Chapter 2 – Pit Stop

They pulled into the parking lot of Good Eats, a bold claim if you thought about it, in that hazy time where it’s too late to really be night any more but too early to be morning yet. The time of night when the only places open are the ones that never seem to close. Walking inside they found a waitress, a cook, and a lone busser in the corner playing on her phone. Besides them there was one other customer, a trucker, who had definitely seen better days finishing off his biscuits and gravy in the corner booth.

“Hello, welcome to Good Eats will it be just the three of you?” Their waitress was trying to stay chipper, probably a job requirement or something, but the late hour was making her smile wilt a bit.

“Yes darling.” She watched Jason wink at her and the corresponding straightening of both her spine and her smile. Sometimes having someone you find attractive flirt with you was all it took to perk up your day, no matter what time it was.

She led them over towards the far wall, away from everyone and everything affording them some privacy in the public area, which she was grateful for even though she knew it was done so that the staff could talk about them without being overheard. Jason kept pouring on the sugar, his confessions from the car having weighed him down so much he needed the pick me up of making a girl laugh and smile. 

Some of his jokes were corny as hell, but that’s what they were meant to be. The old tired pick up lines were never meant to be used seriously anymore, they were laughter inducing ice breakers that everyone knew by heart for their absolute hilarity and he was playing it for all it was worth. Asking a more homely girl if she was from Tennessee or if it hurt when she fell from heaven could sometimes be everything to someone who never had that before. Not to mention some of the comebacks from people who knew the punchline were fun to hear, some people go really creative with these things.

Daina felt her smile begin to slip when she caught Sookie’s glare from the corner of her eye. She and Jason had just been having a little fun, sex charged word games were a big part of their lives and it was always a good time without there really having to be any intent behind it, but Sookie was glaring at them both like they had committed a mortal sin. She had had just about enough out of little miss righteous path over there and it was just about time that they deflated her head back down to a normal size. 

She waited for their blushing waitress to move away from the table, there was no need to bring a complete stranger into their soon to be argument. 

“Problem Sook?” She could already hear the diatribe going around and around in her mind and knew that all she needed was an opening for her to be off and telling them both how wrong they were. 

Poor Jason was looking between them both so confused, he had no idea what could have possibly happened between walking in here and now that would have changed the mood so much. Because while Sookie might be stewing in rage, she was feeling quite frosty herself, she would not be lectured at by anyone and her dear cousin was about to learn that lesson first hand.

“No problem, I just think the two of you could tone it down for once. You kept me from traveling home with my boyfriend and I don’t need to be constantly reminded by watching the two of you make eyes at everyone in your line of sight.” She sounded so mopey, almost like a sulking teen who hadn’t got their way and now was determined that the whole world should sit up and take notice. She knew Sookie had wanted to go with Bill to try and repair some of the damage done to their relationship by this trip to Dallas, but that was exactly why she had forced this alternative. She didn’t want Bill getting his claws back in her so deep before she had the chance to really process everything that happened between them.

That didn’t mean, however, that she was going to sit here and let herself be dumped on because someone else was having a bad day.

“Oh sweetie that was just a little back and forth, not a declaration of intent. Sure we could pursue it and possibly score, but that wasn’t what we were doing just then so no need to get your wimple wrinkled.” She would not be lectured at because Jason cracked wise and she smiled!

“I am not a nun!” Sookie sounded more scandalized that someone would treat the calling of being a nun like a bad thing than anything else and that was part of her problem. She had no problem with religion, she had her own personal beliefs that sometimes might not match up with the ones around her, but Gran had overdosed the poor girl on the stuff. In a normal Joe-blow it might be an annoying quirk to be tiptoed around, but in a telepath dealing with all manner of boogity her unyielding belief in the divine was worrisome.

Yes, have your beliefs and keep them close to you whatever they may be but if she didn’t learn to bend her thinking a bit she was going to miss a lot of things and offend even more people. She was running full speed into a world full of vampires older than Jesus, demons who ran law firms or acted as bodyguards, werewolves who gave up on the idea of the almighty after the first time every bone in their bodies broke and reformed and on and on the list went. If she offended the wrong person with her vocal stubbornness to hold to the beliefs she was raised with she could end up in way over her head with no one around to pull her out.

“No you’re just a prude and I will not be scolded simply because you’re naive.” Maybe this test wall she was about to plow into would be enough to knock a bit of sense into her.

“I am not naive.” By this point Sookie was leaning over the table huffing and puffing her mighty mouse fury while Jason was leaning as far back as he could get with his arms crossed over his chest in a bid for self protection. Good luck dude, this was about to get messy.

