Chapter 3 – Lovers Spat

Chapter 3

“Claudine! What are you doing here?” Sookie moved slightly trying to keep herself between her fairy god-mother and the vampire on her sofa. She had no idea why Claudine had come but since she’d risked the big bad viking to talk to her she was guessing it must be important.

“Sookie, I am very disappointed in you. Did you learn nothing from your time in Faery? Now that you have returned, not long after proclaiming to us all that you were done with vampires completely, you take up with another of their kind. Did we not impress upon you the dangers? You must come back with me now!” She held her hand out clearly expecting to be obeyed. Personally Sookie thought it was a bit presumptuous of her to be coming to her home and being all high handed about it all. It was none of her business or anyone else’s really who she chose to spend her time with.

The more important thing she needed to focus on though was how she had just casually mentioned what she was when she was standing barely ten feet away from a vampire. This could not end any way but bad.

Eric had risen from his place on the sofa at the mention of Faery and was now standing behind Sookie staring transfixed at the Fae before him. The only thought repeating in his mind so tasty. The woman smelled like Sookie concentrated, like nothing he’d ever smelled before. He felt his fangs run out of their own accord and slowly began to inch forward. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that Sookie was holding onto him, trying futilely to stop his progress towards the delicious creature, but he couldn’t focus on anything but getting to the source of that delicious scent.

He lunged at the woman, and suddenly without warning found himself flat on the ground outside. He could have sworn he was inside his lovers house. Sitting up he shook his head to try and clear the haze he felt. He barely acknowledged the two females arguing a few feet away from him. Whatever had knocked him down, seemed to have actually knocked sense back into him.

Finally some of the argument going on around him began to penetrate his confusion. This Fae woman was trying to take Sookie away from him. This could not be allowed.

When Eric had lunged at Claudine Sookie had zapped him with her light without thinking about it. Now it seemed he was back in the game. Claudine had spent the five minutes he was down for trying to convince her to run back to Faery with her. In her opinion not the best use of her time.

“Claudine you have to go, he’s getting back up again, and I won’t stop him this time. I won’t be going back with you and you can tell your Queen that, that is my final answer. Now get the hell out of here before he attacks you again.” Claudine looked like she was about to argue when movement caught her attention. Eric was on his feet again, with his eyes fixed on the fairy. Shooting her a final glare of irritation the woman disappeared in a bright beam of light.

How rude, like she was the one who decided to make her stand against vampires in the dead of night. 

With Claudine finally gone she took a step towards Eric thinking to see if he was alright after his little jolt and stopped dead at his glare of anger. Why was everyone getting angry with her about this whole mess?

“You hit me, didn’t you?” The question sounded very accusing to her, but she let the tone go for now. He had just been zapped hard enough to throw him several feet away after all, anyone was bound to be a bit cranky after that.

“Yes I did. You were going to harm Claudine, I had to do something.” And unfortunately for both of them her little light show was the only something she could think to do at the time. Not that she could see many more options even now with a little time to think. Dainty southern belle against a thousand year old viking vampire who was out of his mind with hunger, there weren’t exactly a ton of options available.

“And the only something you could think to do was to attack me!” Definitely angry now. She looked around at her surroundings hoping for something that would help her to distract him from his ire and found… nothing.

“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” She tried for a smile and didn’t quite manage it. He was steadily looking angrier and angrier. An angry vampire is not someone you want to be standing alone with in the middle of the night.

“Oh, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Does that mean that it seems like a bad idea now?”

“Yes, uh I mean NO! It was the only thing I could think to do to keep you from hurting Claudine. You were like a zombie going after her just shuffling along towards your target without a care for anything else, I didn’t want to hurt you but I couldn’t let you hurt her either.” She looked at him pleading with him to understand that she had no choice. When she saw that he was going to remain stubborn about it she decided that she was now mad at him. Stomping her foot to telegraph her ire she turned quickly and went back into her home.

