Chapter 4 – Old Spells and New Deals

Chapter 4

“So what happened after Klaus got all hot and heavy with his honey for the first time? Oh my god was he a virgin? Please tell me he was, that would just make my day!”


“What? Don’t act like that wouldn’t just amuse the hell out of you too.”

Rose was really beginning to feel pity for the younger Salvatore. It really must not be easy trying to control someone so obviously uncontrollable. Taking a deep breath she decided to deal with him as she always dealt with those who annoyed her in the past. She would ignore his outbursts and continue on with what she was doing until she was blissfully done and could either kill him or simply leave his presence.

“After Klaus’s night with Caroline he went back to his village to mourn the death of his brother with his family though he half expected to be blamed for his death and cast out. What he didn’t know was that during the night while he was with his love, his parents had not slept either. Instead they had made a decision, one to help protect the rest of their children from the threat of the wolves. They had already lost one child to sickness before coming to the new world and now another to the monsters that were their neighbors they were not about to lose anymore not if they could help it. But to do this they needed help….”

“Ayana, please you are my oldest and dearest friend. I need your help with this spell. I cannot do this on my own, I haven’t the power.”

Esther knew her friend and mentor wanted no part in what she had planned, what she was asking for went against every rule she had ever been taught. She was going to change the balance of things and that was not something to be done lightly or often. But these were her children, she would change the entire world if she had to in order to make them safe once more.

“What you ask is impossible Esther. One cannot simply stop werewolves from shifting on the full moon; it is what they do, it is their nature. You know it is impossible to do this thing, even with magic, why would you ask for what I can not give?”

She was becoming desperate, her children needed to be safe. If she could not eliminate the threat then there had to be something else she could do.

“If we cannot make the wolves weaker can we make the children stronger?”

Oh bless her husband for being so quick of wit, yes, that was something that could be done.


“It is possible, but it would take a great deal of magic and the consequences and ripples of such an action would be numerous and unpredictable. Go home this night and discuss it truly give yourselves time to understand what it is you are asking for, then if you still wish to walk this path, come back to me at day break and we shall continue this discussion.”

She knew from the look on her friends face that her decision was final she would not do anything more until they had time to decide properly and she could not do this without her help so they had no choice. Taking her husband’s hand she led him back to their home and their sleeping children where they sat without speaking, barely even breathing, and waited for the sun to rise.

As the light finally began to fill the sky they both stood and walked quietly side by side back to her friend’s home where she stood in the doorway waiting for them with a look of resignation on her face. She had known they would not change their minds but she had felt compelled to give them that chance, as she always did.

“You have decided then?”

“They are my children.”

“Very well, I shall aid you in this but there are some conditions you must meet before I do understand?”

“What?” What conditions could she possibly ask for? Her children’s safety was on the line. Did she truly believe there would be things she would refuse to do for that?

“I will do this for your family Esther, but I will only do it for your entire family, I see it in your eyes this choice to leave one of your young behind. This I will not allow, this protection will either be for all of your children or it will be for none of them.”

How could she demand such a thing? After that little bastard allowed her baby boy to die at the hands of his filthy brethren, and now she was expected to protect him? No!



Her husband answered at the same time she did with just as much force. They refused to allow that mongrel to remain, he was no longer family. When the coward finally returned from where he had run to hide then Mikael would challenge him and once defeated he would either be banished or killed. They had yet to decide which he deserved more. To walk the world alone or to walk the world no more.

“This is my condition, my only condition. It is your right to banish him if you so desire, after and only after, he is as protected from the wolves as the others. Do you accept or do we forget this entire mess now?”

So that was her aim, she asked the one thing she thought they would never agree to in an attempt to maintain her precious balance. Well, for every problem there was an answer and she knew just what to do about this one.

“Very well, but my husband will receive the same benefits from the spell that my children do. They will need a strong guiding influence with their new found strength.” And this way Mikael would still have the strength to kill Niklaus.


“Oh my god, his parents plotted to kill him? But it was an accident it wasn’t like he killed his brother with his own hands or anything!”

Elena simply could not believe it. What kind of parents did that to their child?

“True, but you must remember each of his parents had their own reasons for wanting him dead, the death of his brother while he was responsible for him was just a handy excuse, or so the story goes.”

“Why did they want him dead?”

“It is said that Klaus was bastard born, that he was the product of his mothers on ongoing affair with another man. Esther was afraid that one day someone would notice that Klaus would somehow give himself away as not being her husband’s son and back then such an action was not taken lightly. As for Mikael, he saw Klaus as weak and a disgrace to his family name. When he realised his wife held no love for him either he readily jumped on the excuse to rid himself of his problem.”

