Chapter 4 – Intervention

Chapter 4

Waking up alone the next morning Sookie began to cement her plans as she got ready for work. Knowing exactly what she’d be doing over the weekend she couldn’t help but smile as she pulled into the Merlotte’s parking lot. Walking inside quickly wiped the smile off her face completely. There waiting for her were all of her friends, from their minds she knew that this was an intervention. 


“Hey guys what’s up?” Like she didn’t know. Heck, like they didn’t know she knew!

“Well Sook we’re all here because we love you. We want you to realize that your relationship with Bill isn’t healthy.” This from Tara the queen of unhealthy relationships, no stop, being defensive and angry was not going to do any good. She would remain calm, hear them out, and then decide on how to react. Though she did think it was decidedly dumb of them to host and intervention without making sure they were right first.

“Yeah, after everything the guy has put you through, we as your friends want you to know that we love you and we’ll support you if you want to leave him.” Now Sam was chiming in with his unbiased two cents.

As they spoke one at a time she tried to figure out why they all thought she was with Bill. Thinking about it now she realized while she had been seeing him for a little while now all of her friends had been so mad at her since her return, most even refusing to speak to her, she hadn’t actually told any of them about Eric. With the only clue for them being the bite mark on her neck yesterday she supposed it was a logical conclusion for them to jump to, a wrong one, but still a logical one.

Once they were all done with their downgrading of Bill, and on occasion her too, she took a deep breath and spoke for the first time since she entered the bar.

“I understand that ya’ll love me.” They’d said it often enough over the last hour. “That being said I want you to understand that my life is just that. Mine.  If I had decided to go back to Bill, which I didn’t, that would have been none of your business. Understand?”

“But if you ain’t with Bill then who bit you?” This from Terry, who was probably only there because of Arlene. While Terry did like her well enough, groups and especially potentially hostile groups, just weren’t Terry’s thing.

“That would be Eric who I’ve been seeing since I got back.”

And with that one statement all manner of hell broke loose in Bon Temp Louisiana.

“You what…”

“Sookie, how could you?”

“Oh Sookie No!”

Everyone spoke at once venting their horror and anger, but she didn’t listen to their words. No, instead she decided to figure out what was behind all of this.

Arlene was against all vampires. She was even thinking about joining the Fellowship. Now might be a good time to start severing ties and gently drifting away from that corner of crazy.

Terry as suspected didn’t care one way or the other. He thought it was her life and therefore not his place to tell her right from wrong and was only there because Arlene had demanded he come and he had to be there for work anyway. She silently thanked him for that.

Tara was afraid of all vampires ever since Franklin and thought she was an inconsiderate friend for not sharing her opinions about them. She might need to think about getting her friend in to see a therapist sometime soon, all that hatred had to be eating away at her.

Sam as expected was motivated by jealousy. He wanted her to be with him and thought that would actually happen if it wasn’t for all the fangers getting in his way. What he failed to understand was that even without everything else going on in her life, he had lied to her for years while knowing just how much not being alone in the freaky category would mean to her. He prioritizes his own comfort over her mental well being. Understandable in a friend, not so much in a lover.

Surprisingly enough the only person who supported her decision and in fact thought she was doing the right and smart thing was Lafyette.  He, who Eric had tortured, thought that while he didn’t much like the guy there must be something about him that made her want to give him a chance. And while he wouldn’t be wanting to be anywhere within a hundred feet of the mutherfucka he respected her ability to make her own choices. Hearing his support of her almost made her cry. Finally with everyone silent for once she decided to actually make her choice.

“I will say this only once so please do me the courtesy of listening and understanding me when I say this. I do love you all very deeply, you are my friends. But, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do! My decision on who to date is for me to make, no one else. I know what I’m doing and frankly it’s more than a little insulting that you all seem to think that I can’t make my own decisions without your input and approval. Now Sam unless you’re firing me I would like to get to work now if you don’t mind.” When there was no answer forthcoming she took it for an answer in and of itself and made her way towards the staff lounge to put her purse away so she could clock in and start her shift, an hour late.

