"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 2 – Elena

Chapter 2



The night passed slowly for everyone and with each passing hour their fear grew. Rebekah hung limply quietly weeping while everyone else raged on about their situation. She couldn’t bring herself to care about anything else when her brother was locked away.

She’d always known Nik had a temper that was at times to easily provoked, but they were family. Always and forever, it seemed, had lost all meaning to them all. Damon’s voice boomed through the room bringing her out of her thoughts.

What the hell is he playing at?” She could hear the fear under the bravado and she understood it completely. If Nik was enraged enough that he was even attacking his siblings they were all in danger.

While it was true that Nik had daggered each of his siblings in the past he’d never deliberately caused them to suffer, family was everything to her brother, or at least it used to be. Now she wondered if he cared about anything at all, besides himself.

Nik is beyond furious with us all. I’ve never seen him this coldly angry before. If he could do that to Elijah…” She didn’t finish her sentence, couldn’t, and thankfully she didn’t need to. They all understood exactly where they stood at the moment. They were screwed.

The only thing I can suggest you do is stay calm, do not react, and for the love of god do not provoke him further.” The room erupted with frantic voices, but she ignored them and simply shut herself down to conserve her strength, she doubted Nik would be feeding any of them, while she didn’t know what her brother had planned for them all she knew one thing for sure, it would be horrible.

Caroline silently watched her friends descend into panic and desperately tried to fight her own sense of dread as it tried to consume her. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything but watch them suffer and for the first time in a long time she felt not only useless, but helpless.

Even though she was in a room surrounded by people, her friends even, she was completely alone and the despair of their impending punishment was beginning to close in on her.

No! She would not give in to the fear this entire messed up situation was trying to fill her with. She knew that this was at least part of Klaus’s plan, to let their own thoughts, their own fears, eat away at them so that even when he wasn’t there he was still tormenting them.

With each punishment handed out, with each friend dragged away, the fear would only get worse and she knew that. Unfortunately knowing what was happening, and actually preventing it were two seperate things. She could tell herself all day long not to let her fear consume her, but that didn’t mean it would work.

Closing her eyes she let her tears silently fall while she followed Rebekah’s example and slowly let herself rest. She would need all the strength she could get to survive the coming days.

Elena listened to Stefan and Damon both continually insist that she would be fine, that they wouldn’t let anything happen to her, but she knew as well as they did that Klaus was in complete control and there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop him.

Finally just as the sun began to rise the door to the cellar opened and two sets of footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

Who could Klaus possibly be bringing with him, looking towards the entrance trying to keep her suddenly heavy head up she waited for them to step from the shadows.

No! Nonononono, Please.” She watched helplessly as Klaus came into view, her brother Jeremy following meekly behind him.

Klaus, what are you doing?”

Come on man, let baby Gilbert go.”

Nik, please, whatever it is you are planning, reconsider.” Of all the protests Rebekah’s was the one that surprised her most.

Come now little sister you of all people should know how important family is. Now, Elena Gilbert, you have been judged and found guilty of conspiring to kill my family, whatever could your punishment be? Oh I know.” He brightened at the end almost like he’d truly been thinking about it and had come up with the right answer at last.

In less than a second he was standing in front of her his hand gripping her jaw so that she couldn’t turn away, his eyes trapping hers. As she watched his eyes change she knew she was about to be compelled and she felt her eyes begin to fill with tears.

You are going to hunt your baby brother down and feed your thirst from him. Once he’s dead you’ll bring his body back here so we can all admire your handy work. Off you go little Gilbert, you have a ten minute head start, use it wisely.”

She watched Jeremy run and while most of her was silently screaming at him to run, to get to safety, she knew better. Klaus would never have given him the head start if there was any safety to be found. Her brother was going to die, and she was going to be the one to kill him.

Caroline listened to every word out of Klaus’s mouth and she knew she would be adding her own cries of protest if only the spell would let her. Please, not Jeremy, he hadn’t done anything. Her eyes found Rebekah who was staring back at her. They both knew she was probably the only one who could change his mind about the path he was on, but thanks to the spell she couldn’t even try.