She could understand why he was angry with her for “hitting” him, but why couldn’t he see it from her side. She really hadn’t had a choice. How dare he try and make this her fault, he was the one who hadn’t had any self-control.

Stomping up the stairs to her room, she found herself getting angrier and angrier. When she finally made it into her bedroom, she grabbed the door and swung it as hard as she could so that the sound of the slam would make him understand just how angry she was. But there was no sound, glancing back over her shoulder she saw him standing there his hand on the door keeping it from slamming. Arrgh how dare he not let the door slam. The sound was supposed to be a signal, now there was no sound, he hijacked her signal. Selfish no control Bastard.

Eric could not believe it she had turned her back on him and walked away. Now she was standing there glaring at him as though he were the one in the wrong. So like a woman, she struck him and now she wanted to play the wounded party. Well she would just have to get over it, he was not leaving until she apologized for striking him with her light.

“You walked out in the middle of our conversation dearest.”

“No I didn’t. The conversation was over and done honey!” She had plastered her stressed smile on her face. The sight of it made him even angrier. She had no reason to be defensive. He was right she was wrong, now all she had to do was admit it.

“I disagree, sugar. This little talk of ours is far from over!”

“Oh, but it is over, darling. I’m getting tired, knocking your big butt across the yard really took it out of me, and I need my beauty sleep so I’ll be good and fresh for my first day back to work tomorrow. Goodnight!”

“We’re not done here Sookie.”

“Yes we are! Eric Northman I may not be able to rescind your invitation, but as this is my home I request that you vacate it immediately. You are no longer welcome. And if you can’t find the door on your own I’m sure I have enough energy left to give one more good jolt. Wanna find out?”

“You’re threatening me?” His fangs shot out of their own volition at the threat. How dare she do such a thing. She was his, she should be apologizing for her earlier behavior not compounding the infraction with threats to repeat it.

Suddenly he was struck with an idea. Smiling at his own genius and wondering why he hadn’t thought of it earlier, he looked her right in the eyes.

“Of course we are both quite angry at the moment. It would probably be best for all involved if we each got a little space and calmed down, yes? I shall return tomorrow night and we will continue this discussion then.”

As he exited the building and headed for Shreveport his mind was going a mile a minute making plans. A full on assault would not go over well with Sookie, it would in all likelihood just backfire and have unintended consequences. No, with Sookie you had to be more subtle and most importantly play within her precious guidelines for acceptable behavior. He needed to get his point across to her in such a way that she saw the truth for herself. And he knew just what to do.

Sookie was fuming, how dare he not understand that he was in the wrong. It had been nearly fourteen hours since she and Eric had fought in her room and she was still beyond mad. Getting back into the swing of things at Merlottes wasn’t helping either. Everyone kept staring and whispering about where she’d been. After talking to Jason they had both decided that the only way to deal with the impending storm from her absence would be to say nothing at all. Let people speculate where she had been, and why she had gone in the first place. They were going to come up with their own version of events anyway so why not just let them and save themselves the hassle of trying to insist that a lie is the truth.

Since the start of her shift she’d heard everything from that she’d run off to join the circus because a swarthy lion tamer had swept her off her feet before dumping her a year later leaving her to slink back home with her tail between her legs; to she’d been involuntarily admitted into an asylum and now her family just wasn’t owning up to it out of embarrassment. Honestly the things people can convince themselves is true is just down right amazing.

None of her friends would speak to her save Lala because while they didn’t know where she’d gone, which made them angry, they did know that they hadn’t heard word one from her in a year, which made them even angrier. Not to mention all the speculative glances at the bite marks on her neck. Some believed she’d gotten back with Bill right after she’d returned, which led to the debate of if that were true which one of us was more pathetic, her for running back to him or him for taking her back after an entire year. While others thought that the reason she’d been gone for so long was because some other vampire had taken her away and turned her into his … Oh lord some people’s minds were just nasty.