“So they had planned to kill junior right off right? So what went wrong?”

“They needed to wait to do the spell until the next full moon, when their magic would be at its strongest and they would actually be able to do what Esther so desperately wanted. During that time while his siblings forgave him for the accident that caused their brothers death his parents ignored Klaus treating him as though he didn’t exist causing him to spend more and more time away from home and with Caroline. During that time Ayana and Esther prepared for what was to come gathering all their ingredients the only thing left to decide was who was to be the sacrifice.”


“Yes, in order to do the spell that would make them all stronger and faster a life had to be offered in exchange for the change in balance they wanted. The spell called for the consumption of the blood of the chosen sacrifice and then the end of their former weak mortal lives. Much the way you make a vampire now, only back then it had never been done before so it was very much a leap of faith. Ayana left the choosing of the sacrifice up to Esther and Mikael saying only that it could not come from her family line.”

“There’s a witch for you always looking out for number one. I believe this is the cover thine own ass rule number one.”

“Shut up Damon! So who did they choose?” Whose life did they take to get what they wanted.


“This would be so much easier had Ayana not placed such restrictions on us. We could have used Niklaus as the sacrifice and then at least his life would have benefited the family in some way. Now who do we choose?” Mikael was furious, he needed to kill that boy and he needed to do it quickly before he brought any more shame to his name.

“It must be someone that none would mourn or miss. Someone who is as much an outsider as they are a part of this village.” But the village was so insular that was a hard thing to find.

“One of the werewolves? Would serve them right.” Oh, how he wanted to feel their blood on his hands, but that would have to wait. Once he was stronger and more their equal he would make them feel his pain.

“No, the sacrifice must be human.”

“But who?” Who could they possibly use?

“I know just the person husband, leave it to me.”


“The harlot who broke my poor darling boys heart with her lies of course.”

“Tatia!” Elena could not believe it. Not realizing she had spoken out loud. Looking around the room she found everyone looking at her with different levels of amusement. “Sorry.”

“Little caught up in the story there?”

She felt her cheeks start to heat with embarrassment. Looking down at her feet she mumbled another apology before silently begging Rose to continue.

“Well, while his parents had decided to end Tatia’s life, Klaus had decided to change his own drastically, not knowing that his parents were about to do that for him…”

“Caroline love I have something to ask you.”

“What?” She knew he was nervous simply because he could not seem to meet her gaze. What could possibly be so important it made him doubt her? Had she done something? Was he trying to work up the courage to leave her? What would she do if he left?

“Caroline?” Looking up she saw he was looking at her now and had somehow moved closer. She must have been too far inside her own head to notice.

“Sorry, I was lost in my own thoughts, what was it you wished to ask me?” Trying to keep her panicked thoughts from playing across her face she waited for him to speak his peace. If he did wish to leave her she would find the strength to let him go, she would have to.

Watching him closely she saw indecision chase across his eyes again before he took another step towards her before slowly sinking down on one knee.

“Will you be my wife?”

She couldn’t stop the tears that began to fall. Seeing his worry and resignation at the sight of them she rushed to answer him.

“Yes! Yes, of course I will marry you!”

“You are weeping.”

“With joy my love, only with joy. You looked so worried and scared I thought you meant to leave me behind.”


“So Klaus and Caroline got married?” Elena was glad Stefan asked the question she was dying to hear the answer to because she knew she was still too embarrassed from her earlier interruption to do it herself.

“No, he asked her on the day of the full moon and went back to his village that evening to tell his family. Of course he never got the chance to tell them.”

That was all so sad.

“Snap out of it Elena, these two love birds are trying to kill you, no sympathy for the devil.”

Looking up she saw Damon looking at her with worry. She knew he thought this story would make her back out on their plan to take Caroline. He was right of course she had considered it, they did seem to love each other so much even the thought of hurting one of them to get to the other was beyond evil to her. But this was about survival and it was fast coming down to kill or die and they had been alive and in love for a thousand years, she deserved her chance at love to. Didn’t she?

“So that’s it then? Mama Original did her little whoo whoo magic trick and now we have to pay the price?”

“But wait, weren’t Esther and Mikael going to kill Klaus as soon as the spell took? What happened? Why is he still alive?”

Thanks to Matt Caroline was now fully armed with a list of all of Elena Gilberts close friends. There hadn’t been as many as she would have assumed from what she knew of the girl. Only one other besides Matt really and her name was Bonnie Bennett. She was headed to the girls house now, address also courtesy of Matt, to try and feel her out a little before they came to a decision about what to do next. 

Walking up to the door she had her story straight, according to Matt she was on the cheerleading squad, so she would say that she was interested in joining and that Matt directed her towards Bonnie as the person to talk to about that since no one could find Elena. Raising her hand to knock a splitting pain ripped through her mind before her hand ever even landed the first time. 