Elena was released from her chains and sent after her brother while she was still fighting the magic that held her in place, immobile in every way, all she managed to do was cry silently as her mind raged on in agony racing for some way, any way, to help her friends to end this madness.

They had all thought that the people they loved who weren’t in this living hell with them when they woke would all be safe, that being beyond these walls protected them somehow, now they knew better. She didn’t even know why they had even assumed that in the first place, they all should have known better, this was Klaus after all.

There was no safe anymore, not for anyone. Not her mother, or Matt, not the town. Not for the first time she sent up a prayer, only now instead of praying for rescue, she prayed for Klaus to kill them all quickly and leave Mystic Falls behind forever and never look back. She knew deep down that if she was given the chance she would do anything to stop this, but the chance to act and stop this had come and gone long ago. When that time had come she had remained as still and silent then as she was now.

She smelled the blood long before she heard Elena’s frantic footsteps. She was returning and Jeremy was dead. Looking up to the entrance she found Klaus’s eyes on her, only her, and she had the feeling that he had been watching her the entire time. She thought about pleading with him silently, the only way she could, but knew it would do no good now. Jeremy was already dead, the damage was done, there was nothing left to plead for.

There was no mercy here, not anymore, hell there probably never had been. Any kindness she’d seen in him before had been nothing but an illusion, the monster standing here now, he was the truth. The only truth left for them to learn, the truth of what happened when you crossed swords with Klaus. You bleed. You lose. You suffer, and if you are lucky, you died.

Klaus heard the doppleganger return with the body of her last remaining family member cradled in her arms. He’d listened to the entire confrontation with his enhanced hybrid hearing. Her pleas for her brother to kill her and his steadfast refusal to do so, and his forgiveness given with his last breathe. One glance at Tyler showed the boy heard as well, good let the mangy mutt understand.

Letting his gaze drift over the other occupants of his own private little dungeon he watched as they all one by one, save Bonnie the sole human, realized the deed was done. Finally he stopped on his dear sweet Caroline. He knew this was breaking her big heart, but it was all necessary, she had to see to learn. Choices always had consequences, and she’d continually made the wrong choices time and time again.

Breaking his gaze away from his beloved with some effort, he turned back to the Gilbert wench. The lower half of her face was covered in her brothers blood and she was crying uncontrollably while she rocked his body back and forth in her arms.

Oh good darling, you’re back, did you enjoy your snack?”

For god’s sake Nik! Leave her be! You’ve punished her enough.” Did they think so? Truly? How wrong they were, this was only the beginning.

On the contrary sister we’ve only just begun.”

Klaus what are you going to do? Please! Just leave her alone. You’ve done enough to her already just move on to me.” Stefan’s pleas for mercy for the doppleganger amused him and he let it show.

Don’t worry old friend, your time will come soon enough.” He enjoyed the sound of Stefan pleading with him. At one time they had been friends, closer, almost brothers. Now after everything, all he wanted to do was see pain fill his eyes to consume him body and soul. Oh yes, his time would come but for now he needed to finish with the oh so innocent Elena.

Elena, now that you have no family holding you here I think it’s time you leave Mystic Falls, and since you’re so good at sating your thirst that’s what I think you should do from now on. You’re so in love with Stefan I think you should be more like him. From this moment on your thirst will be the most important thing in your life, and since you love your emotions so much you will never turn them off. For the rest of your existence you will feel everything. Since you have always been so defiant towards me, forever trying to circumvent my will I think it would be best for all involved if you stopped doing that don’t you? After all if you had only done as you were told before little Jeremy would still be alive now wouldn’t he. From this moment forward you will always obey my every command, you will forever come when I call, now go. Run! And never stop running!”

Everyone watched Elena turn and blindly flee, leaving her brothers body behind her. Caroline looked at everyone and found them all shedding tears for their friend, who they would likely never see again. For Stefan and Damon it was even worse, they both waffled between grief and rage. When she looked to Klaus expecting to see his back as he left again she found him looking right at her smiling.


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