Chapter 4 – Dancing in the Rain

Chapter 4

Whistling as he walked towards Fantasia’s entrance Eric felt so light hearted. He knew that he had made progress tonight, Sookie was well on her way to loving him the way she had before.

NO! He would not compare this Sookie to the one before, from his world. They may be the same in so many ways but their experiences made them completely different. While his Sookie had been made a fierce warrior through circumstances beyond her control, shaped by the actions of others to be hard hearted and distrustful. This Sookie was how she was always meant to be, full of light and goodness but aware of the world around her without fearing what was around every corner. If he had anything to say about it this was how she would always remain.

He would do everything in his power to help her keep the beautiful outlook she had about the world now. She would see more of the beauty and less of the darkness.

The thought of losing her, the pain of it, was still far too fresh, however; so while he would make sure she forever saw the beauty in the world around her he would also make sure she could survive the darkness if it ever cast its shadow over her. Being who and what she was there was always the chance of someone coming after her in the future the way they did in his past, and this Sookie would survive the machinations of others no matter what.

Walking across the empty dance floor, it was after closing now, he entered his office and found Pam waiting for him. He internally shook himself to try and clear his dark thoughts, he did not want his past to taint his present.


“I was wondering if you had planned on going to see our guest tonight, or if you wanted him to stew in the basement a while longer?”

Oh yes he had forgotten about Drew Marshall, his time with his southern Madonna having wiped him completely from his mind. He supposed he should at least make his acquaintance once before handing him over to Pam as a gift. As long as he never saw daylight again he would be content to let his child have a new toy.

Turning and making his way to the basement he began to plan his next outing with Sookie. He wanted to take her somewhere he knew she’d never think to go herself, maybe even somewhere she’d never heard of before. Given what he knew of her upbringing that wouldn’t be hard, she was truly a small town girl and it would be his pleasure to introduce her to the wider world. Not too quickly of course, he didn’t want to overwhelm her, he only wanted to show her that there was more beyond not only her own home but beyond the Great State of Louisiana as well. There was a whole world out there waiting for her, and he knew she would appreciate and enjoy every part of it.

Making his way slowly down the stairs still considering and discarding venues for him and Sookie, he was greeted by pitiful whimpers. It still amazed him how humans who proclaimed to be such bad-asses murderers, drug dealers, and their like always lost all confidence once confronted with a greater predator. Had these pitiful creatures never been taught that if you were going to die no matter what, at least die with dignity.

“Drew Marshall I presume?” He kept his tone bored, not hard to do when his mind was already wandering to ponder on truly important matters far beyond this room and this pitiful excuse for a man.

“Who are you? How do you know my name?”

He had to laugh at that, it was always funny whenever a murderer would say the same things their victims undoubtedly said. He always admired those that refused to follow the cliché of those questions, ones who would instead say things that were completely off the wall, or even intentionally hilarious just so they would not sound like a victim.

He still remembered the drainer who when confronted with him for the first time, after having been left hanging from the ceiling by his wrists for two days said only “A track suit really? You couldn’t be bothered to dress up for my execution? It only happens once after all, the least you could have done was wear some jeans.” He’d almost reconsidered killing him, almost.

“I am a vampire and what I want is for you to suffer for your crimes against my kind. Before you try to stammer out a defense or denial save your breath I know you have been killing fangbangers and that has brought unwanted attention to me and my people. As punishment I will be giving you to my child Pam for the rest of your life. You will be her pet, if you should ever harm her or attempt to escape I will take great joy in tearing your dick from your pathetic body and making you choke on it.”

Throughout the entire exchange he’d been bored, threatening pathetic creatures stopped being interesting long ago, and his voice had reflected his mood. Without waiting to see if the blood bag had enough brain cells to respond he turned and made his way back up the stairs quickly.

He had it! He knew what he and Sookie would be doing on their next date.

“Really master, do you honestly think so little of me that you believe that little worm could harm me?” His Childe’s petulant tone broke through his thoughts, bringing him back to reality.

“What Pam?” It took him a moment to understand what she was talking about. When he finally did he smiled at her and released a little chuckle.

“Gods no, I just love watching all the blood drain from their faces whenever I tell them what I will do if they happen to do the unlikely. It’s so much fun, some of them even faint.”

“Oh, in that case I have a few ideas for my new toy what if…”

He let his Childe’s words wash over him while he planned out his next adventure with his darling Sookie.

“Where are we going?” Sookie knew she had asked the same question about a dozen times already, but it was killing her, she had to know. The only thing she knew right now was that she had about as much chance of having a snowball fight in Louisiana as she did of getting an answer out of Eric.

“You’ll just have to wait and see, and has anyone ever told you you’re horrible with surprises?”

“No, it’s never been an issue before mister silence.”

She knew she was pouting but he was right she did not do well with surprises except for happy ones, like this morning when she’d opened her front door and found her car that she’d absent mindedly left at Fangtasia waiting for her in the driveway, that had been a happy surprise.

