Cutting Room Floor

Summary : These are some Deleted Scenes for What About Now, or really just that Universe. There were several things I wished to do with Daina that I just never got around to, or I chose to go another way with it.

Chapter 1 – Set Me Free (Godric’s Rescue) (1,519)

Chapter 2 – Family Business (Hadley Spills Secrets) (757)

Chapter 3 – Vampire Disney (First Visit to Fangtasia) (1,734)

Chapter 4 – How We Met (Fangtasia Take 2 Godric) (1,675)

Chapter 5 – Be Our Guest (How We Met Part 2) (672)

Chapter 6 – Chessmaster (Daina plays chess) (720)

Chapter 7 – Phone a Friend (Daina calls Godric for help) (498)

Chapter 8 – Time to Bail (Pam bails out Daina) (1,262)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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