"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

True Blood

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Daina Stackhouse Series

What about now

Summary  – When Sookie’s telepathic cousin comes to town she decides that she needs to help Sookie find the right guy for her. With vampire interference, human hatred, a trip to Dallas, and her cousin’s own stubborn pride that proves to be harder than she first thought. Luckily she knows the perfect Viking for the job.

Cutting Room Floor

Summary – These are some Deleted Scenes for What About Now, or really just that Universe. There were several things I wished to do with Daina that I just never got around to, or I chose to go another way with it.

Will Series

will you be mine

Summary  – When Eric makes his offer of protection Sookie only hesitates for a second before jumping in with both feet. Now, they need to figure out how they fit together with everyone trying to tear them apart.

Will you stay with me

Summary –  Eric and Sookie have moved on but others seem to want to drag them back.  Can they stay one step ahead of their pasts or have they taken one step forward only to take two steps back.

World Series

Another World

Summary – After Sookie’s death Eric would try anything even Fae magic to see her again. When he’s given the chance at a fresh start he realizes he can do it all again and do it better in another world.

Stand Alones

Future with me

Summary – When a demon gives Eric, Pam, Bill and Jessica a glimpse into their futures they’re all stunned at where they ended up. Now that they know how the story ends some are trying to change it while others try desperately to reach their happy ending.

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