Waking in his little cubby Eric smiled at the memory of the night before. Reaching out through the bond to see if his lover was still stewing over her easy defeat he found… sorrow and anger. Dressing quickly he flew at his top speed to her room to find her crying quietly on her bed.

Moving quickly yet quietly so as not to disturb her, he laid down beside her on the bed curling his arm around her and bringing her back into the shelter of his body. Kissing her neck gently he crooned in her ear.

“My lover, what has upset you so.” He would track down the source of her anguish and destroy it.

“My friends. They thought I’d gotten back together with Bill and set up an intervention to try and talk me into leaving him. When I told them I was with you they all got so mad I looked in their heads to see what they were really angry about. The only ones who don’t hate me are Terry and Lafyette. With Terry the only reason is because he doesn’t care about me one way or the other. But the others, I thought they were my friends but the first time I don’t just fall in line with what they say is best…”

His lover was unable to continue speaking so overcome with pain and tears. He would rip her friends to pieces but he knew that would only hurt her further. Searching his mind for some solution, some magic way to heal her hurts, he gently offered the only fix that came to mind.

“If they hurt you so badly then leave them behind. While it is true that I know little about human friendships, what I do know leads me to believe that they should not cause you such sorrow. If these people are so unworthy as your companions, rid yourself of their hatred and come live with me in Shreveport. There would be so many new and interesting opportunities for you there. New friends to make, new jobs to try, new experiences to discover, a whole new world to explore.”

After several minutes of silence he feared his suggestion had offended her. Finally she spoke without her tears choking her voice.

“I’ll think about it.”

Then she drifted off to sleep, not waking the entire night. He hoped she would take him up on his offer but with Sookie Stackhouse anything was possible.

Bill picked up the nearest object and threw it across the room the sound of the crystal vase shattering as it struck the wall did little to alleviate his rage. Turning to his desk he read the memo that had been waiting for him once more. Northman, that disgusting giant, had transferred Sookie’s home to someone else not of his retinue to keep it from him and Fangtasia as well. He would not stand for this, he was King now damn it, people were supposed to do as he commanded. Once more that Viking had undermined his plans for him and Sookie. He did not blame Sookie for her involvement with the thug, no she was young and easily swayed, he placed the blame squarely on Eric’s shoulder’s where it belonged.


“Yes, my liege?”

“Get me Northman immediately.”

“As you wish Sire.”

That was how all vampires were supposed to treat him now, with respect. He would show the raunchy Norse bastard that he was not to be trifled with. He would have Sookie’s home and then he would gift it to her as a show of remorse for his actions the year before. Sookie was his and his she would remain. Right now was just a minor bump in the road on their journey to eternity together.

Pam breezed into her Maker’s office without knocking, as was her way, to deliver the news of this new development to him face to face.

“Master you have been summoned by his highness one of his guard dogs is here to escort you to the palace.” She was not overly worried about this new step taken by their king, she knew her maker could take care of himself especially when dealing with that weasel Compton. The only real question was which way to handle it, since there were so many options available.

“Damn, as always he has the worst possible timing. Sookie will be here shortly, I promised her we would go dancing tonight. When she arrives keep her entertained until my return, if I do not return by one I want you to escort her home.”

As she watched her Maker exit his office she felt her irritation at the girl grow. She really was more of a bother than she was worth, and now she was expected to babysit the blood bag, unbelievable. She supposed she could sit her in Eric’s private booth and just keep an eye on her from across the room, and then she would not be tempted to vent her anger to the girl and risk further punishment.

Half an hour passed before the girl finally arrived wearing a crimson dress that dropped to just above her knees. Her shoulders and back were bare, her tan made all the more noticeable by the dresses vibrant color. Looking the girl up and down she supposed she could see why her master desired the girl, somewhat. Though in her opinion the form did nothing to detract from the absolute aggravation of the personality.