Half way through her shift just as she was about ready to scream from all the different things people were starting to believe about her, things took a decidedly different turn. It all started with a man in uniform, doesn’t it always. He strode right up to her in his khaki jumper with a look of resignation stamped on his face.

“Are you Ms. Stackhouse?”

“Yes, that’s me. Can I help you?” Even before taking a peek inside his mind she knew she wasn’t going to like this in the least. Without a word he turned and walked out the door leaving everyone, cause they were all just that nosy, gazing after him. When he returned he was carrying a bouquet of red roses bigger than anything she’d ever seen.

“These are for you Ms. Stackhouse. Where would you like me to place them?”

“Uh, over next to the bar would be fine for now. Do I owe you anyt…”

“Sorry, not done yet.” He really did sound sincerely apologetic as though he felt bad for what he was about to do.

Over the course of the next twenty minutes he and several others, dressed identical to him, brought in item after item. Chocolate of all kinds in all manner of shapes, balloon bouquets all proclaiming ‘Sorry’ in every color of the rainbow, and a life sized stuffed teddy bear holding a heart that ready ‘I’m beary sorry’, all from Eric. She was going to ‘beary’ his ass in the backyard, this was so embarrassing. To top it all off to distract everyone while the workmen made their delivery five elaborately dressed or rather undressed chip n’ dale dancers sang ‘I say a little prayer for you’ to her. As they all filed out after the delivery was through, the original guy looking even sorrier for her handed her an envelope with her name on it. Tipping his hat at her in farewell he left her standing in a room full of stunned bar patrons and a quietly fuming Sam. The note was from Eric as she tried to ignore everyone and their now racing thoughts she read it and wanted to hunt him down and kick him.

My Dear Lover,

After some thought last night I decided that you were right, I should apologize for my behavior. So here is my apology. I hope the delivery went well and I cannot wait to see you tonight.


Your Viking Sex God

After reading his note she took a deep breath to steel herself before looking around at everything that had gotten left for her. Seeing it all together somehow made it all seem simply ridiculous. Where before she had been mortified now she just wanted to laugh, which she guessed was his intention. If he’d truly wanted to punish her for her behavior he could have done way worse. That and the way he’d signed his note told her that he wasn’t truly angry with her. Looking around she knew she’d be giving away most of her chocolate just to buy some peace and quiet. Seeing Sam turn and stomp back to his office she knew she’d likely be having a conversation with him soon. Sometimes that Viking was just too much even for her. 

She was so busy trying to smooth everything over with people she didn’t notice the angry eyes of her neighbor as he stared at all of her gifts.

Eric woke with the knowledge that his lover was already on her way home. Testing the bond he found his beloved more amused than anything. He supposed his gifts had arrived as ordered, good that meant his plan was unfolding just as he’d wanted. She would think that those gifts and the embarrassment they would cause would be the extent of his punishment for her throwing him out of their home the other night, that was not the case though. No her punishment would not start until after they had concluded all that needed doing this night to make them safe. Then his true fun would begin.

He rose from his cubby secure in the knowledge that tonight he would be victorious in this test of wills. Really sookie should have known better than to throw down the gauntlet in such a manner before a Viking, let alone a Viking vampire god. As his lover entered their home he braced himself for what was to come.

“Lover you are home. Good you and I have some business to conclude.” Feeling her sudden spike of trepidation through the bond, he knew she thought he meant to punish her further for her earlier behavior. That was not the case, not yet anyway.

“What business?”

“Why your new properties of course, you will soon be the proud owner of your familial home once more.” The look of relief that descended upon his lover’s face made him want to laugh. She truly was too naïve to win this battle she began. Rule number one, never accept anything at face value.

“Your right I completely forgot that was today.  You have all the paperwork right?”

“Yes lover. The necessary forms are on your dining room table awaiting your signature. Among the ownership agreements you will also find a contract prohibiting you from rescinding my invitation from here. You may of course ask me to go or voice your displeasure with me as you would with any other romantic partner, but you may not use your ownership of this property to compel me to leave it. Do you agree?”

