Future With Me (Complete)

Summary : When a demon gives Eric, Pam, Bill and Jessica a glimpse into their futures they’re all stunned at where they ended up. Now that they know how the story ends some are trying to change it while others try desperately to reach their happy ending.

Chapter 1 – A Gift Given (3,110)

Chapter 2 – Life so Far (3,780)

Chapter 3 – Happy Halloween (4,710)

Chapter 4 – Roaring 20’s (4,223)

Chapter 5 – Drunken Deeds, Apologies Owed (3,424)

Chapter 6 – True Colors All Around (4,150)

Chapter 7 – Dry Spell (2,468)

Chapter 8 – Don’t Begrudge Me (3,663)

Chapter 9 – Changing the Past (1,331)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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