"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 11 – What’s to Come

Chapter 11

Elena walked up towards the mansion on the hill with a deep feeling of dread warring within her with a strange feeling of euphoria. This would all be over soon, one way or another she would be free. She only hoped that her friends would be safe, that their lives wouldn’t be taken from them because of her.

Reaching the door she brought her hand up to knock only for the door to slide open to reveal a beautiful blonde girl waiting on the other side of it.

“Hello Elena, I’m Caroline, do come in. We’ve been expecting you.”

Well that wasn’t ominous, like at all. Deciding to just let things progress normally and politely for the moment she pasted on her most sincere smile, given the circumstances she wasn’t surprised about how fake it looked, and greeted the woman standing in front of her.

“Hello Caroline, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard quite a lot about you these last few days.”

“Yes, from Rose, so I’ve heard. You know I never pegged her for the story telling type, but I suppose after Trevors unfortunate end she was bound to change in some way. She had to do something to fill the hours I suppose.”

How did she know about Rose? The others wouldn’t have told her, would they? She shrugged it off, it was unimportant at this point how they knew, they did know. Would they go after Rose for her part in this, for helping them. But why? All that Rose did was fill them in on some history so they would actually stop fighting them, they couldn’t blame her for that. Could they? No! They wouldn’t, Rose would be fine, she’d already left town and was out of their reach.

“If you’ll follow me Ms. Gilbert, I’ll show you into the den where you can find the rest of your ragtag group of friends. I’m sure you’re eager to see them again. I know they’re eager to see you. Especially the human, you know the one, the quarterback.”

Matt? They couldn’t have hurt Matt, he had nothing to do with any of this. Matt would be fine, he had to be. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if he wasn’t. Not that she was going to be living for very long regardless.

Stepping through the doorway she was stunned into stillness. There they all were, her friends, hanging by their wrists from the ceiling. Matt, Bonnie and Damon in the corners and Stefan hanging in the center of the room as though on display. Of course she now knew that Klaus would have ample reason to hate her lover the most with the history they shared. Speaking of Klaus there he stood dead center of it all, like a magician center stage before his waiting audience. He even had the smirk of superiority to complete the look.

“Welcome Elena. Shall we begin?”

Yes, they should begin, it was time to negotiate. She had begun to open her mouth to do just that when his words stopped her cold.

“Don’t waste your breath attempting to negotiate. Why would I negotiate for something that I now have regardless? Here you stand. The moonstone has been retrieved, the werewolf Lockwood boy waits chained in the cellar as we speak, my witch eagerly awaits my instructions to begin, and I have three vampires to choose from for the final element of the sacrifice. Quite simply my dear you have nothing to offer in a negotiation, you’ve overplayed your hand sweetheart.” Throughout the entire speech Klaus remained smug and certain of success, but she only really heard one part of the whole grandiose speech.

Three vampires? Stefan, Damon, and –

“Three vampires?”

“Oh yes of course, say hello to your friends darling Rose.”

Turning she found Rose’s terrified eyes meeting hers. Oh no. But he only needed one vampire for the ritual, why would he grab Rose when he didn’t really need her?

“To answer the question so plainly written on your face. Rose is a back up, a failsafe just in case I decide to allow another fate to befall the brothers Salvatore. i have not yet decided.”

He hadn’t decided, she had time to save them. She would feel bad about Rose of course, but Rose wasn’t Stefan or Damon. If it came down to a choice the answer was simple really. Just as she was gearing up to plead for their lives she finally saw it. That light in Klaus’s eyes. He was playing with her. He already knew exactly what he was going to do, and nothing she said or did would stop him now, he just wanted to pass the time by watching her try.

“Oh you are clever aren’t you darling. I have to say, by far, you are the smartest of all the doppelgängers I’ve had the misfortune to become acquainted with in my longer than average life. The others would have begged and pleaded with me until their voices broke and their throats were raw. You are smart. Only question now is how smart are you?”

She knew what he meant. Was she smart enough to give up? To give in to his plans. Was she smart enough to guess the consequences of fighting back? He already had a witch of his own, he didn’t need Bonnie, if she played this right her best friend could be freed. There was no use for Matt at all, he too could walk out of this. He only needed on vampire, two of them could walk out of here. While she was fairly certain that the vampire he would use would be Stefan no matter what she said or did, that still meant Rose and Damon could live. Was she smart enough to save them or dumb enough to kill them all?

Taking a step further into the room she met his eyes for a moment and knew her answer. Truth of it was that he answer had always been the same, since the beginning. She would save them if she could.

“I won’t fight you.”

“Excellent, darling, shall we get started then.”

Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes. She did want to die, but she wouldn’t let others die for her either. This was the only way. Feeling Caroline grab her from behind she felt the world around her shift and change. Caroline had picked her up and was running towards something at top speed. Once the world stopped moving around her she opened her eyes to find a clearing in the woods, with a witch and Elijah someone she could only assume was Elijah waiting for them. This was it, her end.

Stefan watched helplessly as the girl he loved more than anything closed her eyes and accepted her death before being rushed away from him. This could not be happening. They had, had a plan. They were supposed to be able to prevent this.

“Don’t worry ripper, I’m sure you’ll see her again, in the after life. If such a place truly exists for our kind.”

“You aren’t letting any of us go are you?”

“On the contrary my old friend. The bennett witch and the quarterback will be freed shortly. Once this is over my brother Elijah will decide the fate of Rose here, seemed only fitting since he did the same for Trevor after all. Damon will be remaining here in the cellar for a time, I’m afraid his life won’t be quite what he’s used to, but he did bring harm to my darling Caroline and that can’t be so easily forgiven. Take heart that he will live a very long time after you are gone. As for you, you are going to help me break a curse that should never have been placed to being with. Your death will hold the meaning that your life never did.”

Clapping his hands together Klaus let his excitement and his vampiric nature to show on his face.

“Shall we get started then?”

A/N – I didn’t really see the need to describe the ritual since you saw it on the show in technicolor detail, so instead I just had Klaus explain what everyones role would be. Now on to the epilogue.

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