“Hello Pam, is Eric in his office?”

“No, Eric had business with Bill this evening. He should still be back in time for the two of you to continue with your plans to go dancing. I am to keep you safe and entertained until my Master returns for you.” Which had better be soon, there was only so much nice one could summon for someone so annoying.

“Oh, well I suppose that actually works out well for me then, I wanted to talk to you tonight anyway.” The mischievous glint in the girl’s eye made her usually caustic response die on her lips. Maybe she should hear the girl out, after all Eric did want the two of them to at least attempt to get along with one another.

Sitting at Eric’s booth with the girl twenty minutes later she was oh so glad that she had. Apparently her maker had overstepped himself in punishing the girl and now the little darling was looking to get a little of her own back. And she had come up with the perfect way to do it, one that if her master were to become displeased about, would mean punishment for Sookie, and Sookie only. She was in fact only doing as commanded and keeping her masters chosen entertained and how entertaining it was.

“So I was thinking pink for the walls down here around the dance floor, and more of a light blue towards the back near to the bar?”

“I agree the club would look marvelous with a new coat of paint.” Or several new coats.

 “Of course no club of mine will have chipped walls.”

Maybe the girl had some redeeming qualities after all. She could not wait to see his face when she finally put all of her plans into action. Now onto the cherub statues and floral pattern throne cover.

Eric had been waiting in the Kings study for nearly two hours now and recognized the ploy for what it was, it was one that the former Queen loved to use often in the past. Had he been a lesser vampire or heaven forbid one who feared the king he would be shaking by now wondering what was in store for him. However, since he already knew what this whole business was all about he spent his time fantasizing about Sookie and everything he was going to do to her once he was done here with Bill. It seemed only fair that Sookie take away the bad taste dealing with his monarch always seemed to leave in his mouth, she was the main reason for those interactions after all.

When Bill finally deigned to grace him with his benevolent presence he did so with a hurried step. Another transparent ploy that he really should have known better than to attempt to use on him of all vampires. This caused the already terrified occupant to believe that you were in a rush and then they would hurry to do as you wish so as not to delay you further and incur your wrath even more than they already had.

“Sheriff, I received notice that you had failed to sign over the two properties I requested from here, would you care to explain your behavior?”

“Yes, your majesty.” You condescending egotistical ass. “I surrendered all of my possessions you requested, sadly the two you make mention of were no longer mine to give, Sire.”

“Oh really, and to whom do they belong? Pam?” As though he would ever make things that easy.

“No Sire, had the new owner been of my retinue I would of course have ordered him or her to surrender then to you as well. Unfortunately the new holder is not a vampire and therefore not mine to command in such a way. I apologize for any and all inconvenience caused by this unfortunate turn of events.” There suck on that one you pompous fool.

“I tire of these games Northman!”

As do I you overgrown slug.

“I demanded all of the properties from you and you failed to deliver not one but two of them. I will however be lenient, if you deliver one of the two missing items to me by dawn tomorrow I will not seek punishment for your lapse.”

His majesty’s smug smile sent hot black rage coursing through his body. The bastard thought he had him by the short hairs, well he’d best think again.

“Thank you your majesty, you will be hearing from me shortly.”

With an imperious wave of arrogant command he was dismissed. Turning he quickly left the compound and took to the sky, he needed to think, and quickly.

As Sookie had thought Pam was a genius when it came to ways of annoying Eric. After only three hours they had come up with a decorating scheme that would make the big bad Viking cringe at the sight of it. Now all she had to do was set up a time during the day tomorrow to have the workmen she hired (Alcide and his crew) to come in and execute her plan of attack. It was nearing half past one now and Pam had taken her home at a breakneck speed that made her cringe to think about. Apparently Eric wasn’t the only speed demon she needed to worry about.