“Oh really? Let me count the ways, since you don’t seem to want to remember for yourself. Bill in all his fake southern glory, could the man have been any more obvious from the start. Rene in all his fake everything, you are a telepath Sookie how did he slip by you for so long? Taking Jessica to see her family right after she got turned into a vampire with no idea what situation you were walking her back into or what stress could do to a baby vamp. Your blatant disregard for your gifts which directly led to the absolute shit show of how you interacted with that poor bellboy in Dallas. Your closed minded defense of Gran like the woman was a saint rather than a human being. Need I go on?” The sad part was that she could go on, Sookie had managed to fuck up in every direction without even trying and it all had one root cause, she just refused to see it. Until today.

“That wasn’t-” Sookie tried to defend herself, but she wasn’t in the mood to hear nothing but a stream of denials coming from that girl’s mouth. All she had to say for herself was that that wasn’t what happened,without offering up any explanation of what actually did happen in her mind. If she wasn’t ready to truly defend her actions yet, then she wasn’t ready to really jump in yet either.

“Yeah it was and the sooner you start truly taking responsibility for your mistakes the better off you’re going to be honey. I was going to wait to have your personal come to Jesus until we were back in the car where it could be a bit more private but obviously you feel like you just can’t wait so we’ll have it now. Where do you want to start?” She had a feeling she already knew, but she had to ask.

“I don’t.”

“Fine, since you don’t want to participate then you can just sit there and listen, you can do that can’t you? Jason is there anything about Sookie’s recent life choices you want to discuss with me since her highness over here seems to think she can do no wrong and doesn’t need our help?”

“I’m not sure that’s really a good idea.” She noticed he didn’t say he didn’t have a bone or two to pick just that it might not be a good idea to start digging them out in public. Sookie’s smug face however seemed to see his deflection as a defense of some kind. Thankfully she didn’t have to point it out, one look at her smile had Jason sitting up and leaning in for the dog fight. Her attitude just wrote a check her ass was about to feel for a while to come… or something like that. “But since you asked, sure.”

“The floor is yours dear cousin.” She knew she would have to jump in with a point or two herself before this whole chapter could be closed for the night but Jason deserved his shot at her too.

“Well, I guess the first thing on my list would be just how judgmental she can be about my sex life. If she don’t want to crawl up in bed with nobody that’s her business, and I respect it not saying word one beyond the occasional offhand remark about how it might help her relax but she don’t show me that same bit of respect. Every time I see her she’s all up in arms about this girl or that girl they’re either not good enough for me or there’s too many of them or I need to keep it all a bit more under the radar cause people keep talking about me around town. Well damn it girl, I don’t care what people have to say about it or about me, people gonna gossip no matter what lord knows that Gran taught us that much with her never ending coffee times with Mrs. Fortenberry and the things they would go on about every damn day. If it don’t bother me I don’t see why it should bother you. Yeah sure I got problems with sex, I know I do some even say I might be a bit of an addict in that way, but I don’t need my own sister coming at me over it. That don’t help either of us.” As he went on he got more and more heated until he was gritting the words out between clenched teeth at his stunned sister.

“Well I only ever tried to help you Jason and for you to sit here and say I haven’t well it hurts me deeply.” Normally the sight of tears in her cousins eyes would have her backing off for a minute to give the other girl time to collect herself and get ready for the next round but that was part of her problem really. Too many people backing off when they should be pushing forward.

“He didn’t say you ain’t tried to help him, Sook, he just said that the help you were offering wasn’t the help he needed. Instead of being so damn worried about what the rest of the world thinks about him or what the neighbors have to say about his behavior all he needs to know is what you think about it all. Do you really think that him getting together with consenting adults who all know the score is somehow wrong? He doesn’t lie to any of them and isn’t that the important part?” They all heard the subtext she knew. Jason was better than Bill and there would be no throwing of stones in this family, their glass houses couldn’t take the strain. 

“Bill has never lied to me!” Good she was finally getting in the game a little. Confronting it all head on, that was at least a good start.

“I suppose that would depend on what you consider a lie. Is a lie only what people say or do you think that a lie of omission is still a lie? If you simply choose not to say something, are you still lying?”

“Of course it is!”

