Chapter 8 – Time to Bail (Pam Posts Bail)

Pam Ravenscroft was not a people person, she could fake it when she had to but it was clear to most from her deadpan delivery that she was not the person who just wanted to be your friend. So when the call came from the Shreveport County Jail that she needed to come down and bail her friend out she was more than a little intrigued. It was clear from the tone of the secretary on the other end of the phone that not only was she not a fan of the fang but she was also doubtful that the prisoner even knew her. She refused to divulge a name or list a crime, she was told that if she wanted that information it would be provided at the clerks desk. 

She thought about just ignoring the entire mess. She had no friends and there was no one she cared about who would ever end up in a Louisiana jail cell. Then again it was either run down to see what the big deal was or stick around Fangtasia and be fawned over by weak pathetic creatures that weren’t even fit to lick her boots.

Sweeping into the glaringly lit lobby she let her scowl do the talking as every meatbag in line moved out of her way in a hurry. When she finally made it to the counter the petrified thing sitting there couldn’t even speak. She almost turned back then sure that whatever this mystery was it wasn’t worth the aggravation, it couldn’t be.

“I am Pamela Ravenscroft I was contacted and told you are holding one of my pets here.” They hadn’t really said that it was one of her pets but she couldn’t think of any other human who would have her number and the audacity to use it.

“Yes ma’am. We are holding a Daina Stackhouse for simple assault. Bail is set at fifteen hundred dollars or equal bond.”

Oh my, now things are getting good, finally. She had actually come to like this particular human ever since she started making time with her Makers’ Maker or as Daina herself liked to phrase it her fanged forefather. 

“Simple assault huh?” That showed what they knew, there was never anything simple about that girl. She might like her even more now than she had before. The only question left was why she called her instead of Godric. As the vampire she was currently “making time with” Godric should have been her first and only call for aid.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Very well I shall pay your ransom but I want my human produced now. There’s no telling what you’ve done to it.” Reaching into her purse she pulled out her “spending money”, this was going to put a major dent into her future shoe collection. Oh, someone would be paying her back tonight and she didn’t really care who.

When she was finally able to clap eyes on the girl she looked disheveled and aggravated beyond belief. Walking out she left the little thing to follow behind her at her own pace, she had learned over the years that even when humans thought they were moving quickly they were still beyond slow. When they both made it to the car, Eric’s corvette that she borrowed for her little escapade she finally released the laughter she was holding in. It wouldn’t do for strangers to see her giving in to her mirth so easily, it would send the wrong message.

“Assault? Who did you strike and why? Please tell me they bled!”

“This was not my fault, it was all her but no one would listen to me. So you know when you think of something you want to talk to someone about in the middle of the night but it’s too late to call them so you tell yourself you’ll tell them when you see them the next day. Then you see them and your brain goes hey didn’t you want to talk to that person and you go why yes I did. So you tap them on the shoulder or clear your throat in a totally non-irritating way intending to have this whole conversation with them and after you get their attention you ask your brain hey brain, what did we want to talk to them about? And your brain being the absolute legend it is answers back Uh, I thought you knew. So there you stand with the attention of someone you know you want to talk to, but with no idea what you wanted to talk to them about. “

“No, I cannot say that has ever happened to me before.” It sounded horrifying. She was once again thankful to no longer be human and besieged by human failings such as that one.

“Right, steel trap I forgot. Well it happens to other people, trust me, it happens a lot and tonight it happened to me.” By this point her voice had taken on the sultry tones of a good sulk. It sent shivers across her senses but she would not be distracted.

“I still do not see where violence came into play in your little narrative.” Though she was certain it would, if the little darling hadn’t actually struck anyone she would have been protesting her innocence rather than explaining away her guilt.

“Well after I got her attention, her being this bitch I only kinda knew in the first place, she just stared at me waiting for me to speak and when it became clear that I had nothing to say she still just stared at me. A nice person would have picked up the ghost of conversations future that I just left lying there and said something. So after about ten seconds of her just staring at me I started to get really mad about the whole thing so I kicked her in the shin. After that I thought our entire exchange was over and I walked back over to continue what I was doing before my two a.m. brain decided to interrupt me but apparently she’s not the type of chick to just leave things alone. So then like a total baby she had me arrested. Now here we are.”

“Here we are indeed. Why didn’t you call Godric?” Not that this entire farce wasn’t entertaining but she could be back at Fangtasia by now entertaining someone else in Eric’s office.

“What? And have him win our argument by cheating? I don’t think so!”

“Argument?” It wasn’t unheard of for the two of them to be in the midst of any number of disagreements. They were never serious and always convoluted, but she just couldn’t look away. She hadn’t found this much joy in her association with a human in decades. 

“Yeah, he said I was high maintenance and I told him that if either of us in this relationship was the high maintenance one it was him. Now we’re in this stalemate where he won’t just cave and admit that he’s the drama queen and there was no way he would let this whole bailing me out of jail thing slide without using it against me in some way. So I decided to skip it and here you are helping me do that.”

Rolling her eyes she started the car, she had been right before. The mystery wasn’t worth the hassle at all. 

A/N – Don’t ask me where this one came from really it all centered around that one little speech about how she got arrest and snowballed from there. 

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