Sitting alone in her room she hoped Eric was alright. She more than most knew how sneaky Bill could be and as the hours had slowly ticked by she’d become more and more worried. Every time she heard a floorboard creak she’d look up and hope to see that Eric had let himself in again and was standing over her leering with his patented smirk of haughty superiority and unapologetic sexuality. Now as it was going on five hours since he’d been summoned away from her she was beginning to get downright hysterical. Biting her lip she tried hard to turn her mind to something other than the man who had become such a huge part of her life in such a short amount of time.

“Thinking of me I hope.”

Jumping nearly a foot in the air, or at least it seemed that way to her, she quickly turned towards the window that was now open curtains billowing in the cool night breeze, to find Eric slightly windblown but none the worse for wear.

“Eric! I was getting so worried about you.” She ran to him throwing her arms around his neck, which was a stretch for her, and pressed her face against his rock hard body inhaling his scent. “What happened?”

“I do not wish to speak of that now lover. Now I simply need you.”

“Yes, Eric I need you.”

His kiss was bruising and so erotic that she felt her knees begin to buckle. Whatever had happened with Bill had clearly made him angry, and she wanted nothing more than to make him feel better. As he began to back her towards her bed she shook her head and shoved him against the wall. Something she knew she only accomplished because he allowed it. Looking into his stormy eyes she leaned in and kissed him tenderly wanting to erase the entire night for him.

She began to kiss her way down his chest, working her way further down his body undoing his shirt one button at a time stopping every two inches to place another kiss to his now bared skin. When she finally fell to her knees before him she ran her hands back up his abdomen slowly reaching as high as she could before raking her nails down his body simultaneously running her tongue along the top of his pants.

Her hands were shaking with arousal when she started to unbuckle his belt and she never took her eyes off of his as she lowered his tight black jeans. Only when his throbbing cock sprung forth did her gaze move somewhere else transfixed at the sight of how much he truly wanted her. Running her tongue up his length she rejoiced in the shudder her actions caused in him. As she finally took him fully into her mouth and began to suck him hard his hands finally moved from their place on the wall, gripping her hair tightly and holding her head in place.

As he began to thrust his hips in time with the pulls of her mouth she flattened her tongue and then began trying to take him deeper down her throat. His thrust grew more frantic and she looked into his eyes once more as she felt his entire body tighten as his climax moved closer. Locking gazes she saw his fangs shoot down a moment before his warm cum filled her mouth. Swallowing instinctively she closed her eyes and moaned as she heard his roar of pleasure.

When he gripped her arms and swung her into his arms she kissed his throat causing his hands to tighten on her body. When he laid her down on her bed  and moved over her, the moonlight from her open window casting sinister shadows across his face, she could not suppress her shiver of anticipation and need.

“Oh god Eric! Take me. Bite me!”

“With pleasure, lover.”  

Looking down at his lovers sleeping form Eric’s mind began to race once more. He’d found solace in her warm welcoming body for hours but now he was alone with his thoughts once more.  The way he saw it he only really had one option, give Bill Fangtasia. He didn’t want to, the club while not important to him on a personal level was an established base for his duties as Sheriff. It was where all of the vampires in his area knew to go to check in with him and air their petty grievances.

He could set up another base once Fangtasia was no longer his, he did not even entertain the thought of staying there once it was no longer in the control of someone he trusted. While he did not look forward to the hassle of finding a new public face for himself, nor did he imagine the tantrum Billy would throw would be pleasant he would not allow Sookie to lose her ancestral home, it meant too much to her and he would not be the cause of its loss.

Gazing down at Sookie one last time before seeking his rest he knew he was making the right decision, the only decision. Once he was secured in his light tight cubby he called his lawyer and requested that the papers be drawn up immediately to transfer ownership of Fangtasia one last time. He would get Sookie to sign them tomorrow once he rose.

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