Chapter 6 – Chessmaster (Godric & Daina Play Chess)

Daina supposed that there comes a time in everyone’s life when they batten down the hatches, hike up their big girl panties, and do something they don’t want to do for the greater good of humanity. This was of course her contribution. She would sacrifice her time, her coolness, and her sanity in order to play chess with a grumpy old man. All that was missing was the park and possibly matching sweaters of unknown origin. 

“Do you realize you are speaking aloud?” Looking up she found Godric smirking at her in that indulgent way he seemed to do every time she did something so beyond his experience. Every time her quirk factor seemed to ramp up over the threshold of “normal”.

“Of course I am, how can you appreciate the miracle that is my brain if you can’t hear the inner monologue? Since you, unlike moi, were not blessed with telepathy I must narrate. Duh.” Which while humorous was also closer to the truth than either of them wanted to admit verbally. After the first month of misunderstandings and little disagreements that never quite qualified as arguments she started to give helpful vocal hints of where her headspace really was.

“My mistake. You needn’t force yourself to play if you truly do not wish to. I simply wanted to see how your mind would work through such a basic yet complex problem as chess.” His statement came complete with pompous over the top hand gestures that she knew were meant to make her laugh, so just to remain contrary she chose to look down her nose at him in an imperious haute fashion instead. You zig, I zag.

“Which is a completely understandable desire from such an old fogey as you. When life gives you a problem you can’t understand, look at the chessboard and see where you are in the game of life. I understand, we’re cool. I like chess. However, I am also aware of the purpose behind your asking me to play other than the fervent desire to constantly look down my top every time I lean forward to move my pieces. You want to get a look not only at my mind but my personality so I narrate for you so you won’t confuse my personality with those of the other players.”

“Players?” Ah ha, she finally managed to gain the little crinkle between his brows, the one that shouted louder than any words that she had confused him. Life goal, achieved. Again. If she didn’t manage to cause him to do that at least once a week she felt inadequate as a special “lady friend”.

“Players…pieces. Whatever.” Waving a hand weakly towards the board she tried and failed to contain her smirk, here it comes. The chance to narrate when prompted by an outside force was rare, but oh so satisfying. 


“Yeah you know. The A-pawn is really shy and edgy and lulls you into a false sense of security before he attacks you without any lead up, but that’s okay because he’s got nothing on the B-pawn who is a total butt and likes to embarrass enemy pieces by suddenly making the move no one expects and making them shudder in shock and awe. The C-pawn is always frustrated that he’s just that little bit off center so he compensates for his inadequacy issues by heckling the enemy D-pawn mercilessly. Meanwhile your D-pawn has some swagger to him since he’s got a royal backer which makes him a bit of a douche-bag let’s be honest. The E-pawn has noticed that he’s always the first move in any game so he keeps throwing his hands up in the air while whining why me in the most annoying way possible which is why the F-pawn is the rebel risk taker he is, he just wants to get the hell away from E since you know no one likes a cry-baby. All the while the G-pawn is looking at all this chaos and contemplating some sort of kamikaze dive bomb across the board only to be constantly held back by the dreaded amateur H-pawn who can’t seem to find his own ass with two hands and a flashlight.”

“What’s the back row up to with the infantry so undisciplined?”

“Oh, I dread to think.”

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