Chapter 3 – Paintings of Wolves and Sorrow

Chapter 3

Rose sat at the kitchen table with a blood bag and tried to tune out the fight in the other room. The Salvatore’s were smothering the poor girl and they didn’t realize that if they kept pushing her they would only be pushing her right out the door. She turned when she heard them headed her way and knew they were about to demand to know more. For people who needed her and wanted her cooperation they were very arrogant and demanding. As though they thought they were owed her aid. If she didn’t hate Klaus so much she would have gotten up and left, especially with Damon leading the charge.

“Alright flower power, I’ve been out voted so let’s finish this little pow wow but please tell me we’re almost to the ending.”

“Almost. After Klaus’s mother found out about his secret affair with Caroline she wasn’t able to confront him because something else happened.”


“Her son died at the hands of a werewolf. Klaus and her youngest son were caught out alone on the night of the full moon…”


Niklaus was holding his younger brother to him trying to stop the bleeding. He had fallen asleep halfway to the village and had yet to wake up, he knew deep down that he was dead he was just too shocked to admit it. This could not have happened to him, if his brother was dead then it was his fault.

“Niklaus what-“

“Henrik is hurt, one of the wolves-“

He felt his brother being pulled from his arms and couldn’t hold back his sobs any longer. He watched as his mother began to wail and he could not stand to stay any longer. He staggered to his feet and began to stumble towards the woods, towards Caroline. He heard his sister Rebekah calling his name but could not even look back or tell her not to worry. He needed Caroline.

“Niklaus come back!”

He lost track of time as he walked one step at a time towards his love and his salvation. She would not look at him with blame and condemnation in her eyes, she would love him regardless.


“Caroline my love, I am sorry I know it is late but -“

“Niklaus what has happened? You are covered with blood, are you injured? Was there a fight or the wolves?”

She looked so fearful at the thought that he might be harmed; he nearly could not bring himself to tell her it was he who had caused the harm this night.

“I am well but my younger brother Henrik was… he was killed by a wolf. We got separated and by the time I found him night had already fallen and the wolves were roaming. We tried to find shelter but the wolves found us first. I carried his body home but could not remain there.”

“Come in Niklaus, come inside you look so sad it breaks my heart to see you so.”

“Your mother?”

“She is not at home, every full moon she stays closer to the wolves village to help the ones who do not turn last through the night.”

He felt her hand slip into his own as she began to pull him towards her home. When they finally stepped across the threshold she slowly and gently pushed him to sit on her bed. He watched her begin to gather a bowl of wash water and a cloth before returning to kneel between his legs so that she could reach him easily. She began to gently remove his brother’s blood from his face and hands as he silently sat there trying not to think about what had happened only a few hours before.

He felt her pulling at his clothes and was startled to find his chest bare as she began to remove the blood that had trailed down from his face and dripped down his shirt to his chest. Once the blood was finally gone and all evidence of his brothers … death… had been removed he noticed how her hands looked against his chest and he suddenly had a yearning to see more of her skin against his own.


Her name came out as a question but he could see from the way her eyes changed that she understood.

“Yes, Niklaus I…”

Words seemed to fail her before she surged up on her knees and captured his lips with her own.

It was not sex, it was not even making love, it was healing. She healed him with her touch and her acceptance. They lay in the bed together the sheet barely covering them both sweat coating their bodies causing it to stick to their skin. He lay there with his head on her chest just listening to her heartbeat strong and steady as she softly sang to him a lullaby. It was his brother’s favorite as a child and he finally wept silent tears for his loss and his family. She never judged him, nor did she fall silent until well after sleep had claimed him. Hearing her voice and the steady beat of her heart soothed him like nothing else could in that moment. She was alive and here with him, he may have lost his beloved brother but his true beloved was still here with him and always would be.

“Oh, the original d-bag had a soft and mushy heart once upon a time. I’m touched seriously. I might just have to sit down and have a good cry now.”