They had only gone to the park the night before, and had she known he’d been intending to come see her tonight she would have never gone to him instead, though she was glad she did. The park “not date” was amazing, a memory she would cherish for years to come.

When he’d just shown up on her doorstep and told her to get ready for their date, and to dress casually she’d told him that normally a call ahead was the least a date could do for his lady. He’d come back with “you showed up at Fangtasia unannounced. I thought turnabout was fair play to you twenty first century feminists or is that not right?

Now here she sat in his convertible in a jean skirt and white tank top pouting and sneaking glances at the six foot Viking next to her wearing low rise jeans and an Ozzy concert tee. Sometimes she thought it was a sin how good he looked. She jerked herself out of her thorough exam of her date when the car came to a stop, looking around she saw… an abandoned building.

“Eric what…” She knew her voice was a little low, almost like she was scared, which she so wasn’t. 


“Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” She didn’t even have to think about her answer.

“Alright then just wait until you see what’s on the inside, isn’t it you who told me to never judge by what’s on the outside?” His raised brows and smirk showed just how excited he was to share this with her, whatever this was.

She had told him that whenever he’d mentioned her beauty for the tenth time in the park. She’d been laughing while she said it but she could tell now that he’d taken her words to heart, and while he still complimented her she assumed he wouldn’t be going over the top again anytime soon.

“Okay then let’s go.” His enthusiasm was contagious, now she could not wait to see whatever it was he had in mind for them. That did not stop her mind from running away with her imagination however, even if she did trust him.

The entire walk across the parking lot her nervousness grew in equal measure with her excitement, she was imagining every horror movie she’d ever seen up to and including Texas Chainsaw Massacre that told her that going near let alone inside of dark abandoned buildings in the middle of the night was bad for her health. She was imagining grizzly blood covered implements of torture strewn all over and walking in the front door she found … a receptionist? What a let down.

“Ah, what are we…?”

“Patience dearest.”

She was really starting to hate that word, patience, mostly because she never really had any. She watched as he went up to the woman sitting behind the little podium thing and handed her what looked like a hundred dollars but might have been more. She was too busy looking at the woman he was talking to, to really notice.

She had green hair and that was only where it all began. Her hair wasn’t the neon lime green you see in streaks or at some conventions, no her hair was a deep forest green. If she was being honest while it looked strange in the first moments she saw it now she thought it was very she didn’t know … uh very her. It just seemed to mesh well with her features and her overall look. Almost like it was her natural color but her roots which were slowly turning back to what she assumed was her original brunette belied that.

After seeing her hair she’d expected to see multiple piercings and goth attire but she’d been surprised again because the woman wore an outfit similar to her own. The only difference was the color, while she’d gone for sedate yet cute with her acid wash blue jean skirt and white tank hers was a darker colored version with splashes of what seemed to be neon paint covering it.

The woman handed Eric four tubes of something and pointed towards a door just behind her on the left. When he turned back and grabbed her hand she felt her trepidation rise once more. Where had he taken her?

Eric knew Sookie was scared, but he also knew that it was more fear of the unknown than actual fear. She hadn’t been able to piece together what was happening because she’d never been to a place like this before. After tonight she’d never be able to say that again.

Pulling her behind him through the door the woman had indicated he turned to face her. It was in truth just an overly large bathroom with a second door on the other end that would lead to the good stuff, but first they must prepare. Which meant he needed to explain a little.

“Sookie I’m going to tell you what we’re doing here now. Through the door behind me is a club of sorts that I wanted to take you to, if for no other reason than just because it’s not something you’d ever get the chance to experience in Bon Temp.”

“Wooh, that’s a relief I was just standing here thinking, he took me to a bathroom, and not really getting where you were going with this.”

Her fear had subsided when he’d mentioned that it was a club. He wondered what she’d believed they would be doing here, but saved that discussion for another night. Now it was time to get into what the four tubes were for.

“Now my darling I’m not going to completely ruin the surprise for you but the four tubes I was given are body paint. Do not worry it washes off easily with soap and water and it also comes clean of clothes with only one wash if you get it on them. Now the only question for us right now is do I paint you and you me or do you want us to just paint ourselves?”

He watched her eyes widen considerably at the end of his question and had to force back his laughter. She really was adorable when she was shocked or surprised by something. He waited patiently while she bit her lip and thought everything over. He knew letting him put his hands on her would be a big step and while he craved it he would not push her if she decided she wasn’t ready for that yet.

“We c…. can do each other.”

She faltered momentarily but her voice firmed up towards the end and he knew it was just nerves over having his hands on her body and being able to finally touch his. Reaching for the tubes he turned to her and never taking his eyes from hers he asked the most vital question left of the night.

“We have Red, Blue, Green, and Orange which two would you like?”

“Ha ha definitely red and blue, I’ll leave the orange and green for you.”