“I think so too and that’s what makes Bill a liar. He chose to not tell you about the side effects of the blood exchange when he rescued you from those drainers. He didn’t tell you about the dreams or the connection he just let you walk into it blind, and sure he might have chosen to not tell you beforehand because he didn’t want you to refuse and die but what was his excuse after the fact? Once the blood was in you, it was in you there was no reason to keep it from you then so you would be prepared when the dreams came. Then when he took you to Fangtasia to investigate why didn’t he explain a bit more about vampire culture before you went or at least filled you in on what it means to be claimed or to declare yourself as belonging to a vampire on the off chance that he might have to make the statement to protect you in the crowd? Is informed consent just too much of a hassle for him? Not to mention that fact that you two have been dating for a few months now and banging on the regular but you have found out more about Bill from Eric than Bill himself. He tells you nothing about his human life or his vampire one even though both have at least a little to do with you. If you had known more about his vampire life after meeting his old nest-mates the hereby dubbed Disco Triplets you might have been a bit more prepared when it came to meeting other vampires from his past like his oh so insane Maker who at least wouldn’t have been such a surprise. Not to mention Bill is related to people of our town and I don’t even think he knows which ones, that might be a little something from his human days that could be of interest don’t you think. There’s a reason small towns are always so interested in genealogy and it has nothing to do with a wistful view of the past and everything to do with safeguarding the future. So why is he so damn secretive?”

Sookie was starting to work up a real head of steam and anyone who looked at her could see it. She didn’t like being called out about things she had not answers for it made her feel stupid which in turn fed into her anger. Jerking up out of her chair she rushed off towards the bathroom in a huff.

Daina thought about continuing and getting it all out in the open now, but Sookie was no longer the right head space to listen to her or anyone else and if she was being honest she was no longer in the right frame of mind to lecture rather than attack. If they kept going now they would all end up saying things they would regret and would never be able to take back no matter how much they might want to. 

Looking towards Jason she found him making eyes at their waitress in the now empty diner and thought he might just have the right idea. They could all use a little break from all the heavy talk and a little harmless fun might just be what they all needed.

Or at least what she and Jason needed.

Sookie ran towards the bathroom, she needed to get away from this. From them. Closing the door tightly behind her she leaned against it and took a few deep breaths trying to calm her racing heart. 

Was Daina right? Was she somehow stunted? She didn’t think so, but then again she hadn’t really thought about any of the stuff Daina had brought up at all before so maybe she was and just hadn’t noticed. She had never thought herself naive before, her telepathy had always given her a look at thoughts and things well before she was ready to see them, but she always thought that just gave her a level of maturity over her peers. What if it had really done the opposite and left her vulnerable to people’s lies and unable to really read them without the help of her telepathy?

Now that her mind was calmer she tried to think about everything that Daina had accused her of, everything that Jason hadn’t disagreed with and searched her mind for some kind of rebuttal she could use once they were in the car. This conversation was far from over and next time she was going to be a more active participant. This time she had sat there and been lectured to, she let her mind fill with doubts and questions just because the answers didn’t roll off her tongue. Now that she had a moment away from the constant badgering maybe she could think a bit more clearly and come up with those answers Daina said she didn’t have.

Only her mind wasn’t clear, if anything it had begun to fog with everything she could hear and feel coming from beyond the door. While she couldn’t get anything from Daina without her actively projecting and her mind automatically shied away from Jason after years of conditioning there was no such refuge away from their partners. Her shields were in tatters after a long day of trying to hold everything together and now she was wide open to everything she didn’t want to see or feel.

She could feel the desire coursing through the veins of Jason’s “date” her litany of thoughts about how lucky she was and how she never wanted the night to end. She could see the images in the mind of the man watching Daina getting clearer and clearer as he tried to burn the memory in deep so he wouldn’t lose a single moment of it to time. She could feel the need building in the woman between her cousins legs as she mentally begged to be given more. Her mind was a never ending loop of others thoughts and litanies. 

More. Please. So good. Can’t believe this is real. More. Please.

Their lust and pleasure was rising higher and higher by the minute and she couldn’t come up for air. She was drowning in it. Feeling the jolt of fingers against her wet center her eyes flew open, she hadn’t even realized that she had closed them, and found herself alone. Her only company was her reflection in the mirror showing her hand inside her shorts. She didn’t remember moving to touch herself but she couldn’t stop, she needed this so bad.

More. Please. I can’t believe this is real. More. Please.

Her breasts were tingling, begging to be fondled and used her hands seeking more and more of her own flesh as her breathing sped up faster and faster. The harsh sounds of her own moans echoing across the tile, sounding louder and louder in her ears. Oh God.

More. Please. I can’t believe this is real. More. Please.

She and Bill had a very healthy and active sex life but she had never felt anything like this before with him. It was just so raw and animalistic.