He knew before asking that she would see it as fair, and if she was nothing else his lover was always fair. After signing all of the documents with her elegantly looping signature she handed all of them over and proceeded to the kitchen for her after work sustenance never once glancing back as though they meant nothing to her. And knowing her as well as he did he supposed they truly did mean little to her now, his lover was a very much an in the now kind of person, and now her ownership of Fantasia and her home were of little consequence.

After sending copies of the agreements to his lawyer he felt a slight magical pull and he was suddenly being compelled to leave their home. For one heart stopping moment he thought she had gone back on her word and rescinded his invitation. He quickly shook himself free of the traitorous thought and realized that now with the house itself being under new ownership he would need to be invited in by the new owner, Sookie. Once he’d backed out onto the porch he saw Sookie coming around the corner of the dining room headed towards the living room where he should have been. Upon seeing him outside she stopped and raised a brow cocking her head to the side just looked at him for a moment trying to understand why he had left the house so abruptly but hadn’t truly gone anywhere, before realizing what happened and starting to laugh.

She laughed so hard and so long she had tears streaming down her face before she began to get herself under control.

“Are you quite done yet? Stop laughing and let me in.” His frustration grew as she attempted to invite him in several times only to nearly fall over with laughter.

“I’m sorry but you made me sign that paper saying I wouldn’t rescind your invitation… Then the house kicks you out for me… And you never said anything about inviting you in, only not kicking you out. It’s just so funny that you didn’t think of this and put in a failsafe for it. Ha ha ha Oh I can’t …. I can’t breathe.”

His lover was now actively holding her sides and leaning against the nearest wall in her attempts not to fall to the floor.

“I’m sorry, Eric… Won’t you please come in?” The last word barely making it out of her mouth before she was off again continuing her laughing fit.

“If you’re almost done there are some other things we need to see to tonight.”

 “Yeah, like what?” While her laughter had calmed considerably she still had not caught her breath enough to speak with her normal voice. She sounded out of breath and slightly husky, which caused his cock to tighten considerably.

“Like what to do about you kicking me out of here yesterday because you were wrong and didn’t want to admit it. What do you think we should do about that my dear?” As expected she became very still at the beginning of his explanation and quite belligerent at the end.

“I was not wrong! You were, you giant baby, so just admit it already. Hitting you was the only thing I could do. If there was another option please tell me what it was so I’ll know the next time you get fairy whipped by someone!”

Fairy whipped? He could not believe what he was hearing not only did his lover refuse to admit her folly but now she insulted him. This had gone far enough, time for the punishment to begin.

Without so much as a word he took the two steps separating them, grabbed her around her waist and threw her over his shoulder. Paying little mind to her kicking and wiggling against his hold while screaming his name, though when she threatened his manhood he did falter a step, he strode purposefully towards her bedroom. Sitting her down gently on the edge of her bed he reached over to her nightstand where he had placed all he would need for the evening and grabbed a pair of handcuffs.

“Look at me lover,” Her eyes stayed glued to the cuffs in his hands. “No, lover look at my eyes.”

When she finally raised her gaze he could see the fear and wariness so clearly displayed in her expressive brown eyes.

“Lover, I need you to trust that I will never harm you. Do you know that no matter how angry I am with you nothing between us will ever cause you true pain?” At her hesitant but still somehow firm nod of agreement and understanding he relaxed a great deal.

“Now though this will be punishing I will give you a safe word to use if you are truly uncomfortable with something. This word is to be used only if we venture into territory that makes you feel bad, not for frustration. Your safety word is apple. If you say this word at any point we will stop, I will untie you, and we will never do that again until you feel you wish to.”

When she again nodded her agreement he gently removed her Merlotte’s t-shirt before pushing her back onto the bed and cuffing her hands to the head board. Her bra was strapless making its removal unnecessary until later. Reaching over to the nightstand once more he grabbed the thick black blindfold and looking into her eyes for consent, carefully placed it over her eyes.