Damn witches. 

Clutching at her head she fell to her knees in agony, trying and failing to gain her footing so she could make a run for it. Hearing the door open she opened her eyes as much as she dared and stared up into the face of a smug teenage girl. 

That bitch.

“If I were you I would cease this assault at once. Believe me if you persist there will be consequences.” Blood would flow through the streets without end, she knew that. Nik was a bit of a drama queen when it came to making a statement. He always said that a statement wasn’t worth making if it wasn’t readily remembered for the rest of the lives of the survivors. Assuming there were survivors, and if there weren’t then the story should persist as a warning to any others foolish enough to attempt the same mistake later in life.

“Well, then I suppose it’s a good thing you’re not me. You’re Caroline right?” How the hell did she know that? She let her glare answer for her.

“I figured as much, the Salvatore brothers had a feeling you might show up here eventually. I texted Stefan as soon as I felt you near my house. Luckily we’ve been waiting for just an opportunity like this one. Now, unfortunately I don’t have the right equipment to play host to you here, but I know just the place where you’ll be nice and comfy. I doubt even Klaus will be able to find you there.”

Feeling the presence of another vampire rapidly approaching her from behind she knew what was coming next and she had just enough time to smile up at the little witch and laugh.

“You will regret this, I promise you that.” A deep wrenching pain in her neck and suddenly the world fell away. Her last thought before she lost consciousness completely was of Klaus. He would find her she knew he would, he always did, and she held no pity for her attackers. They thought they knew the wrath of Klaus, that they were prepared, they were about to find out just how wrong they were.

“Good work judgey. Didn’t think you had it in ya.” Damon really was impressed. When Stefan had first suggested bringing witch wonder in on the plan he’d thought he was joking. Now it seemed like it was the best move they’d made so far.

Looking down at Caroline, Klaus’s sugar sweet love muffin, he really couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Rose made the girl sound like she was this big bad ass, all he saw when he looked at her was vampire barbie.

Taking out his phone he called Stefan to let him know that stage one of the plan was complete and they were moving barbie to the secure location now.

“All systems are go baby brother, we have barbie.”

“Barbie?” He could almost hear the frown of disapproval over the phone.

“What? That’s what she looks like.”

“Are you sure Klaus isn’t somewhere around there?” He was nearly insulted by that question. Scratch that he was insulted by that question.

“Yes, I’m sure. From what Rose has been telling us, she and Klaus are all lovey dovey. If he’d been here he would have popped out the second Missy Bennett put the whammy on her. If not then he would have definitely jumped up when I snapped her neck.”

“You did what!”

“How’d you think we were gonna move her Stef? If Rose is right she’s at least a thousand years old and even with Bonnie’s juju on her non-stop she would have still managed to give us the slip if she were conscious.” The answering sigh was like a gust of wind it was so loud.

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right, I’m always right, haven’t you learned that by now? Now that your little Q and A is over time for a question of my own.”


“What the hell is step two? We have Klaus’s honey that’s great, yay Team Elena and all that, but now that we have her what the hell are we doing with her exactly?”

“I don’t know.” What!?

“What do you mean you don’t know? It was your idea to snag her now and you don’t have a plan?”

“Hey, if you’re so all powerful and brilliant what do you think we should do?” Of course because when the playing field got too bloody or the work got too dirty for saint Stefan it was always him they asked to step in and play villain.

“Well, first things first. Do we tell Klaus we have her or let him figure it out on his own?”

“I, I don’t … what would you do?” Stefan sounded so hesitant even though they both knew that in his hayday he was just as bloody and violent as the rest of them. He knew what to do, he just didn’t want to admit it.

“Well, that depends on what I was going for. Each way has its own pros and cons attached. If we contact him that shows him that we think we’re in charge plus going head first into danger is kind of my thing so of course that way gets my vote. Then again if we let him figure it out on his own that might take a few hours and that’s a nice grace period where we can plan out our next move without having to worry about his first move. So which do you want to do baby bro, this is your show after all.” It’s your girl he added silently to himself.

“Just get her to the place and get her locked in tight, we’ll decide on step two when you get back. Oh and bring Bonnie with you when you come back, Elena wants to see her.”

“Roger that, over and out.”

Hanging up he glanced over at Bonnie in the passenger seat looking pissed off as was her usual. Honestly he was starting to think maybe she didn’t have another expression besides that one.

“We’re dropping off barbie Klaus here and then we’re headed back to the boarding house to map out where to take this cluster fuck from here. You’re invited to come along for the ride and seeing how your place was the last place Caroline was, it’ll be the first place Klaus will go looking for her. It might be in your best interest if when that happens you were somewhere else.”

