Chapter 7 – Phone a Friend (Rene AU)

Daina looked at Rene or Drew or whoever the fuck he was laying on the cemetary floor with a shovel pushed through his face and started to plan. Then she realized that none of her plans were coming from anywhere realistic (i.e. anywhere but Hollywood) and began to make new plans. She would have asked her cousin, you know the actual murderess for help but she was still curled up in a sort of upright fetal position half slumped against a tombstone, she would be no help at all. Which was a shame really because as sweet as she was on the surface that girl could get downright nasty when her survival was on the line.

Pulling out her phone she started to dial a number she would never admit to knowing by heart, especially not after such a short time knowing the dude. He had once told her that at his age sleeping for the day was less day death and more light doze so she hoped he would pick up. Come on dude, I swear this isn’t a crank call.

The ringing stopped and silence filled the void, the lack of audible breathing was a little un-nerving but she could get used to anything given enough time.

“Godric, sorry to wake you. So I have an entirely hypothetical question not in any way grounded in reality at all. If you had maybe I don’t know killed a guy with a shovel to the face in an old cemetery out in the woods in the middle of the day what would your next please don’t send me to jail cause I’m too damn pretty for that shit step be? For purely research and development purposes.” There was a beat of silence that she decided to take as non-judgmental thinking time then he proved his value and retained his position in the emergency call list by coming through for her.

“I assume you’re speaking of the cemetery separating your cousin’s home from Comptons derelict estate. Leave the body there, I shall have someone come and take care of it shortly. Strip out of any clothing you are currently wearing whether you can see any blood on it or not and make your way back to your home. Shower immediately, make sure the water is as hot as you can stand it, then please do find yourself an alibi. Might I suggest your cousin Jason. Do not return to the home until well after sunset.”

“Can do cap-i-ton!” Hanging up she began to strip putting her clothes in a pile on the other side of the tombstone from the body, once she was completely done with her own clothes she began pulling the evidence off of Sookie. The fact that the girl didn’t even twitch at suddenly going skyclad in the middle of the day was a little worrying but nothing she couldn’t deal with a little later and a lot farther away from here.

Life would go on. 

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