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Chapter 5 – First Step, Last Chance

A/N – I know it’s been forever since I’ve worked on this story, I kind of fell out of the Teen Wolf fandom for a while but I’m back now and am trying to finish this fic before starting anymore for Sterek.

Chapter 5 - First Step Last Chance


Deaton found himself in the Hale den for the second time in as many days pouring over ancient history. Every bit of written lore about Stiles and Derek was spread out before them all, being sorted and consumed by the entire pack. As hard as it was to accept, Talia’s plan was the only viable one they had, if any of them planned to survive their upcoming encounters with Derek now that he’d found Stiles they needed to help unlock the boys memories. At least all they truly needed to do was help in that regard not necessarily accomplish the task themselves, they only needed to be able to give Derek a way to do it himself. If all else failed hopefully being able to show that they had at least attempted the impossible on their behalf would be enough to spare the younger generation his wrath.

This had to work, their only other plan, if it could even be considered such was for Scott to tell Stiles everything and beg for his aide on their behalf. The adults had already agreed amongst themselves that if it came down to a choice, they would offer up their own lives freely in exchange for their children being spared. A letter had already been sent to Talia’s parents explaining the entire situation, and detailing what would be needed of them if the worst befell them all.

“Did these Druid dudes even have a way to bring Stiles memories back?” It was a valid concern, the idea that the ones who originally cursed Stiles, robbing him of his identity never truly intended for him to recover.

“It is the nature of magic that every spell have a counter spell. Everything done must in some way be undone in turn. That is magic. That is balance.” While the wolves busied themselves searching for clues in the text pointing towards a solution, Deaton busied himself trying to find similar instances in Druid history and looking for how they were corrected. Maybe a common thread could be found and used to their advantage.

Unfortunately this type of magic was not only dark but frowned upon by most followers of the true path, making the use of such spells few and far between as well as closely guarded secrets. The more they read, the greater their task seemed.

“Isn’t there someone else we could ask? Another Druid? Someone else magical?”

“Normally there would be, however I fear, not in this instance. Any Druid consulted would simply activate the Golem in an attempt to get Stiles far from Derek so that he would once more be so distracted by his hunt for his lost lover that his vengeance upon any but those of us residing here in Beacon Hills would be postponed for at least a short while longer. My people have been avoiding this problem for so long now that it’s the only way any know how to behave. Other magical creatures, those that don’t still feel loyal to Derek, have decided to take a hands-off approach to this mess choosing instead to simply step back and enjoy the ensuing fireworks if you will. It is widely believed that my people got ourselves into this mess with our greed and overly inflated egos, so we should be left to get ourselves out of it again. While some would feel bad about your pack being caught up in it all, it would I’m afraid not be enough to sway them to your side.” Allowing the gravity of the situation sink in he went back to his books fruitlessly searching for a way out of a mess centuries in the making.

Stiles was stoked, as first dates went this one topped all of his youthful imaginings by a mile. They both sat on a blanket in a clearing having a picnic surrounded by the beauty of nature. When most people planned a picnic they went to the park or a nearby lake choosing to sit at tables rather than risk getting grass stains on the clothes or having to fight off an army of ants to keep their food, but this was so much better than that. Laying across from each other completely relaxed while lazily snacking on the many offerings, completely lost in the moment and just being there together. Talking and laughing, gazing at each other in companionable silence, just letting the day slip slowly pass by.

“Okay, you have to tell me. How did you find this place? Beautiful clearing surrounded by woods, okay those are easy enough to stumble across if you spend enough time communing with nature I suppose, but this one comes equipped with its very own wishing well just old enough to start crumbling but not old enough to just be a whole in the ground now. Admit it you found the clearing and added the well yourself for ambiance. It’s not even old you aged it up by hand just for today.” Not to mention that now that the sun was going down the clearing was lighting up with fireflies that gave the entire area an otherworldly feel to it. Like the stars had come down to dance around them, and now he was just getting sappy about the whole thing.

“I will admit that the well was a surprise when I first found this place, but you have to admit it does sort of tie the whole place together.” Stiles could admit if only to himself that seeing Derek smile like he was now was a new life goal. Must be seen at least once a day, it was now a survival must.

