Chapter 2 – Tribute

Chapter 2

Sookie gasped, shooting up in bed while crossing her arms over her still exposed breasts. Eric had kept hold of her when she bolted so she had his added bulk to cover her nudity. She said the first thing that came to her mind. Not always smart but more often than not very satisfying.

“Pam! You pervert how long have you been watching us? And I swear to god Eric if you knew she was there and didn’t say anything, well I hope you got enough this go round cause it’ll be a cold day in hell before you ever see me naked again.” She watched her new lover begin to shake with poorly suppressed laughter at the first, then he began to growl at her and scowl at Pam as if blaming the both of them for his current predicament when the rest of her rant finally penetrated his thick skull. Typical male response, always blame the girl.

Frustrated with him beyond words she grabbed the comforter from the bed wrapping it around her as best she could and stormed off to the bathroom to try and calm her temper. That was one of her problems with Bill, a too quick temper, on both sides in that case. She was determined not to make any of those mistakes with Eric, so she just needed to get some perspective, preferably far away from the moody Viking and his laughing Childe. Slamming the bathroom door helped with her anger, she wondered if a nice shower would help with the rest.

Eric heard the door to the bathroom slam closed and the shower get turned on before he could get a handle on his feelings of anger enough to even speak to Pamela. The moment Sookie had threatened to leave him his bloodlust had risen to a height he’d only ever known in battle. Looking at his still smirking Childe he was hard pressed not to take his rage out on her but he knew she would not have come and interrupted his time with Sookie for anything less than a catastrophe or at least for her sake she better not have.

“Why are you here Pamela?” He didn’t know if it was his use of her full name or the anger he was sure she could feel through their bond but his Childe became immediately serious.

“Master, forgive the interruption. His royal pain has sent a missive saying he wishes an audience with you at sunset tomorrow at Fangtasia. Normally that would not warrant interference with pleasurable business but the tone of the summons concerns me. I also believe it was an underlying command that you sleep at the office tonight.”

He saw his Childe smirking but could not muster the energy to match it, Compton was a foolish vampire who had been turned into an even more foolish monarch, but he did have his moments of surprise. That maggot was up to something he could feel it, and ten to one odds that something dealt with keeping him and Sookie apart. Compton’s blood still coursed through her veins while his own blood and time had diluted it; he was certain the fool had felt Sookie’s ecstasy in his arms tonight. Now to prove his theory.

“Pamela when was the summons sent?” He would bet all his holdings it was sometime in the last hour, when Sookie’s pleasure was at its highest.

“The e-mail was time stamped thirty-four minutes ago Master.”

As he thought that idiot had felt what happened with Sookie, had rightly surmised that it was Eric giving her such unparalleled pleasure and had moved to separate them. He did not know what that weasel was up to but he did know that he would not allow him to succeed. He finally had her and nothing and no one, especially Compton, was going to take her away from him. 

As for Pamela.

“This could have waited until later in the evening when you felt I was not busy admit it you just wanted a look at her luscious curves didn’t you my Childe.” He knew her well, and while she didn’t think Sookie was good enough for him as a long term companion she did appreciate her on a baser level, just like he did in the beginning before her fiery personality drew him in completely.

“Well, now I certainly understand all of the fuss about her. You know how I love a girl with such mmmhm bounty.” He let her have her amusement for a moment before continuing.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it because it will be the last time you ever see her in such a state without my express permission. And just to make sure you follow this rule and it really sinks in every time you get an eye full of my lovers ‘bounty’ whether it be intentional or not you will be restricted to nothing but True blood for a week. Starting with this time.” He watched the smirk fall from her face with satisfaction, no one got to see his Sookie in all her glory but him. Well not yet anyway, soon maybe he’d broaden her taste a little and then Pamela could join them for some fun, but until then. Never without her permission.

“But Eric I only…” He didn’t let her finish her stammered excuse. He had more important things to do.