“What? How does this help us exactly? What can this information possibly do for us now?” He was glaring at Rose throughout his entire little speech and that just made her defensive; boy did he rub her the wrong way.

“I don’t know Damon; you were the ones who insisted I tell it to you.”

“That was before I knew it was less of a story and more of a novel sister.”

“He is over a thousand years old Damon did you truly believe I could tell you his story in ten minutes?”

“Whatever.” He left in a huff closely followed by the other Salvatore and Elena who were giving her quiet looks of apology with every step they took. She didn’t know what she was still doing here, they were so ungrateful, but now that she’d started the story she found she wanted more than anything to finish it.

Klaus was in his studio again, he loved to paint whenever he was thinking, and he had a lot to think about. What to do whenever all the vervain had left the quarterback was at the forefront of his mind. Hearing Caroline behind him he turned to see what she was doing and found her leaning in the doorway simply watching him.

“Yes, love?”

“Nothing, just enjoying the view.”

So it was like that was it? He loved it when she was in a playful mood, he hadn’t seen that since they’d come back here.

“I’m just painting love nothing you haven’t seen before I’m sure.” What was she up to?

“Well then let me help.”

She reached over dipping two fingers in the red paint before bringing them up and trailing them across his face.

“So it’s like that, is it love?” Grabbing her and pulling her in close for a searing kiss he poured all his feelings for her into that one gesture. Pulling back they were both breathless and hungry for more.

Putting a little extra strength into it he shoved her back onto the sofa and watched her stretch out hands above her head just waiting for him to have his way with her any way he chose. Have her he would.

Reaching down he grabbed both sides of her shirt and tore it right down the center before grabbing her skirt and pulling leaving her in nothing but the tattered remains of her bra and her thigh high boots. She looked stunning as always, her hair fanned out around her shimmering like gold in the fire light.

Grabbing his paint brush, the one left forgotten when she entered, he dipped it in the red paint. Kneeling on the sofa one knee between her spread legs he leaned forward and placed it against her throat trailing it down slowly following the lines of her body. Sweeping it lightly across her breasts he watched her nipples tighten under his attentions as she arched up towards him silently begging for more.

“Patience love.”

He followed her body down in a straight line until he got to her dainty little foot. Then starting where the paint ended he ran his tongue back up again following the line back dead center. The taste of the paint mixed with the honey of her skin tingling across his tongue. When he made his way back to her breast he slowly pulled her nipple into his mouth scraping his teeth along the pebbled flesh.

Pulling away he placed the brush on the other side and started again. Following along her entire body until she screamed with frustration and begged for more. He loved her more than anything else in the world. He had loved her at his beginning and he would continue to love her until his end.

Matt could not believe that this was happening to him. He was hanging from his wrists in the center of a room that was splattered with his blood. He’d asked them why they were doing this to him but the answer made even less sense than what they were doing. They wanted all the vervain out of his system, what the hell was vervain? Why was it in his system? More importantly what the hell were they going to do when it was out of his system? 

They had left what felt like hours ago, but could have been minutes. Time seemed to stretch and twist around him the longer he hung there. He couldn’t tell anymore how long it had been or how much longer it was going to be before he could finally pass out or simply die.

Matt was moaning in agony, every muscle felt like it was on fire, and he could barely keep his head up he was so weak and tired. He was dying. Hearing the door open he watched them come back and not for the first time hoped they were going to just kill him. They were both splattered with paint and smiling like they hadn’t a care in the world, which considering what they were doing to him, did not give him hope for his future. They were psychotic and he still had no idea what they wanted from him.

“Ah, Matt you’re still awake, good for you boy. Now that all the vervain has finally cleared your system we can get down to business.”

He felt a hand under his chin just before everything fell away. He felt like he was floating lost in the other man’s eyes.

“Now, why don’t you tell me about your friend Elena, I want to know everything.”

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