Thinking of Bill she knew he would disapprove of this entire show as well, he was a gentleman and he would not abide by such public acts of lewd behavior. She could not believe her brother and her cousin were engaging in such acts so publicly. They were pretty much out in the open, where anyone who walked in for a late night coffee could see them in all their glory. 

“More. Please.”

She was so caught up in it all she didn’t hear the words that echoed off the walls of the tiled room she’d barricaded herself in anymore, more real than any of the others. It was all just too much.


Bill could feel his Sookie’s pleasure winding through his veins, it burned so bright he could barely stand it. Pulling out his phone he called to her, he needed to stop this and when they were finally reunited he would put a stop to her association with that degenerate cousin of hers. He knew this had to be her doing. Ever since she came into their lives his beautiful southern belle had become so distant and unnecessarily willful, if he didn’t put an end to her rebellion soon the Queen might deem him unable to handle the situation and send someone else to procure her telepath for her.

The phone rang once. Twice. Three times. By the fourth ring he could hear it begin to creak beneath his fingers and had to remind himself to not hold the flimsy material so tightly. If he broke his phone he knew none of the others would allow him the use of theirs to make his call. Not even Jessica and he was loath to resort to an order over so trivial a matter and lose face in front of Eric. 

The sound of the phone connecting pulled his mind back on track, but the sounds from it sent him spiraling farther into rage. There was moaning, deep and guttural, coming from the other end and there was nothing he could do about it. From the way he perked up and started to smirk he knew Eric could hear it as well and understood its implications. Sookie could very well be severing her connection to him, if she did that in hearing distance of Eric there would be nothing he could legally do to keep them apart. 

He should have waited to make his call until after they had landed and he could find somewhere more private but by then it would have been too late. He knew his darling wasn’t like the rest of her sinful family, but that didn’t mean she could not give into temptation. He needed to keep himself clear in her mind if he wanted to keep her in his life.

“Sookie.” He waited, the heavy sound of breathing in his ear, for his darling girl to begin apologizing. For the feeling of euphoria through their bond to dampen and disappear. For her to explain herself. 

“Sorry Bill, cousin Sookie is a tinsy bit busy right now and doesn’t have her phone with her. Can I take a message?” Daina! That girl was a menace, if she had Sookie’s phone then there was no way for him to contact her without going through the other girl and he knew there was no way she would ever assist him. She had made her feelings regarding him quite clear from the beginning.

All he could do now was keep the hussy on the line and hope that Sookie was near enough to her to hear their conversation and be brought to her senses that way. Glancing up he caught sight of all the eyes on him and wished again that he had more privacy for this call. 

Daina knew that Bill would be able to feel what Sookie was up to through their “bond” and had pocketed her phone as a precaution. Though she hadn’t foreseen this particular emotion being the one to trickle back to good old Billy-boy she knew something would get his attention eventually. If the un-brainwashing was going to work then she needed to keep her away from Billy boy in all forms for as long as possible. Though she would admit she had thought that the emotion that would tug at him would be anger, she would take what she could get.

Hearing his voice was a real buzz kill, though the beautiful waitress between her legs was a real trooper about her lagging enthusiasm. The good looking cook stroking himself to the show didn’t hurt either, between the two of them she should be able to reach her own pleasure easily even with a whiny voice in her ear. She by no means had to carry the conversation though, all she had to do was make sure her cousin’s honey understood that he was in no way involved in what was happening here and that any retaliation on his part would be met with equal force from her side of things. Like she said before she now had her own vamp to throw in the fight and she would, at her earliest opportunity. She was pretty sure she and Godric were solid like that.

Putting the phone on speaker she set it beside her and motioned for her lovely partner to continue. The redhead was talented with her tongue and had been fantasizing about doing just this act to her ever since they walked in off the street. Really she was just giving the girl a chance to fulfill a fantasy, she loved doing that for people. 

“Bill I’ll make this quick since I have much more interesting things to do than talk to you and the sound of your voice is making a valiant effort to dry up my vagina. Whatever the hell you might be feeling from Sookie right now has nothing to do with you. The two of you are not exclusive and any pleasure she might or might not find on this little journey home we’re on will in no way have any kind of blow back from you. If you try to go all he-man macho dipshit on her when you see her again I will put all of my considerable efforts into making your life a living hell. I will take everything from you Bill and I will enjoy doing it. Since I can’t make myself any clearer than that I think we’re done here. Toodles.”

Before he could sputter out a genuine response she hung up the phone, she really did have better things to do. 

“You’ve been such a good girl, how about I return the favor and if someone wanted to jump on the back end I wouldn’t say no.” Smirking at the two dazed employees she finally let herself go and just let the pleasure of the moment wash over her. This was how life should always be.


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