"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 7 – Re-negotiation

Chapter 7


“Where is Matt Donovan?”

Elijah had, had enough of this little display. He had managed to convince Klaus to allow him to follow the children to his beloved, but this torture would not go unanswered no one harmed his family and got away with it. No one. Caroline was as much a part of his family as Rebekah or Kol and he would not allow this any longer. The fact that the witches little spell would pass over Caroline leaving no harm did not excuse them this trespass.

“You could always ask nicely, maybe that would get you the answers you seek.” The fact that his voice startled all three of them improved his mood slightly, but not nearly enough to help them.

“Caroline darling are you alright in there? I came as quickly as I could.”

“I’m fine Elijah, thank you for coming at all, I have missed you so.”

“And I you darling. Would you care to step out and join us or are you restrained in some way?”

The two young vampires and their little witch all remained silent during his conversation with Caroline but his invitation for her to join them all seemed to spur them back into the land of the animated. Their heads whipped around to stare at the entrance to the cavern where his beloved sister stood as though the thought of her stepping over the threshold had never occured to them. Oh, when would people learn to stop underestimating Caroline? As though some stupid barrier spell could truly hold her.

When Caroline stepped out of the tomb Stefan knew they were done for, not only had they tortured her but they had been caught. Even if they wanted to fight Caroline was obviously stronger than any of them had guessed and she had called the stranger Elijah, as in Klaus’s brother an original. Glancing over at his brother and Bonnie he didn’t know what to expect but he knew it would be painful and long lasting. He prayed their tempers would get the better of them and the two would simply kill them now, but he doubted it. No he was fairly certain they were all about to meet Klaus, not for the first time he wished they had simply stayed to hear the rest of the story.

Klaus paced the length of the den again and again never pausing for more than a moment. What was taking so long? Elijah had gone to fetch Caroline back to him over an hour ago, they should have been back by now. He once swore to his beloved girl that she would never be without him, but for now at least she was. It was driving him mad.

Hearing the door to the mansion open and close he rushed with all his speed towards the sound. Seeing his angel standing there a little rumpled but otherwise unharmed made his heart pause in his chest. She was still the most magnificent thing he had ever seen in all his days and she would continue to be so until the darkness of death finally took him.

“Welcome home love.” with every step he took towards her the lump in his throat grew ever larger making it harder and harder to breath. He knew the pressure would not ease until he could finally touch her again.

“It’s good to be back. Your brother and I brought home guests, I do believe they would do best in the red room don’t you?”

Placing his hand gently against her cheek he gazed into her loving eyes and spoke the words that burned in his mind.

“Anything you want darling.”

“Good, now do we need to talk about what you’ve done to my beautiful furniture while I was away. You know a great deal of thought goes into choosing every single thing in our home, stop breaking things.”

He could not stop the smile that spread across his face, she was here safe and sound in his arms again.

Elena knew something was wrong, everyone had been gone for far too long.

“Where could they be?”

She knew Rose was starting to get anxious about the whole thing, not that she could blame her, but if the others didn’t return soon she knew Rose would blow town before they had heard the whole story. She was about to try to calm her down when her phone range, looking down she read the caller I.D. Damon, thank god.

“Damon, where are you guys? You should have been back an hour ago.”

“Sorry doppelganger, it seems your friends ran into a bit of trouble while they were out of your sight.”

“Klaus?” What they hell had happened? Why did Klaus have Damon’s phone?

“What happened, why do you have Damon’s phone?” Out of the cornor of her eye she saw Rose inching away from her and towards the door but didn’t have the heart to try and stop her.

“Well, it seems your little playmates decided it would be a good idea to capture and detain someone I hold most dear. Don’t you worry your pretty little head she’s been released but since my brother had to release her himself and your friends had no intention of doing it themselves I’m afraid things are about to become quite violent.” Oh no, Caroline. Hadn’t they been listening to Rose at all?

“What do you want?” Stupid question she already knew what he wanted, her.

“Simple really while your little friends had my darling girl they called me to negotiate for your life, this is a counter offer of sorts. You come to me, accept the inevitable, and I will release Matt Donovan.”

“What about Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie?” What? Since when did Klaus have Matt? What the hell was going on?

“Don’t get greedy now, the quarterback can go free since he’s served his purpose but yours is just one life darling and since you’ve only the one life to give then you only get the one life in return. I’ll give you the rest of the day to decide but come sun down I’m going to need your answer. If you agree come to Wickery Bridge and we’ll do the ‘exchange’ there, if you decline I’m afraid the world will have to keep turning with one less quarterback in it.”

Without another word the call disconnected leaving her standing frozen in the center of the boarding house listening to the deafening dial tone.


“I have to go.”

“Elena wait, you gave you til sundown you still have several hours, there’s more you should know. Please.”

“Fine, but talk fast.”

A/N – Sorry no past in this one, next chapter will have loads of it though.


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