“As your maker I command you. Now Pamela if you will excuse me I think I will join my Sookie and her ‘bounty’ in the shower, so I can properly apologize for your so rude entrance. Isn’t it just about your feeding time?” With that he walked away from his sulking Childe towards the sultry wet beauty just waiting for him in the other room. God he loved his life, especially now that Sookie was in it.

He quietly pushed open the bathroom door and stopped in his tracks. There before him was Sookie, his lover, standing under the spray of the shower. Even just seeing her outline through the shower curtain was enough to make him hard again, not that the thought of her all alone in the shower hadn’t already done the job before he even set foot in the room. He hadn’t put on any clothes during his conversation with Pam so there was nothing between him and a very wet Sookie except a shower curtain. He slowly drew the curtain back as he stepped in under the water behind her wrapping his arms around her to cup her breasts.

She didn’t jump or whirl around and yell at him like he thought she might; she just relaxed her body flush against his before arching her back pushing her breast firmly against his hands. Her hands drifted back to massage his thighs as his began to knead her breast and pinch her nipples. She began moaning her excitement and rubbing her own thighs together. Uh-uh none of that now, no one would be bringing his lover to release without his permission, not even Sookie herself. His hands left her breast, with a very loud protest from Sookie that made him swell with manly pride, and began to steadily massage their way down to her thighs. Once he got there he waited a beat to see what she would do and wasn’t disappointed, she eagerly spread her legs inviting him to play.

He began to rub his hands up and down her thighs in sync with what her hands were doing to his own, stopping and changing direction just before hitting the sweet spot she so desperately wanted him to touch. Her mind was so foggy with pleasure it took her a moment to realize what he was doing, once she did she let out a whimper of frustration and drew her left hand up to cup his gracious plenty simultaneously tilting her hips to give his hands better access.

He couldn’t stop the soft rumbling laughter that escaped his lips; his lover was so much more than he’d ever imagined. When she decided to go for it with someone she apparently went for it with her whole being, no holding back for his Sookie. Deciding to take pity on her, and her little whimpers of frustration mixed with her breathy moaning of his name was just too much to resist.

He gripped her thighs firmly while slowly spreading them further apart, he began laggardly rubbing her to test her readiness, finding her soaking wet was very good for his ego. He inserted one finger at first wanting to help her get ready for his impressive size, since this time there wasn’t going to be as much foreplay. She began to moan louder and grind against his hand, he inserted another to join the first satisfied at how ready and slick she was. Her hand that had been rhythmically massaging his member suddenly lost its firm grip as she began to ride his hand.

From the bedroom he heard his cell phone begin to blast its shrill tone he’d programmed for his majesty oh Billy boy was not happy, the knowledge gave him warm fuzzy feelings.

He was abruptly jerked back to the matter at hand so to speak by Sookie’s words.

“Eric please, I need you.” Her words ended on that adorable little whimpered moan of hers that just drove him crazy. He vowed to make it his life’s mission to hear that sound from his Sookie as often as possible.

Finally he thrust into her as she pushed back against him nearly causing his eyes to roll back into his head. She was so tight he let out a moan of his own, praying to all the gods he knew that she would stay with him forever knowing now that a life without her was not a life worth living. The thought of losing her made him a little desperate causing his thrusts to be harder and faster than he’d first intended. When he came back out of his thoughts and realized that he was being rough with Sookie he thought he’d screwed up royally. Sookie was used to gentle love making she would likely be disgusted by this rough fucking, then her words penetrated his wall of self-disgust.

“Yes, Eric please. Harder faster I love it yes. It feels so good.” Over and over she said this causing him to smirk slightly. So his lover liked it a little rough, if he hadn’t been certain she was perfect for him before he was now.

Deciding to give his lover what she craved he turned them so that his back was to the spray of warm water, pushing her upper body forward to brace her hands against the wall. The cool air against her warm wet skin made her moan, and her nipples harden. He moved his hands back to her breast pinching her nipples hard as he thrust into her warm tight core. She came with a loud scream causing her muscles to tighten around his member and drag him over the edge with her with his own shout of victory.

