LRH Ch 1

Daina wasn’t sure what she was expecting to do or say when she finally reached the roof of the Hotel Carmilla, she just knew that if she didn’t intervene things would go sideways fast. Besides if she stayed with Godric that freed Sookie up to stay with Eric and well that could only ever be a good thing, especially when the alternative was her going back to Bill. Hopefully no matter which way this went the two could find some comfort in each other’s arms.

Seeing the resignation on the man’s face nearly hurt, while she hadn’t known him long she had to say that what she did know stacked up well when compared to all the others ghosting around this hell hole since she got here. 

Isabel had seemed smart enough if not a bit distant only to be revealed down the line to be a total sap and while maybe not a bad judge of character at least an extremely bad girlfriend. What kind of a bitch do you have to be to turn a guy from a well respected highly paid attorney into your dish washing boot licking fuck toy and think that somehow it will all just work out fine?

The less said about Stan the better. The guy was a total throwback, there was such a thing as being too set in your ways and that guy had to have been the epitome of that. If you asked her, which of course nobody did, him getting blown to bits was probably one of the better things to come out of the Fellowships little tantrum. 

Maybe that was the problem, when you were surrounded by nothing but amoral assholes that slippery slope of self fuck up-ery got that much slicker. Maybe all mister broody with the yummy tats needed was a reason to turn back from the edge, and she knew just the reason to give him to. 

If he was so tired of living in the dark she’d give him a taste of the light.

“I suppose it wouldn’t do me any good to ask you to think this through. I’m guessing you’ve already done that and this is where your thinking lead you.” Though she was dead certain her own train of thought would never kick her out here, she could see how he got to this point and even if he did go through with it she would never judge him. Mostly because he had ordered Eric back to safety. Even in what was looking like his darkest hour he was still looking out for the people he if not loved, though she thought that particular emotion was lingering in there somewhere even if nothing with a set of fangs would ever admit it, held a responsibility towards.

“I have and it is.” It was the calm certainty in his voice that nearly broke her resolve to try, nearly. The only image pushing her forward now was the bloody tear tracked look of devastation Eric was sporting while he was all but dragged back inside.

“Hmm, could I interest you in a goodbye kiss before you go then?” Hell even if she failed she’d still have this delicious memory to cherish for her very own, and the slight sting of her own teeth through the muscle of her tongue couldn’t even detract from it. 

The look of wonder in his eyes when he saw the light of day for the first time in what most would consider an eternity was well worth the throbbing sensation that she knew wouldn’t be leaving her tongue for a while yet. 

It wouldn’t have worked so easily but he already had a good deal of her blood in his system from when she “saved” him during the bombing. Okay, so in reality it was less saving him and more just making him a bit more comfortable, but still she was counting it in her plus column for compassion for the year. 

“You wanted light and warmth right? You wanted the sun? I figured you couldn’t really enjoy it if you were a human torch straight off, so I may have given you a little protection. It won’t last very long thirty minutes tops really, but I thought you might enjoy it.” He was looking around them both in awe, the view as the rolling landscape of the city lit up as the sun reflected off of every window and shed light across every shadow was something else, especially if you had never seen it before. She seriously doubted there had been much if any glass for the sun to glint off of in his day.

It wasn’t long before he turned back to her and the excitement and wonder in his eyes began to shift towards a more familiar, and more carnal direction. This she could work with, this she could give him. Her mind was practically purring with anticipation of all the experience held in this one tasty package, and it was all hers for the taking. 

“Is the sun all I get to enjoy?” His question was neither tentative like a human would be in this situation nor aggressive like a vampire, he simply asked and waited for her response, his calm never disturbed by his desire. Now there was some zen to envy.

“What else did you have in mind?” Come on say it, she couldn’t offer herself, he had to take her.

“Well, it has been many years since I’ve taken a woman in the full light of day. Would you indulge me for a short time longer?” Well when you put it like that how’s a girl supposed to say no?

“I thought you’d never ask.” Reaching up, he wasn’t towering over her by any means but he still had a bit of height on her, she opened her mouth to him giving him permission to dominate their time together. Normally she tried to keep at least enough control to be heard, but right here and right now was the best time to give in completely to another person and give in she would.

Their first round of together on the hard graveled roof of the hotel in the hazy morning light was more animalistic than most of her spur of the moment encounters and she was sure to have her fair share of scrapes and bruises after but boy did he know his way around the curves. 

