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Chapter 7 – Witches Come, Memories Go


Chapter 7

Pam could not believe it. Even with the warning that their little trip to the future had given them these witches had still gotten to Eric. She was racing at her top speed towards Bon Temp and her Maker trying to remember everything Sookie had said about this time in their lives. She never said the name of the witch responsible so she was going to have to do a little searching, but first things first, she needed to get Sookie to agree to shelter Eric. This was their time, when it all started for them according to her; this had to go right damn it if they were going to all have that future they saw.

Sookie sat in her living room with a memory less Eric and tried to figure out how she seemed to get involved in these problems again and again. Even when the problems weren’t hers she managed to somehow get in the middle and she just knew that this time wouldn’t be any different. Eric sat across from her looking sheepish and lost and so un-Eric like that it really just broke her heart and she knew that was the beginning of the end for her. She had planned on staying firm with Pam when she got here and telling her to take him and leave her out of it. Now, with him sitting there looking so innocent she knew that just wasn’t gonna happen. Damn it!

Eric, the nice lady said his name was Eric, was so confused. The woman across from him looked so frustrated and angry and he knew he was the cause he just didn’t know what he had done. He didn’t know much of anything at the moment. He knew she was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen, a goddess, and that her scent called to him. He knew that for the moment this woman and her home were his whole world. The world outside this home just wasn’t real, it didn’t exist, and for some reason he was okay with that. Even though he had lost everything for some reason he felt safe here, with her.

Pam arrived at Sookie’s and in her eagerness to see for herself that her Maker was alright she didn’t even pretend to ask for entry she just burst through the door and made her way straight to Eric.

“What the fuck happened?”

Nothing, if anything Eric seemed confused about what she was talking about, or why she was asking him. Looking to Sookie she got a helpless shrug in response, no answers there either.

“I just found him on my way home from work. No shirt, or shoes, just running down the side of the road.”

No shirt or shoes? Did the witches cast their spell on him at home while he was preparing to come to Fangtasia? It was no use to just sit around asking questions that for the moment had no answers she needed to get Eric protected then hunt down these witch bitches and explain to them exactly why this was a bad idea. No one messes with her Maker!

“Sookie, darling I need a favor.”

“Let me guess, look after him.”

The girl didn’t sound very enthusiastic; she seemed almost resigned like she saw this coming. Oh well, as long as she agreed she figured the rest would just work its self out with time.

“Would you, this would be the last place anyone would think to look for him.”

Sookie knew what her answer would be even before Pam had asked. Eric might be a grade A jerk but he did try to be a good guy, sometimes, in his own Eric like way. Besides she knew that if she refused and something was to happen to him she would feel beyond guilty. She had just opened her mouth to agree when there was a sharp knock on the door. Motioning for Pam and Eric to be quiet and to go upstairs out of sight she moved towards the door to take care of this little problem. She felt a gust a wind behind her when the two sped past just before she opened the door.

“Bill, what are you doing here?”

“Sookie, may I come in?” Bill hated having to ask but he knew she was furious with him for his earlier behavior at Merlottes, and he didn’t want to upset her further by presuming too much.

“No, you may not.”

Why was she being like this? Yes, he had made a mistake but he was here now to apologize and she wouldn’t even allow him inside to do so.

“Sookie, please, I want to apologize for my behavior before. I over reacted and I shouldn’t have. It’s just when I smelled Eric’s scent on you I feared the worst and in my panic I behaved badly, I thought he had finally succeeded at what he’s been trying to do from day one. I thought he’d taken you from me.”

“Wow, really Bill, that’s your apology. Let me play that back for you for a minute here. You’re sorry that after all this time you still don’t trust me enough to believe I would stand by you when you leave for a few days. Which by the way I never really got an explanation for, not that you tell me much of anything these days when you leave to go god knows where and do god knows what for god knows how long. Then when you got back you ‘over reacted’ by physically dragging me out of Merlottes in front of everyone and then yelling at me. Then when Sam stepped in to help me you ‘behaved badly’ by seriously considering hurting him for helping me. Don’t even try to deny it I may not be able to read your mind Bill, but in that moment your expression was enough. Now get the hell off my property, your invitation is rescinded, and if you ever come here again I will find a way to end you, don’t think I won’t! We’re over!”

She slammed the door in his face! After everything he did for her, for them, she behaved this way.

Racing back to his home Bill tried to figure out what his next move would be, she was his he loved her more than anything in his existence, they would be together in the future he just needed to find a way to fix this small misstep first. This wasn’t over! It couldn’t be.