Sookie drew air into her starved lungs with gasps; her heart was pounding painfully in her chest making her smile. When they both came down from the peak of their joint climax Eric had turned her back into the spray of warm water both to warm her and to allow her to clean herself up a bit.

Thinking about the night for a moment she had an idea and just had to smile. Technically she owed him an orgasm, he had given her three while she’d only given him two, and that just wasn’t very fair of her was it. Turning to face him she drew herself up on her toes to give him a lingering gentle kiss on the lips, before dropping back down, and dropping even further to her knees.

The spray of warm water hitting her from this angle made her skin tingle somehow making her feel even naughtier. She tentatively ran her tongue up the very impressive length of him, hearing his voice break on her name gave her the courage to continue.

She’d never done this with Bill; anytime she ever brought it up he’d always say something along the lines that he’d never degrade her in that way. Now she thought he probably meant he wouldn’t be able to look at her the same if she had done it. Eric didn’t seem to have a problem with it, in fact his hand tightly fisted in her hair said he enjoyed it. Feeling somehow liberated by the thought, not even realizing that most of her nervousness was over the feeling that she might disgust him, she took his length as far into her mouth as she could.

Fisting her hand around what she couldn’t reach she began to suck as she’d seen in countless minds since she’d hit puberty. After a few minutes he began to thrust his hips making her want to smile, oh yes he was really enjoying this. His grunts of pleasure grew louder and closer together until he stiffened for a moment before warm fluid began to fill her mouth. On instinct she swallowed it looking up at Eric as she did, seeing him close his eyes in pleasure she thought she might just have to practice this more often. After all, practice makes perfect.

As she curled up against Eric in bed she couldn’t help but smile. While the night certainly hadn’t gone as planned she couldn’t complain about it too much. Looking up into his eyes she asked the question she’d been thinking about since before their little co-ed shower distracted her.

“What happened with Pam?” His response to the intrusion on their privacy and her obvious anger over it would tell her more than anything else how serious he was about this new relationship of theirs. If he overreacted and was too harsh it would be only because he didn’t want her to hold what happened against him and not that he saw the problem with it. While too light of a reaction would tell her that he was only humoring her about the whole thing. 

Eric tensed at her question, he’d been hoping she wouldn’t ask it. He didn’t know how much to tell her but he did know where to start and hopefully it would start this conversation off on the right foot.

“First of all I informed her that for her little stunt she’d be on a true blood diet for a week.” The statement had the desired effect surprising a laugh out of his lover while also having the added benefit of making her snuggle in closer to him holding him just a little tighter against her.

“She had come by to tell me that King Bill has requested my presence tomorrow at sundown.” He did not know how she would react, but he was stunned by her worry.

“Are you in trouble? Is he going to do something to you?” The depth of her concern for his safety touched his heart. While he did not know what the king’s plans were exactly he did know that they most likely did not bode well for his relationship with Sookie. 

“I do not know his intentions, little one; however I do believe he means to try and separate us.” Better to tell her the whole truth from the start. He learned long ago that trying to protect Sookie from the truth was the quickest way to lose her. While Bill could not separate them he could certainly make their time together more difficult in hopes of annoying them to the point of breaking things off themselves.

“No! He can’t do that. Is there anything we can do to stop him?” Her willingness to fight for their relationship moved him in ways he had not expected.

“There is something yes, however I do not wish to propose it until we know for certain what the king has planned. For now we simply go on as we are and when the time comes we adjust to the threat.” He prayed that would be the end of the conversation and for a few minutes he thought he might have gotten his wish, but as always with Sookie she went her own way in all things.

“Who called while we were in the shower?”

He could tell by her tone that she had a fairly good idea of the callers identity already. He thought this might be a test to see if he would keep things from her, but since he’d already decided that was a bad idea he knew he would pass with flying colors.