Thankfully he was still enough of a gentleman to allow her to be on top. Gravel against tender human skin was not a fun time for anyone who actually needed to move around in the following twelve hours or more. 

She was fully prepared for him to practically shift her off of him and allow the sun to take him regardless, but this way at least not only had she tried her damndest to show him the meaning of life but she also hadn’t missed out on a truly unique experience all her own either. Win, win she supposed.

When instead of doing that he chose to invite her back inside for a few more rounds she didn’t see the harm in indulging a little. They were all going back soon, why not live the morning to the fullest? And boy was it full.

He had drawn orgasm after orgasm from her willing body until she was rung dry, only to pull a miracle at the last second and make her cum again. By the time he pulled his fangs from her flesh after their last round and practically fell off of her so they could both rest she was more than satisfied with her life choices that day.

But now the harsh light of reality was intruding and no amount of laying still and trying not to move would make it roll on by so she would have to roll first instead.

Daina rolled to the edge of the bed and started getting dressed for the long ass drive back to Louisianna, it was going to be a full car and comfort was key when dealing with family. Feeling Godric stir behind her she turned to look at him over her shoulder, best to do the disclaimers now he seemed like the kind of guy who might just follow her home like a puppy. Only with bigger fangs. Assuming that their multiple romps were enough to reignite that spark of life or at least get it in the vicinity of sparkage. 

“So, normally I am a one and done kind of girl, people get clingy the more they see you naked, but you and I seemed to get on well enough so before you randomly show up in Louisianna to “visit” Eric we need to get a few things straight. Number one, I do not do monogomy I don’t participate in it and I equally do not expect it fuck and let fuck dude I don’t do the jealousy thing. Number two, speaking of the jealousy thing if you begin to display fits of jealous rage or unreasonable like behaviors we will have one conversation about it and only one, if I don’t like that conversation that’s it all over no second chances given. Jealousy kills people. Number three, I am under the age of consent for nearly every state in the US, both here and where I suspect we are both going to end up. While I won’t ever get you in trouble with the law for our fucking habits neither will I get you out of it, your choices lead to your consequences. Finally number four, this is an important one, I do not love you and never will. I can and do like you and may eventually come to care for you but I will always put myself first and will never say those words in a way that is anything but mocking, if you can’t handle that please bail out now.”

Now normally this was when the other body started to hem and haw about how they were different or how they felt something the night before and knew you did to. Worse still were the ones who said they were fine with it while broadcasting loudly and enthusiastically that they would be the ones to change your mind. This mind does not change, at least not without a damn good reason. Godric it seemed belonged to neither of those camps, he simply looked at her as though he were assessing her sincerity in the matter rather than her looking to see his reaction. 

“I accept your terms and I would like to point out that I was going to inform you of my plans to stay with my Childe, not just appear and claim coincidence. Such actions are beneath both of us.” Huh. Vampires really were different. “Besides to do so is truly my only option at the current moment, I have quite effectively burned my bridges in Dallas.” Oh right the whole meeting with Nan thing, she’d nearly forgotten about that. 

“You going up in flames with those bridges any time soon?” If he wasn’t going to be around long, either by his own choice or some decree from on high, it was best not to get attached. Not that she ever got overly attached to anyone, but still a girl needs to know these things.

“I will likely be chastised for my lack of forethought or cunning whilst dealing with the Fellowship and its many members, but nothing beyond that. My age affords me some privileges after all.” She didn’t know about privileges but it sure afforded him some serious skills. Even now her body was humming with a need to reenact some of their more memorable gymnastics from the previous hours. 

No! Other things take precedence, today was the day to go home or well tonight was the night anyhow. She had lingered long enough for the sun to begin to set, it would be fully beneath the horizon in a little over an hour which meant one thing. The gatekeeper. 


Nothing was going to stop her, besides now she had her own vampire to throw into the verbal fray if need be and a spare in the wings just in case. Oh the irony.

Sookie was trying not to let her exasperation show, she was sure she was failing miserably but she was trying. Why did Eric always have to be such a… butt. All she wanted to do was get to the plane so she could sit with Bill and try to forget this entire trip, this whole adventure was just too much for her. 

“Eric, stop detaining us if there is something you wish to speak with me about we can do so on the plane.” Bill bless him was trying to get past the viking mountain in their way, unfortunately he wasn’t having much luck. 

