Chapter 6 – Tara

Chapter 6

Sookie was just getting ready to go to bed, she had cried herself back to being mad again and she was just done with this day, so the knock at the door had startled her at first until she realized who it must be. Only one person would come calling at such a late hour. Opening the door only confirmed her suspicions, there standing in her doorway was six feet four inches of arrogant Viking.

“What? Did you think of something else I’m forbidden to do?” She knew she was a little snippy but he deserved it after what happened earlier.

“No dear heart. I have come before you hat in hand so to speak. I wish to apologize for my earlier behavior, I overreacted. May I please come in?”

“Not until I hear this apology if it’s good and sincere then I’ll extend an invitation.” She knew she was being a little unfair, but he started it.

“Fair enough. My behavior was unforgivable. I cannot guarantee that it will never happen again for I am very old and at times my years show themselves through my mannerisms. I can promise however that if at some point in the future you tell me I am behaving thusly you and I can converse about the reasons behind my apparent poor word choice. That is if you agree of course.”

“That sounds fair. I suppose I owe you an apology as well. I, uh, never should have rescinded your invitation; it was childish and petty. I should have just sat down and talked to you like an adult. So I’m sorry too. Since we’re both sorry for our behavior let’s just start over.” Things would go better for them if they just started by putting this whole thing behind them.

“Start over?” He sounded so confused, like the idea had never occurred to him. For all she knew it hadn’t.

“Yes, pretend like the fight never happened, start the night over. Would you like to come in Mr. Northman?” She stepped aside a small smile tugging at her lips. How could he make her feel so free just by being here? Was this normal? Did she care?

“I would love to lilla du, but I have a better idea. How about instead of me coming in there with you why don’t you come out here with me?” As he spoke he stepped away from the door, his eyes beckoning her to join him.

“Where to?” Not that she could honestly say she cared, he could be taking her out to the woods to kill her and she’d still follow him.

“It’s a surprise.”

Oh she loved surprises. Or at least now she did, after he showed her just how amazing they could be.

Eric could see how excited she was in the seat beside him. She continually pestered him with questions and pleas to be told where they were going. His lover really did hate surprises or at least she hated being kept in the dark. When they finally reached the gates of his estate he focused on her face completely, not wanting to miss a second of her reaction to seeing his home for the first time.

“Where are we?” Her voice like her eyes was full of awe. He’d bought this place after their first date. It was an exact replica of Tara from her favorite movie Gone with the Wind.

“This is my home. I have seen your home. I figured it was only fair that you get to see mine.”

“It’s beautiful.” He knew she would love it. It was the home of her childhood dreams.

“Would you like a tour?”

“Yes please.” The closer they had gotten to his home the smaller and more awestruck her voice had become until now it was little more than a squeak.

“Well this way we have the foyer….”

It took nearly an hour to show her around the entire place but it was worth every ooh and ahh he’d heard from her lips. They were finally at the end of their tour, the backyard.

“This is the pool area.” The pool itself was lighted and heated for maximum comfort. He was hoping to get her to move in with him soon and he knew she would spend a great deal of her time here swimming and tanning so he’d made sure everything was perfect. Surrounding the pool itself were two lawn chairs that he knew she preferred for her sunbathing and a leather cushioned settee custom built to accommodate his size.

“Would you like to go for a swim?”

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“I know. If you are not comfortable with such things we can just go inside and raid my dvd collection instead. It was only a suggestion and it’s completely up to you, you decide.”

Sookie knew what she’d be agreeing to if she decided to brave the midnight skyclad swim with him. He was giving her a choice she could say no and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would never hold her refusal against her. When he said it was her choice he meant it. She thought over everything she knew of him trying to decide. He had always since their first date, shown her nothing but respect and consideration. He never pressured her or tried to make her feel bad for any of the decisions she made, that made making this decision easier somehow.

Finally never taking her eyes from his she began to unbutton her shirt.

With every button that parted to reveal more of his lover’s chest Eric felt his own tighten. Finally they would be together, reaching down he grabbed the hem of his shirt before pulling it up and over his head. Shedding the rest of his clothes he tried to keep his eyes off his lover, he didn’t want her to become self conscious and change her mind. Not that he wouldn’t bow out gracefully if she did have a change of heart, it was only that such an outcome was to be avoided if at all possible.

Stepping into the water he slowly walked farther into the pool, listening carefully behind him for the sounds of his beloved. When he heard her taking her first steps into the water to join him he turned slowly giving her time to protest if she did not wish him to see her yet. When his eyes finally fell on his lover he was paralyzed with lust for her.

