"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 3 – Coming Together

chapter 3

Stiles stumbled through the door of his room with more urgency than finesse, the hands on his shoulders pushing at the first layer of his clothes making him want to get in the room as quickly as possible and on to what he was sure would be the main event.

His day so far had been beyond crazy, not only had he finally met the new Hale in town, and he and Scott were so having a talk about details that are needed when news is given, he so did not know how hot Derek was before bumping into him and that just wasn’t fair, but now he and the new Hale were getting to know each other very well indeed.

Oh no, what if Derek started thinking he was a slut, worse even a manwhore, after all they had only met not even two hours ago and here they were in his room about to get naked. He needed to stop that thought now before it took root and he became a Hale booty call, not that he would really mind in this case, in fact he would be ecstatic if this particular Hale decided he wanted to booty call him, but it was the principal of the thing.

“I don’t normally do this, you know invite guys up to my room, especially guys I’ve just met and even more especially guys who are so far out of my league even the thought of doing this with them would send me into a panic attack.” Derek was looking more and more amused by the second, by the word really, and that was not conducive to the super special naked times he was aiming to have here.

“You know what I’m just gonna shut up now and count my blessings and if you decide that I’m a total manwhore and want to booty call me later that’s totally fine too.” Leaning back in to continue the kissing that his babble had interrupted he hoped and prayed the guy would just let his awkward moment slip by without comment, he should have known that hope was in vain.

“Stiles I am not out of your league, and we’re only going to do what you want okay. You are in charge of this, so if you decide you want a booty call later, you’re just going to have to call me.”

He could totally live with that, nodding his head to show he understood he leaned up again silently pleading for more lip action. The smirk that brought on didn’t even phase him, that’s how horny he was, how totally and completely gone he was over him and his ridiculously good looking … well everything.

Damn, finally getting a good look at Derek’s bare chest he now knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was a god and he was looking at him.

“Dude you are so built it hurts me, you make my brain hurt with your hotness.” Oh, why did his foot have to live so comfortably and snugly in his mouth. If this tanked out he had no one else to blame for his dying a virgin than himself.

“I’ve been told that a time or two in my life, but thanks for the compliment.” Instead of causing laughter or ridicule his words seemed to trigger fondness in the greek god currently fondling him through his clothes.

Oh shit, he was still wearing clothes that little problem needed to be dealt with immediately, because it seemed like the super power of his mega babble was not deterring Derek at all, he was so getting laid tonight! This was way better than that stupid secret pack meeting he wasn’t invited too, if he’d known that this was his alternative he wouldn’t have moped about not getting an invite for even a second, yeah this was way better.

Derek watch without blinking while Stiles tore off the remainder of his own clothes, in record time no less, obviously eager, he hadn’t seen his lover in over four hundred years and he would not miss a moment of their time together now that he had found him again.

He knew he would have to go slowly, carefully, when trying to regain the memories lost to him but this was something he would not, could not, deny himself any longer.

He had fully intended to keep things friendly and platonic between the two of them, slowly building a relationship of trust and understanding before even thinking of initiating something physical between them. He had even thought about foregoing the physical intimacy between them until Stiles remembered who he was again, but that had all changed when Stiles started ranting about how unfairly hot he was, he just couldn’t resist.

They had been apart for so long, and he missed him so much, even with the short amount of time they had already spent together he knew that while the memories were different in all other ways he was still his Stiles under it all.

Same smarts, same rambling, same clumsiness, hell even the same bravery. He saw it in his eyes whenever he first suggested that they hook up, Stiles was still the same fearless, insolent, goofy boy he had first fallen for all those years ago. All he needed to do now was to bring back all the memories that had been stolen from him, the foundation was there all that was needed was the filling.

“Now might not be the best time to bring it up, but it’s probably better than not bringing it up at all I think, but I’ve never done this before.”

He knew exactly what this Stiles meant, his darling boy thought he was still a virgin. Oh how wrong he was, he had personally taught him every form of loving there was between two men and it seemed that for now at least he would have the pleasure of teaching it to him a second time. Glorious.

“That’s alright, I love being first. We’ll go slow, if you feel uncomfortable with anything that we’re doing just say so and we’ll stop if you want or just move on to something that you are comfortable with alright.”

“Yeah, okay.” The relief he saw in his lovers eyes left him feeling both happy and enraged. He was happy that his words had done as intended and set him at ease, but the fact that he had expected ridicule and not understanding in response to his admission spoke volumes about what his life had been in this town. Or at least what he remembered his life as here. He would soon change that for as long as he drew breath he would ensure his mate felt loved and cherished as he should have always been, in his arms.