“Why would I wish to speak with you Bill? Has something happened worth discussing?” Argghhh he was so infuriating, she was just about to let loose and give him a piece of her mind about his suggestive looks, if he thought he could hold that blood thing against her forever he had another think coming. Before she could speak her bag was picked up and moved grabbing her attention from Eric and settling it on her now solemn faced brother.

“Daina says we’re taking a family road trip back to Bon Temp, no plane ride for you Sook.” Damn it.

“Jason I just want to go home and going by car will take forever, just tell Daina we’ll have whatever talk she wants to have when we’re all back in Bon Temp.” Or better yet when they’re in Bon Temp and Daina is back in her own home miles and miles away. She was brought out of her thoughts by her brothers snort of derision. 

“Well if you want to have that conversation with her be my guest I’ll be right over there by the door waiting to get into whatever car she somehow managed to wrangle for us.” His eyes said it all even without her own abilities to broadcast the truth to her. This was not the hill he was prepared to die on, not after everything else. 

He knew he deserved whatever butt chewing he was about to get from their cousin and also thought she should sit through her own with an open mind. Apparently Jason thought they were both out of line lately and that this little ride would help them all see sense or at least see each other again. Damn it.

Eric was intrigued by the by play between the Stackhouse siblings. The elder of the two seemed to think that once Daina made a decision following along behind her was the inevitable conclusion and while the lovely Sookie looked mutinous he could read from her set muscles and tense posture that she believed it as well. Interesting.

Glancing towards Bill to see what he thought of his authority apparently being usurped by a teenage girl he wasn’t disappointed by the scowl on his face, the man looked like someone had just shoved a lemon up his ass. 

While he had known that Daina would be a good ally to have in his corner during his pursuit of Sookie due to her uncanny ability to talk others around to her way of doing things, especially her head-strong cousin, so far everything she had caused to happen had been a minor change in circumstance truly. Now it was becoming clearer just what place the delectable Daina held in this family and it was far higher than he had assumed. This could be interesting indeed, assuming she managed to get her way this time as well.

By the time Daina made it down to the lobby Sookie was already there with Bill and Eric, the two vamps looked like they wanted to eat each others faces and not in a fun way. Jason was waiting around by the doors glaring but otherwise staying hands off in the fight he’d never win. Good all the players were on the board, now it was time to change things up a little. 

“Sorry I took so long, you ready Sook. I can see Jason is more than eager to get this trip started.”

“We are ready to depart.” Bill took a step closer to Sookie like his mere proximity would somehow make him part of their group. Wrong. She valiantly fought off the laughter but she knew the shit eating grin was still in full force. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

“Sorry Billy-boy, this is going to be a family road trip. You’ll be hitching a ride with the other vamps. Which reminds me Godric is tagging along, ain’t that great. I know I personally am thrilled.” She wiggled her eyebrows at Sookie suggestively, just for fun. The look on her face as the implications set in was well worth the whining she knew she was about to put up with. 

“Daina I can’t just leave Bill behind. We came here together and we should leave the same way.” It’s only polite.

“Hells bells Sookie you’re leaving a state not a party, you don’t have to exit the same way you entered. Besides you weren’t exactly together on that trip he was in a box the whole time so if you want to get technical about it you came here with me, the person who sat beside your neurotic ass through the entire flight over. So don’t you think it’s polite to leave the same way, sitting next to me.”

“I suppose but why can’t we just go on the same flight as Bill.” Because that would ruin my entire plan, my plans do not get ruined.

“Sookie we need to de-program Jason, talk about some of our current life trajectories more specifically the ones that are bound to crash and burn without an extreme course correction, then there’s the whole Gran mess we need to give some serious attention to you and Jason got a good start on it last night but we are far from done with that particular little bundle of thorns, plus we so need to talk about all the vampire S-E-X I totally just had. We can compare notes, see how well Bill-y boy here stacks up.” She leaned towards Godric and shielded her mouth with her hand before stage whispering. “Don’t worry we got this.” Turning back to her cousins she grinned playfully but made sure they knew she meant business before continuing. “Lets ride.”

Sookie looked longingly towards Bill but knew better than to argue with her once her mind was made up, especially after the whole Fellowship disaster. She was taking charge of this family at least for the next five hours or so. Turning away from the smirking hunk of vampire she ushered them both out of the lobby and into the waiting Ford Focus. 

It starts.

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