“It was Bill. I believe he felt your pleasure through your blood and the call was his pathetic attempt at calling a halt to things from a distance. It was juvenile and ill thought out even for him, but then again he will always sink to new lows won’t he.” He could not keep the derision from his voice and glancing down at his lovers face against his chest he knew he need not worry. Her delicate features were clouded with rage. Seeming to come to a decision she pushed herself up not even bothering to catch the sheet as it fell away exposing her breasts and upper body to his greedy eyes.

“I want you to take my blood. And… and I want to take yours.”

To say he was stunned was an understatement. He knew from her stammering over the second part that she was not sure about how he would feel about giving her blood. He was overjoyed at the prospect of tasting her, and the thought of his blood running through her veins made him so hard it hurt.

“Why? Why do you want this lover?” He did not want her to retract her offer but he had to know the reasons behind it.

“I want us to be on equal footing. I don’t want Bill to have a foot hold in our lives, if he can feel me I think it’s only fair that you can too. As for why I want you to have my blood, well I’m not sure but it just seems like we should you know. It just seems right.”

Her gaze no longer appeared uncertain; she almost looked defiant. As though she were daring him to reject her offer, not that he ever would. His lover was willingly offering him her blood and practically begging for his own. Even though he always knew they would be lovers, he’d never thought this day would come.

“Oh lover, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.”

He grabbed her arms pulling her up to straddle his lap kissing her with all he was worth. He wanted to convey his thanks, and his joy. He kissed her roughly for what seemed like an eternity, it went on and on, stopping only when he knew her lungs were burning for air. As she began gasping for breath grinding her wet core into his lap he moved his face down to her neck kissing and sucking down to his sweet spot. He promised himself that next time he would bite her thigh so she could hide it but this one, their first, he wanted to be seen by all.

His fangs snapped down and he scrapped them against her neck once, twice, then he thrust his member into her wet welcoming pussy as his fangs pierced her flesh. His mouth pulled at the wound once, twice, as she clutched at his hair trying desperately to press him closer to her. She rode his hard cock at a frenzied pace trying desperately to reach her release. He knew what she needed, slowly drawing back he licked the wound twice to stop the bleeding, yet leave the mark. Tilting his head back he brought his wrist to his mouth biting down hard. He groaned at the pleasured pain before offering his wrist to her as she clamped her mouth over the bleeding wound he felt the pulls of her tiny mouth as she sucked the blood from his body. He began thrusting upwards as she came down over his length and on the third pull of her mouth they both fell over the edge together.

By the time they both came back to themselves it was nearly dawn and he had to go to rest in his little cubby. She smiled sleepily at him as he softly kissed her good night. Down in his cubby as he felt the day sleep overtake him he felt himself smile. This had been a good night; he couldn’t wait for the next and every night after that with his Sookie.

Sookie woke alone, stretching to try and help her deliciously sore muscles. Glancing at the clock she realized she hadn’t slept long; it was only ten in the morning. That was good; the one thing she hated about dating a vampire was if you weren’t careful you’d end up losing entire days. Getting up to trudge to the shower and try to jump start her sluggish mind she began making a mental list of all the things she needed to get done today.

First things first, go to Merlotte’s and talk to Sam about possibly getting her job back. Sam being a shifter eliminated the need to lie to him, everyone else however would need to be told something about her absence or they’d start coming up with their own answers. She’d have to give that one more thought later, whatever she told them had to be close enough to the truth that she didn’t start getting confused and stumble over her words. Second thing, she needed to go by and see Jason just sort of touch base with him and fill him in on all the changes she’d be making in her life. Last but most certainly not least she needed to go to the store, there was hardly any food in the house.

Dressing with care she tried to pick an outfit that would fit with all of the different things she had to do today. Deciding on a light gray loose fitting skirt that fell to just above her knees coupled with a white button down top and matching grey blazer, she finished the look with black flats. She pulled her hair into a loose ponytail then headed out to face the lions.

As she stepped through the doors of Merlottes bar and grill she couldn’t believe how much everything looked the same. Her house had looked so different and even Jason himself had changed so drastically that she’d just assumed that everything else would have changed too.