Once she was bound and blinded he knelt at the foot of her bed and smiled. Now the fun would truly begin and he would have his apology before the game was over of that he was certain. Taking his shirt off so that the feel of his shirt on her skin would not pull her out of the sensations he was about to invoke in her, he reached over to the nightstand once more.

Starting at her wrists he gently and lightly trailed the feather down her arm. Making sure to move slowly so that the sensations would build, higher and higher. As he trailed it down the valley between her breasts her entire body shivered and her hips arch upwards as he moved lower trailing a circle around her belly button. As he teased the line of her shorts her head began to thrash from side to side, the sound of them unsnapping as loud as a gunshot in a tension filled room.

He placed the feather on her stomach as he pulled her shorts down her legs inch by inch. Making sure to softly blow on the feather so that its ends would tickle her and his breath would cool her skin. Once her shorts were off leaving her only in a bra and panties, he resumed the feathers path.  Trailing it down one leg, lingering on her foot just long enough to make her giggle and squirm, finally trailing back up between them to tease her thighs. Her panties becoming soaking wet, he slowly swirled the feather around her belly button once more, as he blew his cold breath over her skin. She began to rub her thighs together in frustration as he brought the feather back up her body, between her breasts and up the opposite arm he started from.

Once he reached her wrist once more finishing with the feather he placed it back on the nightstand and knelt once more at the edge of the bed, waiting. She began to squirm more as the silence went on for longer and longer. Finally after two minutes of whines and unanswered hip thrusts she spoke.


“Yes lover?”

“Eric please!”

“Please what my lover? If you wish me to do something you will have to learn to be more specific in your requests.”

She began to rub her thighs together more frantically, tugging futilely at her hands that were secured above her head.

“Lover what was that poisonous object given to Snow White?” He needed to remind her of the safe word. Often the first time people forgot about it during the height of their distress or discomfort. He did not want her looking at him later and saying she’d forgotten that she could call a halt to things.

What? Why was he talking about Snow White while her insides were on fire? She was about to answer when she remembered, apple. He was reminding her of her safe word. He thought she couldn’t handle this. Ha she’d show him.

“A pumpkin.”

His answering laughter both pleased and infuriated her. She was dying of frustration and he was amused. She would get him back for this, true handcuffs would not hold him but with the safe word in play they didn’t really hold her either. Turnabout was gonna be a bitch for him later. For now though she needed to get him to put her out of her misery.

“Please Eric, touch me!”

There that ought to be specific enough for him. God if he didn’t touch her soon she was sure she’d explode.

“Ah lover I wish I could. It saddens me to see you so distressed, but I fear I cannot touch someone who owes me an apology. Maybe if you settled that debt I could be persuaded to help you now.”

So that was his game then. No way in hell would she apologise. She would stand firm on this damn it, he was in the wrong in this argument not her. While yes she may have overreacted a little in asking him to leave, but he was the one who’d left so… yeah still his fault.


“Never is a very long time lover. Take it from someone who knows.”

She would stand firm. Even though he was playing with her breasts, she would not give in. She was made of sterner stuff than that and damn it she was in the right. Her conviction would help her stand strong.

Forty-five minutes later Sookie laid panting beside her Viking silently berating herself for her weakness.

“I didn’t mean it.”

“Oh really lover? Then why did you say it, if you did not mean it?”

God she really hated him right now. She would hit him if her sated body still had the energy needed to raise her arms. After wringing an apology out of her which only took an embarrassing ten minutes he proceeded to pleasure them both into a stupor.

Sometimes guys who were gods in bed and knew it, treating that as fact rather than opinion, were a giant pain. Looking at the giant grin on her Vikings face she began to plan her vengeance. Maybe she would get Pam to help her as a little ‘I’m sorry about you getting in trouble’ thing, and she was sure Pam would get a charge out of getting one over on her maker. Apologizing when she knew she was in the right was bitter but the sweet taste of revenge would soon make her forget all about it.

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