Pam listened to the little melodrama downstairs with no small amount of glee. Things were progressing nicely for her Master; it would seem his future would come to pass after all. Bill was doing exactly as expected and falling face first in the mud. Trying to save his relationship with Sookie was what was destroying it. She could not wait until her Master was himself again so they could laugh about this together.

Looking over at her Master she tried to come up with a plan. She was fairly certain Sookie had been about to agree to hide him before her now former boyfriend had showed up to make an ass of himself. Now, she just had to figure out how to find the witches responsible so she could get Eric back. She was fairly certain the spell was cast on him while he was in his home so she would start there and work her way out.

Maybe one of the witches on his payroll would be able to help her more? She would have to consider it if she found nothing at his place. Though she knew that the less people knew of his new condition the safer he would be. Right now he had the age and strength of an ancient vampire, but he was lacking the experience, and she didn’t want to have to find out the hard way just how far instinct could take him.

Eric barely kept himself upstairs while she was arguing with this Bill person. He did not sound like a good man, and he found he didn’t like the idea of him near Sookie. She was a good person, so full of light and laughter; he didn’t want such an obviously short tempered vampire so close to her while he wasn’t next to her and better able to protect her. Only the fact that he was certain she would be upset even more if he went downstairs kept him in place. She was already angry enough with the stranger he didn’t want to make it worse for her. She was his world.

Sookie sat down at the cafe with a sigh. She knew she should probably go ahead home so she could be certain she would be there when Eric woke from his daylight rest, but she just couldn’t face going home right then. It wasn’t that Eric was being difficult or even that having him with her wasn’t fun, though she supposed she shouldn’t be enjoying his memory loss quite so much as she was, it was just that it was too surreal. He was Eric but he just wasn’t the real Eric. He would talk to her without a single leer or any double edged words. She found herself forgetting what and who he was far too often for comfort.

He’d only been with her for a week now and yet she still couldn’t find it in herself to toss him out. It was only supposed to be for a few days, but it would seem that finding a witch in hiding was hard even for a vampire like Pam. Every time she brought up the idea to Pam that Eric might be safer and more comfortable staying with her she automatically shut her down. She just kept muttering about the future and how irritating it was.

When someone suddenly took the seat beside her she startled out of her thoughts quickly taking in her surroundings.

“Sorry, Sookie right?”

“Alcide? Sorry, I was busy wool gathering, I didn’t hear you there.” Which she was sure was partly because of his fuzzy thoughts. They were all so hazy they just sort of faded into the background like white noise.

“Yeah, I noticed that. You okay? This is the second time I’ve seen you and both times you’ve seemed kind of miserable. Though I got to admit this time you don’t seem nearly as miserable as you did last time.”

“This time Gin was not a factor so that might have something to do with it.”

“You may have a point there.”

She found herself smiling for the first time in a long time. Her life had just been so depressing lately she just couldn’t help but be relieved to finally find someone who not only remembered who they were but who didn’t want to see her suffer.

Debbie watched Alcide flirt with some stupid blonde and could barely contain her seething rage. Who the hell did this bitch think she was! Alcide was hers damn it! They were a forever kind of love and no one least of all some bimbo was going to take that from her.


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5 responses

  1. Well at least Sookie remembered to recind Scumbill’s invite. Ummm What is Jessica up to I wonder? Poor Eric. Hope Pam finds the witches soon. Ugh Debbie.

    November 20, 2014 at 7:31 pm

  2. Oh boy, isn’t going how Pam had hoped. However, Debbie is doing her crazy thing…there’s hope.

    July 8, 2015 at 2:27 am

  3. I really like the concept that they know the future and and each trying to influence it in some way. Hope you continue this soon!

    November 5, 2015 at 1:58 pm

  4. valady1

    The good news is that I’ve caught up with this story, and the bad news is that I would love to read more, but these isn’t any. I do hope you decide to continue this. The idea of dealing with the events of now with knowledge of the future is intriguing.

    November 20, 2015 at 11:21 am

    • The good news is that I do eventually intend to finish this story, I have the outline done and everything there are 10 chapters left to write. The bad news is that I sort of fell out of the True Blood fandom after season 4. Season 4 ended and I was psyched (I still held out hope for my OTP back then) then I saw a promo/spoiler/preview whatever for season 5 that just said “Eric sleeps with his sister” and that was the end of the journey for me. Yes I know that Nora was his vampire sister and not his sister sister, but really someone should have thought a little more about that one before it made its way out into the light of day. I am currently trying to get back into it now so that I can continue this story (I’ll probably just end up re-watching the first four seasons to get back into the True Blood groove) but I will be trying to write more for not just this story but this fandom in the very near future. Hope that little bit of light at the end of this very long tunnels helps at least a little bit. LOL!

      November 20, 2015 at 1:47 pm

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