“Sookie, damn girl is that really you?” Sam sounded both relieved and angry at the same time, coming out from behind the bar to stand in front of her looking for all the world like he thought he might be dreaming.

“Yeah Sam it’s me. Can we talk?” She could feel the stares of the patrons and wanted to get away from them as fast as possible. No matter how else she changed she would always hate being the center of attention.

“Sure, come on back to my office.” 

Walking back to his office felt remarkably like what she imagined walking to the gallows might have felt like. She knew that after this conversation everything would change, the only thing she didn’t know was if it would be changing for the better.

“So cher, would you like to tell me where the hell you’ve been for the last year. The least you could have done is pick up a phone, let the people who care about you know you’re not dead. I mean an entire year of nothing, just ain’t like ya.”

Taking a deep breath she began telling her dear friend the entire story of her time away. About Claudine, her grand-daddy, Mab, and likely the most important thing of all the time difference. She explained that to her she had only been gone fifteen minutes. By the end of her little tale Sam looked as though he’d been hit over the head, and then kicked in the groin for good measure. She could tell he didn’t know if he wanted to yell at her or hug her. He looked into her eyes and she could tell he’d come to a decision, she braced herself for his response.

“I think it’s gonna take me a while to process everything you done told me, so I guess we can talk on it some more later. As for your job, you know you always got a place here cher. I’ll have to start you back in on the day shift and leave the evening shifts to some of the others for a while. Can you start tomorrow?” There was less money on days but she understood she couldn’t just come back and get her seniority handed back to her that just wouldn’t be fair to the girls who had been here the entire year she was gone for.

“Yeah Sam I can be here whenever you need me.” She knew there were tears in her eyes but she just couldn’t help it. She always knew Sam was her friend; she just never knew how good of a friend he really was until this moment.

On her way out of Merlotte’s to see Jason she crashed into someone on their way in. She quickly steadied herself then turned to apologize, her grimace of apology quickly turned into a small smile of recognition as she looked up.

“Brad! Hi, I am so sorry I know when you said we’d probably run into each other in town this wasn’t what you had in mind. It was totally my fault, and oh look you got something on your jacket.” She moved to wipe the imaginary stuff from his coat sleeve making sure to trail her hand down to touch his as she tried once more to read her mysterious new neighbor. Most times touch can help her break through some of the strongest barriers, but with him there was still silence. If she didn’t know any better she’d think he was a vampire, but not only was he out in the day but Eric had already met him and hadn’t said anything.

“Oh, it’s no problem Sookie. The little collision was worth seeing you again.”

She might not be able to read his mind but with his elevator eyes she didn’t have to. Tall, dark, and mysterious was coming on to her. Best thing to do with vague roundabout come on’s like that is to ignore it until, either the person works up enough nerve to ask you straight out if you want to go out with them, or their behavior takes a more sinister turn.

“Well, it was a surprise seeing you, but I’m late for a meeting with my brother over at the Sheriff’s office. Bye Now.”

Quickly walking out to her car, leaving no room for him to reply to her abrupt departure, she made a mental note to tell Eric everything she knew about Brad. She’d have to ask around about him discreetly as well, see what all she could dig up on him. She’d ask Jason when she saw him, and Mrs. Fortenberry was always at the store in the evening so she’d be sure to ‘run into her’ while she was there and ask her about him. He had said that she cornered him before he made it to her house last night, maybe she’d managed to interrogate him already. She didn’t know what it was but something just didn’t click for her with Brad and it was more than just his silent mind.

Eric woke in his cubby and could not suppress the moan that left his lips. Just remembering yesterday was enough to make him ecstatic beyond anything he’d ever felt before in his life. Her scent still covered his entire body and he intended to keep it that way for his meeting with his Royalness. Reaching out with all of his senses he knew that Sookie had yet to return home from her errands of the day. He so badly wanted to take care of everything for her so she would never have to toil away at the shifters bar again, but he knew better than to even suggest such a thing, at least not yet.