“Thank you that’s very kind of you.”

Taking the two she’d indicated she wanted and handing her the others he waited a moment to see if she was going to go first, when she just stood frozen he decided to do her instead, just to set her at ease.

Squeezing a generous helping of red paint into his hand, he loved her in red, he ran his fingers up and down her arms over her legs and what of her chest showed above her top leaving behind streaks of color. Doing the same with the blue he also trailed some of that along her neck and face. Stepping back he had to admit even covered head to toe in paint she still looked marvelous.

Raising an eyebrow and tilting his head to indicate it was her turn he quickly took off his shirt to give her access to more skin to paint since he was in jeans. Watching her work to swallow he couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across his face, sometimes being a sculpted Adonis really had its perks, what was he saying it always had its perks.

Feeling her fingers trail over his chest, arms, and neck made him so hard it was downright painful. As she traced every ab and muscle with paint, obviously enjoying herself he congratulated himself once again on thinking of this. Once she was done and they were both covered in their respective colors he swept his arm out to indicate the far door and what lay beyond. It was going to blow his sweet southern belles mind.

Grabbing the doorknob she turned it slowly and opened the indicated door to find, oh my.

The entire club was shrouded in complete darkness. Looking down at herself she saw that the paint he had streaked along her body was in fact glow body paint and that was really all that could be seen. It was complete anonymity no one could see faces only colors. Though she supposed Eric being a vampire gave him the advantage, he could probably see everyone clear as day. The bar was stocked with glow in the dark glasses and the bartenders themselves had the name of their job painted across their shirts making them easier to locate in the darkened room.

Feeling Eric wrap his arms around her she leaned back into his embrace. He leaned down to her ear and spoke so she could hear him over the pounding beats of the music.

“So lover what do you think? Are you game to give it a try or would you rather leave?”

She loved that when he asked if she wanted to leave he didn’t sound exasperated or annoyed with the prospect of her chickening out, he just wanted her to be comfortable. There was really only one response to that looking out over the sea of writhing painted bodies.

“Let’s dance Viking!”

They danced for what seemed like hours but could have only been minutes. There was no way to tell there were no clocks of any kind, here time just seemed to stand still. All of a sudden the DJ stopped the music and spoke enthusiastically to the crowd.

“Alright everybody let me hear some noise!” Everyone including Sookie screamed and hollered. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Now it’s that time again so let me hear a countdown! Five, four, three, two, one!”

When everyone hit one the DJ started to play a mix of It’s Raining Men, Umbrella, and so many other songs about rain and water that she lost track and the sky seemed to open up.

Water cascaded down from the ceiling soaking everyone. She was shocked for a moment, but only for an instant before turning to Eric who had been dancing behind her with his hands on her hips and pulling him towards her for a deep kiss in the “rain”.

When he began to kiss her back she lost all sense of reality and all the crushing bodies around them. There was only him, her, and the freezing cold water.

When she finally came up for air the water had stopped and looking at him she couldn’t help but giggle. While the water hadn’t washed any of the paint off exactly it had made it run slightly making the colors bend and bleed together creating a look that was both messy and enticing at the same time. The colors moved towards her as he leaned in to her ear to be heard over all the screaming partiers.

“It’s time to be going lover, we would not wish to worry your Gran now would we?”

“What time is it?” Since she worked the night shift at a bar more often than not her Gran had a pretty late threshold for worry.

“It’s nearly four in the morning and I regret to admit that I’m not really a morning person.”

She couldn’t believe they had been there that long. Grabbing his hand for him to lead her out of there when he started to lead her past a picture area she pulled his hand to make him stop and pointed. She never wanted to forget this night and a picture would be amazing.

Leading her over to the man with the camera they took three pictures to remember the night. One with them standing side by side with their body paint on full display, the next with him standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her but still very visible with his tallness, and the last with her up in his arms with hers wrapped around his neck.

She stared at those pictures the entire car ride home. You couldn’t see their faces at all, only their glowing bodies and that was just perfect.

When he’d begun to lead her from the club Eric hadn’t noticed the picture area too absorbed with where everyone else was in relation to them. He didn’t want any of the less sober people of the club grabbing Sookie and making a mess of the end of their night. When she’d stopped him and pointed towards the picture corner he thought it was a marvelous idea. So they’d taken their pictures and gotten two copies, which had cost him over a hundred dollars, but the look on her face the entire car ride to her home was well worth it.

Now that he was driving at top speed back to his home and safety from the sun he thought back over the night and had to admit that it had gone far better than he’d ever expected. The water had been a surprise even to him, but his Sookie had turned it into a nice surprise indeed. She was becoming more and more forward with him and he reveled in it.

His beautiful southern belle was turning into a sultry southern temptress and he wanted more, much more. As he finally laid down in resting place he began to plan once more. If water made his lover bold he knew exactly where to take her next.

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