She stood waist deep in the shimmering pool, her breasts framed by her golden hair and bared to his gaze, he had died and entered Valhalla surely for she was a golden valkyrie come to grant him his reward. As she moved steadily closer to him his body finally began to react where his mind did not, raising his hands he skimmed his fingertips across her skin lightly causing her to shiver despite the heat of the water surrounding them.

“Cold lover?” He watched as her nipples hardened and puckered beneath his ghosting touch.

“With you here? Never.” Her voice was breathless and raspy, her desire growing with each passing moment to match his own. All of his senses were focused on her and what her body was telling him. He wanted to make this feel so good for her that she would only ever associate his face with her ecstasy. 


Grabbing her waist he spun them around so that her back was pressed against the wall of the pool, the feel of her legs wrapping around him nearly making him cum far too quickly. He would finally feel her warmth surrounding him again, nothing else in this world could ever bring him more pleasure than this moment, now, when she finally gave herself to him.

Leaning in he kissed her for the first time that night, making sure to pour all of his love and devotion into this one gesture, no matter what else he wanted her to know without a shadow of doubt that she was loved this night. Gently pressing forward he let her body engulf him, the feel of her making him want nothing more than to stay here like this forever.

As her mewls and moans poured into his mouth, he increased the speed of his thrusts, giving his love more and more pleasure. He wanted her first time to be perfect. Tearing his mouth from hers he leaned in close to her ear, making sure to plaster his body against hers so that she could feel him in every part of her.

“Cum for me lover, show me your passion.” As she fell apart in his arms, he reached his own Nirvana.

Laying on the settee with his lover’s naked body wrapped around his own, he was content. They were finally where they should be again, truly intertwined.

“Can I ask you something?” The sound of his lover’s sleepy voice drew his eyes to her beautiful face. She looked just as relaxed and amazed as he felt.

“Of course lover, you can always ask me anything. I cannot promise I will always be able to answer at least not right away, but you can always ask.” Glancing at the woman who had just given him more pleasure than any other in his long life he felt truly at peace.

“Why are we always alone together?”

He rose up on his elbow to look down at her trying to judge her mood by her expression. She refused to meet his gaze which was strange. His little southern beauty always looked into his eyes.

“Do you not enjoy my company?” Had he misread her reactions to him? No, she loved him as much as he loved her, of this he was certain. This was something else, something he must have overlooked.

“That’s not what I meant. I enjoy spending time with you, it’s just…”

“Just?” He prompted her to continue. He could not fix whatever was causing his lover so much distress if she did not speak to him of the problem.

“Well, take our dates for example. It’s always just the two of us. Alone. The one time we went somewhere with other people around it was so dark no one could see us. Not that it wasn’t fun cause it was but…”

Now he understood, and he could not let this way of thinking continue.

“But you worry I am in some way ashamed to be seen with you? Love nothing could be farther from the truth. I only wished to give us time alone so you could get to know me before getting to know my world. The vampire world is at times very scary and cruel to humans, I wanted you to know me as a man before my world could scare you away. If you desire more crowded outings then I will do everything in my power to give that to you.” He would give her anything, she had to know that, as long as it did not endanger them. This was a small thing she asked for, this he could give her freely and gladly.


She looked so hopeful it broke his unbeating heart.

“Promise mitt hjärta” He whispered into her hair as he pulled her closer still, trying to hold her to him in all ways.

“Mitt hjarta?”

“My heart, and you are that lover. My heart and soul.”

Eric had returned her to her home close to dawn. When she’d asked why he told her that he would love to have her stay with him during the day but he knew she would rather be home helping her Gran than just sitting around his home doing nothing. That had been true; she’d just been shocked to realize that he knew her well enough to know that.

She was out in the yard, pulling up the more stubborn weeds for her Gran, when she got a visitor.


Spinning around to face Sam she put on her strained Sookie smile. She’d heard his approach of course but not sensing any malice from him she’d decided to ignore him until he got up the courage to speak to her directly.

“Hello Sam.”

“Can we talk?” Because their last conversation had ended on such a wonderful note. She would not hold the past against him however, that just wasn’t her way, everyone deserves a second chance. An opportunity to make amends.

“Sure what did you want to talk about?” Nothing said she had to make this easy on him though. In fact watching him squirm a little might help make up for what he’d done.

“Look what I said before… I’m sorry. I never should have said it. Your life is your business and you were right I never should have tried to but in. Would you please come back to work?” His words were as steady as his eyes, full of earnest intent and sorrow, but his thoughts gave him away even if he didn’t realise it.

