Chapter 4 – How We Met (Godric at Fangtasia 1)

How we met

A/N – Another look at how the first trip to fangtasia could have gone, but this time if Godric was there. Not a lot of Sookie, Eric, or Bill in this one sorry.

Daina rolled her eyes trying to hold back from giving her dear clueless cousin another none to subtle nudge towards tall, blond, and heartbreaking. This infamous vampire was head and shoulders above the Gone with the Wind reject she’d already roped for herself, in more ways than one, but did Sookie see that? No. Of course not!

Shrugging she turned her attention to the crowd around her, just because she was escorting a wet blanket, that didn’t mean her night had to be a complete bust. Not that Fangtasia aka vampire Disney had the best selection, but there were bound to be a few diamonds in the rough, or at least one that was reasonably diamond shaped. Maybe.

Scanning the crowd of sad, pathetic, and lonely she nearly gave up when she caught sight of some rather interesting tattoos. Can anyone say conversation starter.

Godric moved deeper into the crush attempting to give his progeny at least the semblance of privacy. Eric had been dancing attendance upon him nonstop since he first arrived the week before, knowing instinctively even with their bond nearly closed off entirely that his maker was spiraling into the depths of indifference. However, the moment the delicious blond entered the building his focus narrowed completely, leaving everyone else to see to themselves for the time being.

He was happy for him, truly he was, people with such an inner beauty and radiance were harder and harder to find these days. To attract the attentions of one such person, even if it was not mutual attraction just yet, was quite a feat and one that should be lauded and celebrated. Unfortunately, this turn of events put him at a bit of a loose ends. He could always spend the remainder of the night at one of the booths being stared at by the pathetic clientele that came here looking for a safe view into the darker side of life.

He was headed towards the booth that his childe kept vacant for times when he needed a place to converse with others that was a little more circumspect than the stage. He took no more than two steps towards that end, trying to keep a human pace so as not to scare the creatures surrounding him, when his arm was caught by a young woman who pulled him towards the dance floor without a word spoken. If it had been any other person he would have shaken them off, forcefully, but this was the young woman who entered with the delightful creature Eric was occupied with. To say he was intrigued would be an understatement.

The girl said nothing at first, choosing to dance with him in silence, writhing against his body in open flirtation if not quite invitation, yet. Her finger ghosted across his markings, tracing them in light stokes as no one had done in ages. Most creatures born to this era saw them as nothing more than decoration, tattoos chosen at random for mere body adornment, they did not know how to read the story his skin told. This wisp of a thing, while likely as in the dark to their meaning as all others her age, still touched them with reverence and gravity. While she could not read them, more than most she could see them.

“Nice ink, anyone ever offer to lick ‘em?” Her voice was as soft as her touch, tinged with laughter and light, but her eyes gave her game away. They twinkled and gleamed with mischief and an invitation to join in her levity.

“Not for many years now. Why? Are you offering?” As they spoke she moved her body closer to his own, their movements a hairs breath from one another, in perfect harmony. His hips moved a bit more forcefully as his mind filled with images of her doing just that, her tongue gliding silkily across his flesh, tasting him as he would eventually taste her. He felt his fangs throb with anticipation of the act, aching to bury themselves in her supple flesh. It was an ache he had not felt in years, brought on by an offer he had not heard in even longer.

“Could be. Of course I got a feeling that once I start licking you I might not be able to stop myself.” Her hand drifted down from his collar where she had continued to trace designs against his skin, trailing across his abdomen, before cupping him with a gentle but unmistakable intent.

“It would be cruel of me to ask you to. Shall we.” Taking her hand he lead her towards the only privacy to be found without leading a stranger into a private area of the club. It would work for what they both desired. For now.

Pam stood behind her maker listening to the banal chit chat with half an ear, while it was amusing to listen to Compton try to make himself appear more respected than he truly was she still had to keep an eye on things while Eric was otherwise occupied. She kept her focus drifting around the room keeping everyone and everything in sight while never truly lingering on any one person or area. The last thing she needed was some over inflated blood bag deciding that she obviously wanted them because her eyes rested on them for more than a fraction of a second. While such interruptions could be entertaining during the slower nights, tonight she was too busy to play her usual games.

She was just about to re-enter the conversation happening before her, that was turning more and more into an amateur sleuth interrogation when her eyes landed on a sight that grabbed all of her focus and held on. Godric was entering the womens restroom with a young blonde woman.

Normally the sight of a vampire doing such a thing would be beneath her notice, but Godric was Eric’s maker and it was well known to them both after a week of interacting with the elder vampire that he was losing his will to continue his existence. He rarely engaged in conversations anymore even with Eric preferring to simply sit back and listen to what others had to say to him, he never chose a blood bag to use for the night saying it was far too much effort to put into such a short encounter, and he barely ate enough to sustain himself. She knew her maker was worried, he had rarely left Godrics side since he showed up unannounced a week ago, so she unobtrusively excused herself and followed after the pair.

If the human was a danger to Godric she would step in, but if she was nothing more than a feed and fuck as she suspected then she would report back to her maker that finally something had sparked the other vampires interests, then they would make arrangements to obtain the girl for him if necessary.

Pam made sure not to make any sound as she slipped in behind the pair, she knew Godric would know she was there, but there was no need to startle the bloodbag and end the encounter before it even began. She had only been momentarily delayed in following them, but the girl was already pressed against the sink counter, and his shirt was completely unbuttoned and barely clinging to his body from his elbows, while her hot little tongue laved attention on his markings along his chest, her hands rubbed at the ones now revealed on his biceps.

After watching them for only a few seconds she was already wet and ready to jump in and join the fun. Not that she would, her maker had made it implicitly clear to her the day that Godric arrived that no one invited themselves along for his pleasure. While she was lost in thought, her back braced against the door to keep any others from wandering in while they were occupied, the girl had managed to twist them so that he was the one leaning against the counter as she began to sink to her knees, her tongue never leaving his flesh as she lowered herself.

Pam was hard pressed to hold back her own mewl of pleasure at the sight of that beautiful bitch down on her knees taking inch after inch of cock without difficulty. She was a true slut, and just what Godric would need to bring himself back to life. There was nothing like a warm, willing body to remind you of why life was not only worth living but fun too.

Before his orgasm could hit he lifted her onto the counter her ass barely teetering on the edge of it, her legs spread wide allowing him to press himself flush against her as he began to rub himself against her still covered sex with purpose making her moan the most obscene sounds Pam had ever heard from a humans mouth at the friction of his movements. Even though her breath was hitching at the contact, and her hands began to clutch at his arms directly over the markings she’d show so much attention to already, her tongue never stopped tracing along his chest like she was compelled to taste him. As her orgasm hit she threw her upper body back, her dripping sex rubbing against his body with pleasured abandon, and his fangs buried themselves into her exposed throat. Her moan of ecstasy morphed into a whimper of need, in that moment it was clear that he was her whole world, and she was his. They were lost in each other.

Her own pleasure washing over her, Pam stepped out of the bathroom on unsteady legs. If she could feel that level of ecstasy merely watching the two of them, she was rather envious of what the act itself must have incited in them. Making her way back to her own maker she leaned down to whisper to him of what she had just witnessed, they had a girl to trap after all.

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