Getting no answer, not that he really expected to get one out of her, he drove faster wanting this part over and done already. Seems that they were pulling this plan together on the fly and that was never a good way to go, but he’d play along for now. If it started going too far south he didn’t care what Elena wanted they would all be packed and out of Mystic Falls in a heartbeat.

Klaus was starting to get worried, and he didn’t like being worried, he especially didn’t like being worried about Caroline. All she was supposed to do was look around a little she should have been back by now. Pacing around his studio he found he was too worried to even paint. If she was off fooling around he would strangle her. Hearing his cellphone begin to blast out her ringtone he sighed with relief. 


“Caroline love where are you?”

“Sorry, wrong vampire care to guess again?” The sound of an unfamiliar voice coming from that number made his heart turn to ice and the blood boil in his veins. Blood would soon be running in the streets. First though, came the fact finding part of the dance.

“Who are you then mate, and why do you have Caroline’s phone.”

“My name is Damon Salvatore and I have Caroline’s phone because I have Caroline.” Short and to the point he could respect that, too bad he was going to have to kill the boy slowly and painfully.

“Damon Salvatore, what a pleasure. I’ve heard so much about you, am I right to assume that this has something to do with the current doppelganger Elena Gilbert?” His information put the latest doppelganger in the same position as every other one before her squarely between two brothers. She did always seem to have a way about her that made fools rush in to try and rescue her from fate.

“Duh. So here’ s the first offer. You leave Mystic Falls and don’t come back during Elena’s human lifetime. We’ll keep your darling Caroline as insurance until Elena’s human life comes to an end. Once that happens we’ll send her back to you. Shouldn’t take more than five or six decades.”

The arrogant little – of all the nerve. A few had tried to use Caroline against him in the past but none had ever done it so blatantly before. This boy had no fear and no respect, he would have to rectify that when they finally met in person.

“If I decline your offer?” He could hear the casing of his phone start to squeak and whine under his grip. He was trying to hold himself together, but the rage was beginning to cloud his mind. Someone had taken Caroline from him and they were never to be parted.

“Then things take a turn for the violent. If you say no then we’ll start to torture Caroline and we won’t stop until you agree to the deal. Once you agree her stay will become far more comfortable if not luxurious. She’ll get three blood bags a day and everything.”

At the first mention of his Caroline being tortured he could feel the veins around his eyes start to pop and the fangs in his mouth start to sharpen and nearly drip with venom. They were threatening her! Didn’t people ever learn? You never threaten Caroline if you want to live, and you never hurt Caroline if you want your loved ones to live, and you don’t torture Caroline unless you want to see everything you love in life burned to the blood soaked ground.

”Good offer mate, clear, concise and straight to the point. Here’s my counter offer. You will release Caroline at once, when she is released you will hand over the doppelganger that I’m searching for and I’m quite certain that you have in your company at present. Once that is done I promise to kill you quickly and with as much mercy as I am able.” It was a good deal they really should take it.

“If I decline your offer?” Hmm, obviously not as smart as they thought they were. These Salvatore brothers were truly starting to become a pain in his backside.

“If you decline I will begin to kill this entire town one insignificant little peasant at a time and I shall begin that process with Matt Donovan.”

Without waiting for a response he hung up on the cocky baby vampire. Standing in the middle of his studio his mind would not calm for anything. They had Caroline, they planned to torture Caroline, Caroline’s life was in danger.

Letting out a roar of anguish and fury he rushed around the room destroying everything in his path. This he would not allow! She would not be harmed, not ever again, he would not allow it damn it! Standing there for a moment in the midst of his destruction, he knew she would not be pleased to see what he’d done to the furniture she’d picked for him nor would the state of the walls help the situation any. 

He came to a decision, the world around him seeming to slow as his mind calmed and determination set in where there was once panic. As much as it pained him to do so for the moment he would wait. Even though she had the age of an Original she was not one in truth which meant it would be only too easy for one of them to kill her under the right circumstances. No he would bide his time and wait for them to make a mistake, and they would make a mistake of that he was certain, then he would have his vengeance upon them all.

Leaving the room he decided to take out his frustrations on the quarterback who’d sent them to Bonnie Bennett and the trap waiting there in the first place.

“So, Damon, what did he say?”

Damon knew he should tell them, it would only be right to tell them, but he knew if he did Elena would want to hand Caroline back over to save Matt and that would ruin everything.

“He’s gonna have to think about it.” He didn’t care about the quarterback or anyone else in this small town. The only people he cared about were in this room with him and he would do whatever he had to in order to protect them. Them and no one else.

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