“Oh Sam… how gullible do you think I am? You heard I got a new job which blew your plan to graciously take me back when I came crawling back out of the water. So you can take your fake apology and shove it. While you’re at it feel free to get the hell off my property.” Her voice never raised above her normal tones so it took him a moment to understand what she’d said.

“Sookie wait…” Like hell, she’d waited long enough, now it was her turn to speak.

“Save it Sam. If I wasn’t done with you before I am now. I believe you know the way out.” Stomping off in the opposite direction she began to get ready for work. Being detained by a former employer wasn’t likely an acceptable excuse for being late. Especially not during the first week.

After that one little hiccup her day went along at its normal pace, until the very end.

“You know Sookie you’re doing a real bang up job. I was wondering if you might would want to go have a drink with me after work to celebrate your first week on the job?” Alcide stood towering over her, though to be fair at his height he towered over everyone, his face filled with hope.

“Thanks for the offer Mr. Herveaux, but I have a date tonight to celebrate just that.” She had a feeling she knew where this conversation was going and it was a real shame.

“How about tomorrow then, you and I grab a bite?” Persistence was good for some things, but not everything.

“I just told you I have a boyfriend, and even if I didn’t I don’t date coworkers. It’s a rule I never break.” She was praying he would just let it go; she really liked this job.

“What he don’t know won’t hurt him. I won’t tell if you don’t.” So much for prayer.

When he put his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them she decided enough was enough. There was politeness and then there was enabling. Standing abruptly she managed to knock him back a step giving her room to get out from behind her desk, grabbing her purse as she moved.

“I am not that kind of girl. I really liked this job but I’m afraid that after today I’ll have to be putting in my notice. Goodbye Mr. Herveuax.”

“Wait now…I’m sorry don’t….” He looked genuinely panicked and she almost felt sorry for him. 


“I’m sorry too but I won’t be changing my mind.”

It was just after sunset when she finally made it home. Alcide had followed her out to her car trying to convince her to reconsider. She saw in his mind that he’d already been reprimanded once for sexual harassment and he was afraid that if she told his boss, i.e. his father, why she was leaving he would lose his position in the company. When she called him on it she told him he should have thought of that before making a play for her. Now her feet hurt almost as much as her head and all she wanted to do was get inside and into a hot bubble bath of relaxation.

Halfway between her car and the front porch she heard a rustle in the trees. Expanding her shields she heard nothing, dismissing it as an animal of some kind she continued on towards her bubble bath. Another rustling made her stop dead in her tracks. Starting to turn towards the sound she caught a blur of motion from the corner of her eye before she was caught with a blow to the head with such force behind it, it sent her reeling to the ground five feet from where she originally stood. Looking up she saw the blurred form begin to take shape, as her neighbor Bill Compton. Son of a….

Eric was already on his way to Sookie’s to pick her up for their date celebrating her first week at her new job when the scent of her blood hit him. Stopping the car he jumped out and flew the remaining distance at top speed. Whoever had hurt her would pay dearly and he already had a fairly good idea of who it was.

As he flew over the farmhouse he saw Compton moving towards a down and bleeding Sookie intent on abducting her most likely. That fool was the same in any reality, no brains at all. If he’d had even the smallest amount of self preservation, or common sense he would have sensed him hovering above, but no not Compton he was too focused on what was in front of him to worry with any other direction.

It took him less than a minute to incapacitate him, the other vampire didn’t even put up a fight, while he lay unconscious on the gravel he moved swiftly to Sookie. Checking her injuries he knew the head wound was the most immediate danger.

“Sookie darling I need you to look at me. Good girl. Now I need you to tell me would you like me to take you to the hospital or would you rather take my blood. My blood will heal you but it will also increase your feelings for me and give me the ability to track you and feel your emotions. I need you to make this decision, I won’t make it for you.”

Her heartbeat was growing more faint but he knew from her eyes that she heard and understood everything he had told her. He waited one heartbeat, two.


“Are you sure?” He loved that she would finally have his blood coursing through her veins but he had to be sure she wanted it. He would never be accused of doing as Compton had in the other world and tricking her into taking it.

“Trust… you.”

As she fell unconscious he bit into his wrist and placed it over her mouth. As soon as the first drop hit her tongue he felt such joy. They were connected again as they were always meant to be. Once her wounds had closed he stopped the flow of his blood and carried her gently into her home. He changed her out of her bloody clothes, gently cleaned the blood from her skin, and tucked her safely into bed. Kissing her lightly on the forehead he stroked her hair one last time before turning and walking from her home to Compton’s prone form in her driveway. Grabbing the little upstart by the throat he flew them both to Fangtasia.