Rising he began to dress as he thought about the impending meeting. He knew Billy boy was up to something, but while his majesty could be clever on occasion he rarely covered all his bases leaving him with many options to get out of whatever traps he lays. Sighing in frustration he finally exited the house that smelled so strongly of his lover and took to the sky.

When he landed at Fangtasia twenty minutes later he found Pam waiting for him outside.

“His majesty is waiting in your office. He spent the night here to ensure you followed orders, and I believe he’s displeased, but since his face is always scrunched up like that I am not sure of that.”

Smiling slightly at his Childe he walked through the crowd of his majesty’s guards straight to his office as though he had not a care in the world. Seeing that pompous weasel behind his desk he made a mental note to tell Pam to burn that chair and find him a replacement. He inclined his head slightly, before facing the king in stoic silence with a bored expression on his face. Bring it on Bill Boy.

“Northman, I requested your presence immediately after sundown, that was half an hour ago. Would you care to explain this?”

“Yes, your majesty I was staying at my home in Bon Temp last evening. I apologize for the mix up however if you had bothered to leave a voicemail one of the fourteen times you called me last evening your orders may have been conveyed more clearly. Sir.”

The sir was an afterthought since he held no respect for his current king and they both knew it. The look of consternation on the King’s drawn face was nearly enough to make him lose his composure and laugh, but he held firm.

“I called this meeting to inform you that I have decided to up your tribute you owe your monarch. Here is the list of your properties I desire to own.”

The grin on Bill’s face made him want to slap him repeatedly. Glancing down at the list of tributes offered he saw what His Royal Highness was up to. The list included his flat in London, his Plantation in Jamaica, Fangtasia, and last but certainly not least his house on Hummingbird Lane in Bon Temp.

“So, your Majesty, you wish me to forfeit these properties of mine?”

“I do yes, and as your monarch it is within my rights to demand them.” While that was technically true they both knew that he was stopping just short of crossing the line.

“Very well Your Grace, I shall have all of the properties on this list transferred out of my name if that is truly your wish.”

“It is.”

And with that final statement of authority he was gone. As the door closed behind him Eric could not help but smile. That twit really was simple not to see the loophole he had left him, moving to the phone he began to make the necessary calls to block this desperate attack from Billy boy. As he waited for the person he needed to speak with to come on the line Pamela came into the office wearing gloves carrying a box of matches and a canister of lighter fluid. Grabbing the chair, where Bill had perched his scrawny ass, with two fingers of her gloved hand and began to roll the offending item away. His Childe really did know him well.

He arrived back home to find Sookie running around in a frenzy cleaning an already spotless house, presumably to burn off nervous energy. She hadn’t even realized he was standing there she was so focused on her task. Deciding to get her attention his own way, he just walked up behind her, spun her around to face him and used her gasp of surprise to his advantage. He was nothing if not an opportunist after all.

He’d meant it as a quick “Honey I’m home!” kind of kiss, but as was always the case with the two of them their kiss deepened, until they began to pull at each other’s clothes desperately. Lifting his head slightly letting his lover catch her breath, he glanced around deciding the bedroom was too far, and besides they had already broken in the bed.

Spinning her around once more he laid her now bare form across her dining room table, turning her body into his own private feast. His mouth latched onto one breast as his hand played with the other. He could smell her arousal spike when his tongue flicked out across her nipple. Her panting increased as he kissed his way down her body to her thighs. Gripping her knees he spread her wide giving him an unblocked view of what was now his. Glancing up to his lover’s face he saw her eyes locked on to his own and a very beautiful flush working it’s way up her neck to her cheeks. She always did look beautiful in red.

“You are perfect my lover.”

“Eric… please.” As she spoke she ran her hands along her own breasts arching her back in ecstasy, never breaking eye contact the entire time. It was one of the most erotic things he’d ever seen.

“Please what? What do you want, Sookie?” He deliberately used her name knowing it would only push her higher.

He began to softly caress her warm wet core with one finger only lightly stroking her, when she would move to impale herself on his finger he would pull back.