When they had first started this “date” Stiles had tried to get a bit more information about Derek and his past, but he man was stubbornly tight lipped about certain things. He was more than willing to talk about all the different places he’d been in his life, describing the different places with such detail it was almost like Stiles had been there before he could see it all so clearly, but bring up his family even in the periphery and that was it, the end, no more words to be heard. It was clear to see that Derek didn’t care for the rest of the Hales much at all, which just brought up even more questions like why he even came to Beacon Hills in the first place. If it wasn’t for his family then why was he here? Only one way to find out.

“Why are you in Beacon Hills?” He always found that the straight forward approach usually worked best for things like this, ask it outright and more often than not the answer would come out the same way.

“What do you mean?” But not always.

“I mean that it’s clear from just our conversations today that you aren’t overly fond of the Hales in general, I would even go so far as to say that you hate them even. So, why did you come to Beacon Hills, since it’s obvious that familial ties weren’t exactly tugging on your heart strings.” He didn’t know why it was so important for him to know, but something about the way he talked about Talia and the others really bothered him. He had to know what this was all about.

“You’re right the Hales and I don’t exactly see eye to eye at the moment. When I first came here I was indifferent to them really, but then I found out that they lied to me and that emotion changed. As to why I came here, I was drawn to Beacon Hills not the pack. They were incidental.”

“What did they lie about?” That didn’t sound like the Hales, werewolves in general didn’t tend to lie especially to other wolves, too easy to get caught out at it. They really to the honesty is the best policy thing to a whole other level.

“When I came here I was looking for something, something I had been trying to find for a long time, then I found out that they knew where it was the whole time and never told me.” Even talking about it seemed to bring out a very manly pout, Derek was sulking, dare he say brooding.

“What were you looking for?” Was this some kind of inheritance dispute? Like Derek really like old uncle Eli’s gold pocket watch, but cousin Vinny took it without permission kind of thing? While he was an only child the way he understood it bigger families did that kind of thing all the time, playing favorites and being a bit fast and loose with ownership. In big families possession was beyond nine tenths of the law, or so he’d read.

“I doesn’t matter now, I’ve found it and no one will ever take it from me again.” So Derek came to Beacon Hills looking for something that the Hale family had, they didn’t cop to having it and now that Derek found it on his own he was pissed. Okay.

“Did you tell them what you were here for? Because last I heard the rumor going around was that you were here out of a longing for familial connections.” Maybe Derek didn’t tell them thinking they would hide it from him if they knew he was looking for whatever this mysterious item was. If that was true how at fault were the Hales? Beyond actually having the thing in the first place.

“No.” That was it, no long drawn out explanations simply the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth from this man. Not that it was at all surprising, even in just the short amount of time the two of them had spent together so far he noticed that Derek was a man of few words, which was okay as it turned out Stiles was very much a fan of the strong silent type.

Back to the current mystery that was Derek’s animosity towards his pack. Or at least that’s where his mind had been headed until Derek obviously decided that they had talked enough for today and it was finally time to move on towards the more physical part of this date. Not that he was complaining, he could circle back around towards this particular knot of contention later… much later.

Laura had had enough of this study session they had all sunk into. Research was all well and good, but sometimes you just had to take matters into your own hands and go with your instincts. After hours of looking they were no closer to a solution, so it was time to act on what they did know. The Druids had the right idea, Stiles was Derek’s weakness, and it was time to use that against him. If he was going to kill them for working against him no matter what they did, then why not go against him in truth? Take Stiles and ransom him back in exchange for Derek leaving Beacon Hills and never coming back.

If there was one thing she’d learned about old school supernaturals in her training to become alpha it was that their word was their bond. Once given they would rather die than be forsworn. All they had to do was get Derek to agree to the terms of the deal and they would all be safe. Simple.


Somehow I don’t think this will be as simple as Laura believes it will be. I had intended for her to just go to Derek and try to bargain with him using reason and lose her temper putting the pack in danger but when I suggested this to her she was all like Bitch please enough talk time for action! So this is where we are now, and Stiles was so close to getting them out of this mess without even realizing it too. Oh well. The date came from a comment from MySweetYaoi49 I totally agree that the idea of them in the woods together just makes me squee with the feels. Hope this chapter made up for the long wait since the last one, and if not well I tried. This fic is now exactly halfway done. YAY!


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