Stiles knew that the sense of power and euphoria that he was feeling was normal, especially after a guy basically tells you that you’re in charge, but he didn’t have very long to savor the feel of it before he was instead savoring the feel of his mattress as it was pressed up against his back. Derek’s hot breath on his ear nearly made his eyes roll back he was so overly sensitive to everything that was Derek freaking Hale at the moment.

“You just lay back and relax, you’ll enjoy this, trust me.”

Trust me, two words he wasn’t used to hearing from anyone he thought actually had good intentions for him at the time, and with the almost feral look in Dereks now red eyes he was fairly certain that his intentions were less than honorable too, he just couldn’t make himself care it all felt so good. Instead of feeling alarm at the new color of his soon to be lovers eyes all he felt was his very bones melting into useless goo, while at the same time he was tensed so tight he thought he might snap and shatter with nothing more than a look from those now crimson irises.

When he began to work his way down his body, his hot tongue and even hotter kisses peppering nearly every inch of his skin as he went farther and farther down, laving particular attention on each and every one of his moles that liberally dusted his shoulders, neck, chest, and hips, he never once broke eye contact. He didn’t want to be the one to look away first but the staring contest was making him so hot, that he knew if he didn’t he would end up making this a very short encounter. Just before he looked away he saw something on Derek’s face that almost seemed to say he expected nothing else from him, the look was almost nostalgic even.

When he felt his mouth stop on his hip and continue to suck and bite at the flesh there, leaving marks behind almost like brands he couldn’t stop the whimper of want and need from escaping him mouth.

“Patience Stiles, didn’t I tell you to trust me?”

“I do trust you.” God help him he truly did, he Stiles Stilinski who never once trusted anyone fully not even his own father, trusted a man he had only met a few hours ago wholly and completely. What the hell? Before he could think on the absolute weirdness that was his complicated feelings regarding one Derek Hale he was understandably and totally distracted by what was being done to his body.

The feel of a hot warm mouth on his dick was unlike anything he had ever felt before, but again somehow familiar almost as if from a dream he couldn’t quite remember. That was the last thought he had before losing the ability to think in full sentences, or really think at all. He felt the pressure inside him building and building towards release, ten no a hundred times more intense than those times he practiced the art of self-love. Right as his muscles began to tense and his mind began to blur into a haze of want and need meeting satisfaction he felt sharp teeth almost drag across his tender flesh and that sensation was what sent him over the edge. The pleasured pain of it too much for his already over sensitive skin, he was coming apart and he didn’t have the strength left to care if he would ever be whole again.

This was the meaning of Nirvana, he had reached heaven and he never wanted to leave the clouds again for the rest of his days. The last thing he saw before blissful oblivion overcame him was two blood red eyes staring up at his face never once blinking.


“How would Derek finding Stiles be a bad thing? They would be together again and then they could just both leave together. I would miss Stiles sure, I think we all would, but if it made Derek leave us in peace isn’t that what we want?” Talia had to agree with her daughter, she too would miss Stiles but if it was for the good of all involved she would willingly let him go. From the sounds of it if Derek were to take Stiles his life would only change for the better, she knew she was rationalizing her decision but she saw no other path to take.

“Yes Laura it is, and if Derek would merely leave I would agree with you, but that’s simply not in his nature. He’s never walked away from a fight or an enemy in his life, and once he finds Stiles and sees his altered state that’s exactly what everyone in this town will become to him. The enemy. From his point of view we all conspired to keep him and Stiles apart, and once it’s known that the Hale pack has known him for years and failed to mention it to him when he arrived he will see you all as complicit in the deceit began by the druids that first betrayed them both.” How could that be? They were involved in nothing, how could they be to blame.

“But we didn’t even know why he was here, let alone who Stiles was until just now.” Again her daughter spoke the thoughts they shared, this only reaffirmed the her choice of heir, if they lived that long Laura would make a great Alpha.

“I’m afraid that won’t matter, without Stiles, his Stiles at his side to calm his temper Derek’s rage will get the better of him and we will all feel his wrath.”

“So what can we do about it? There must be something.” There had to be something, anything that could save them, her pack her family must not be lost over so unjust a reason.

“We wait, we try to keep them from ever crossing paths.” It sounded simple in theory but without telling Stiles the truth in a town so small it was nearly impossible.

“And if they should meet what then?” There had to be something, anything, they could do to protect themselves or to at least fight back.

“We pray.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s all there is.”

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