“What my lover? Is this not what you wanted?” He asked, stroking her lightly once more. Her growl of frustration became a moaned plea when he pressed only the tip of finger inside of her before removing it and returning to his light stroking. He knew she was on the edge and just needed that little extra push to send her over, but this time she would ask for it.

“What lover? If there is something you wish from me you must tell me. I am not the mind reader here, you must voice your wants.”

“Please Eric, make… make me come. I’m so close, please fuck me!”

He couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. Hearing Sookie say his name as he pleasured her was exhilarating but hearing her beg him for release in such a breathy voice was heaven.

Deciding to reward her he thrust two fingers between her slick fold and pumped them repeatedly. It did not take long for her release to wash over her, and as that tide broke his fangs sunk into her thigh, the rush of her blood into his mouth making him moan his pleasure as she screamed his name.

Sookie couldn’t believe they had just done that on her dining room table of all places. Bill had never… she stopped that thought in its tracks. Eric was not Bill and she was beginning to see that as more and more of a good thing. Once she’d come down from her first wave of pleasure he’d closed the bite on her thigh with his tongue and climbed up her body for round two.

Now that she was able to catch her breathe the worry that had started her cleaning frenzy came back to her full force.

“What did Bill want?” When she came home to find him gone the worry had crashed in on her making it impossible for her to sit still when all she wanted to do was go to Fangtasia and get between the two of them.

“Let us dress lover, before we discuss the machinations of your former paramour shall we.”

They dressed in silence, before moving to the living room for this very important conversation about their future. She could tell by how restless he was even after their activities of just minutes ago that she wasn’t going to like what he was about to say.

“Bill has demanded tribute as my King, now while this has been done in the past, it has not been an active tradition for over two hundred years now. Most find the idea of doing as Bill does now as both petty and beneath them as monarchs but that does not seem to both our illustrious leader in the slightest. He has given me a list of four of my properties he demands of me. One in London, one in Jamacia, and two here in Louisiana.

“What I would like to do is transfer the two here in Louisiana into your name, those being your home here, and Fangtasia. I will give the King the other two properties as a show of cooperation from me, as they mean little to me and I can easily regain them at a later date. Normally I would give them all to Pam but Bill would most likely just demand them of her since she is of my retinue and my Childe.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could Bill be so underhanded and devious. Oh wait she’d almost forgotten that that was in fact his true nature. The courteous gentleman she’d known had been an act perpetrated by Bill to gain her trust. Looking at Eric she found him staring at her and remembered he was likely waiting for her answer.

“Of course we can put them into my name and when this whole thing with Bill is over and done with I will immediately sign Fangtasia back over to you and Pam immediately. And my involvement with anything to do with Fangatasia will be in name only right.”

She knew he would never ask her to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with and making decisions about his business was something that really gave her the jeebies. What if she made a mistake and completely torpedoed his entire bar. No, no way in hell, she would be the owner in name only and would make exactly zero decisions.

“Of course lover, I would never ask you to take on additional burdens. You will have no responsibilities to Fangtasia; this is only a cover to keep it out of Compton’s greedy hands. The paperwork is being drawn up and will be ready for your signature in the morning. I have arranged for a messenger whom I trust to bring it by and take it to my lawyer once it has been signed. Now that my business is out of the way how was your day?”

She could tell he was attempting to have a normal relationship conversation with her and could only assume that Pam and Dear Abby had something to do with it. She managed to suppress her smile when he finally stopped prowling around the room and sat on the sofa next to her. Before she could open her mouth to speak, he’d swung her legs up onto his lap and began to massage her feet. She moaned in ecstasy, not for the first time that night. Having this Viking around was going to spoil her.

“Well, I got my job back at the bar today, Sam is going to start me out on days so he can slowly work me back onto the schedule. Which means more nighttime for the two of us…” Just as she was about to tell him about Brad and the creepy vibes she got from him there was a knock at the door.

She reluctantly rose from her foot massage to go answer it and was surprised to find a very irate Claudine at her door.

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