The pain of the salt water on his wounds is what woke Bill, slamming him back  into consciousness. Jerking his head up he found Pam standing in front of him with a now empty bucket and Bill knew he was in trouble. Growling he tried to lunge at her but found that he couldn’t move, glancing up he found his wrists bound in leather wrapped silver restraints. The leather kept the silver from burning through his skin and down to the bone, but did  nothing to lessen the weakening effects.

“Wakey, wakey Billy. Oh good you’re awake I’ll just go tell my master so the two of you can have your little chat before I start my fun. This may take a while feel free to talk amongst yourselves.”

As she ascended the stairs he glanced around to see whom she was speaking of and saw a small huddled figure on the far side of the room. The being was obviously human, and beyond filthy. He must have been down here for weeks or maybe even months. He wondered briefly what the fool had done, but soon focused on his own problems.

He would get himself out of this; he was sure of that. He had only been following orders, it was the Sheriff who was overstepping not him. Hell when it was all said and done he may even be able to see the mighty Sheriff Northman whipped for his interference. The thought put a smile on his face that unfortunately was still there whenever Eric and Pam returned.

“Oh good he’s smiling I do love it when they start out cocky it makes the end result much more amusing.” Pam’s snappy comment wiped the smile from his face instantly.

“Aww, Pam now look what you did, the smiles gone.” His sheriff’s laughter grated over his nerves. He was the Queens favored and he was deserving of respect damn it! The Norseman never did understand that, he always looked down on everyone for one reason or another, never showing the proper deference. 

“Sheriff what is the meaning of this!?” He kept his voice even and authoritative trying to knock the bastard off stride.

“Did you honestly believe you could take what was mine and I would just sit back and do nothing?”

“I was only following orders, Sheriff.” There that ought to give the giant pause; he’d just inadvertently interfered in a royal matter.

“Yes, I know our beloved monarch sent you to procure the girl for her retinue. This however is the flip side to following orders blindly; you often land yourself into trouble. When you realized I had an interest in the girl you should have backed down. The question now is what to do with you.”

“Call the Queen and ask her to hand down judgment, as is her right.” He suggested knowing that her majesty would more than likely hand down judgment to Northman for his interference than to him for doing as she bid.

“You would like that wouldn’t you. You are favored by her majesty are you not? She’d likely demand I release you. She cannot issue the command however if she doesn’t know I have you. You’ll be staying down here with my other little friend over there until I decide your punishment.” As he spoke Northman vaguely gestured towards the pathetic human trying to make himself as small as possible in the corner. Even the mention of him made the man whimper in distress.

“You can’t do this!” He knew his panic was showing through but he didn’t care. Pride be damned he was not staying down here because he followed orders from his Queen and Northman did not.

“Ha ha ha. When will you learn? I can do whatever I please.”

With that the two sauntered from the basement leaving him and the crying human alone in the dark. What was going to happen to him now?

Walking into his office Eric was unsurprised to find an e-mail from his Queen demanding that he call her as soon as he read it. Checking his new connection with Sookie he found her still sleeping so he decided to go ahead and call her now. He already knew what she wanted, but the conversation had to take place anyway.

“Northman.” Her whiney voice came across the line after the first ring, sloppy. She all but announced that she had been waiting for his call. Not a wise move for one in power.

“Your Majesty, what can I do for you this evening?” As if I don’t already know you greedy bitch.

“As you know Sheriff, the Human IRS has decided to make an example of me and my kingdom.” As well they should, the greedy whore had accumulated far more than most monarchs during her reign and flaunted it openly.

“Yes Majesty.” Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person in his opinion.

“As a result I find myself short of funds and hell hath no fury like a vampire queen broke. I have however in my infinite wisdom found a way to make me solvent again. With your help of course.” Infinite wisdom ha!

“Of course, anything I can do to aid the state of Louisiana I of course will do.” He played his role of an adoring subject flawlessly. Over the years his dear queen had forgotten who it was she was dealing with, he would remind her soon enough.

“I knew I could count on you. I will be by tomorrow night with a cooler full of product I wish you to sell for me. Good evening Northman.”

“Good evening my Queen.”

Once he’d hung up from her he thought on this little problem for about an hour before coming up with the perfect solution. Leaving his office on his way to see Sookie he took out his untraceable cell phone and called a number he knew by heart.

“Hello, Magister, it’s Northman, I have a problem I believe you could help me with.

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