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Chapter 4 – Lydia gets curious

Chapter 4

Lydia wasn’t really sure what was going on but she was damn well going to find out. Stiles had apparently quit the team and if there was one thing she knew about Stiles it was that he would never do something like that, not ever.

Lacrosse was his life, he seemed to live in a dream world where it was actually possible that one day he would actually get off the bench on a regular basis and play or something. That hope, while even more hopeless than his pathetic fantasy about the two of them ever becoming a thing, was what helped to sustain him through his high school existence. It’s what propelled him from one day to the next in his social siberia.

She had been going to find Jackson that morning thinking he was weight training again, not that it was really necessary since his little transformation but old habits die hard and all that. When she walked past the coaches office she’d heard yelling, and being the epicenter of all things known and unknown that she was, she stopped to try and listen. She hadn’t been able to hear much before Stiles came racing out with a scowl on his face with Coach close on his heels yelling about the team and getting help for his problems or something like that. After Stiles was gone the coach finally noticed her and instead of getting angry with her for being in the boys only section of the gym he only said one thing to her.

“Get McCall to fix this for gods sake.” Before he stormed back into his office with a curse mumbling about not dealing with teen drama well.

So here she was searching the cafeteria for that space case McCall and looking for answers. What the hell was happening with Stiles? Finally spotting him, honestly why hadn’t she just looked for Allison from the start the two were like joined at the lips or something. Slamming her tray down she had the satisfaction of watching them jerk apart in surprise. Honed senses her ass.

“So Scott, what the hell is wrong with your loser friend?”

“Nothing’s wrong with Stiles.” Notice how he didn’t have to ask her which friend for a variety of reasons of course, both his lack of friends and his self awareness as to his and Stiles true social status without the benevolence of Allison pulling them both up well above their usual bottom feeding place. “What do you mean?”

Wow, how clueless was he? She could almost believe he actually didn’t know about Stiles quitting the team if it wasn’t for the fact that frick and frack were almost incapable of making a decision without the other weighing in first.

“Why did Stiles quit the team?”

“Stiles quit the team?” This from Boyd in a normal tone of voice which for him was pretty much shouting. Looking around the table she found everyone in equal stages of shock and awe. The idea that Stiles had quit the team was as unthinkable to them as it was to her and coach apparently.

“What did he suddenly get tired of riding the bench?”

“Shut it Jackson!” There went mama bear McCall always ready to defend his little Stiles cub. Well when he noticed something was wrong anyway, which didn’t seem to be that often.

“That’s just it, no one seems to know why he did it. I found out this morning and I’ve been asking around all day and this just seems to have come out of left field for everyone. Even the coach seemed blindsided by it, I heard them arguing this morning, now coach just wants Scotty here to fix it.” It was damn near killing her not to know what the hell was going on. She always knew everything, but after hours of Q and A with herself and everyone else she couldn’t seem to find a reason for Stiles to quit the team now.

Nothing had changed and it wasn’t like that was why he did it. If he’d been so frustrated by how things kept going for him he just wouldn’t have rejoined the team this year, he wouldn’t have waited until practice was already underway before jumping ship.

No something had definitely changed in his life and it caused this, but whatever it was it seemed like no one knew about it. Were they all just that unobservant or was Stiles just that sneaky? But if it was just Stiles being sneaky why hide it? Was it something bad? Come to think of it when coach had demanded she get Scott to ‘fix this’ he hadn’t look so much angry about Stiles quitting as he’d looked worried about Stiles himself.

“So any ideas Scott? I mean you two are basically an old married couple he must have told you about it before he did it right.”

Scott’s confusion just seemed to get worse the longer the conversation went on. He was just as much in the dark about this as the rest of them it would seem. So if Stiles wasn’t confiding in his BFF anymore what the hell was he doing? More importantly where the hell was he?

“Where is he anyway, since when does he miss lunch?”

Stiles stepped through the doors of Derek’s little warehouse slash substation place and looked around for the sourwolf in question. He would never admit it but this place always seemed so cool to him, kind of like Derek had his own bat cave. Or more Derek’s speed his own evil lair. Cause face it, Derek was so much more villain than vigilante superhero. Didn’t stop him from being drop dead sexy though and sinister really worked for him, some people just knew how to rock the mass murderer in waiting vibe.


“Sourwolf.” See he could do monotone surly too. Not really but hey he could try at the very least.

“What are you doing here don’t you have school.”

Yeah after that one time of skipping school for sexy times Derek had added it to the rules that his education came first. If his grades started to slip or if he started to skip too much school then their ‘arrangement’ would be put on ice until he got back on track and there was no way he was letting what was between them hit the ice even for a second. He knew if he gave Derek that excuse then he would just keep finding more excuses not to start back up again and a temporary break would turn into a permanent one.

“I had lunch followed by a free period so I was free and clear without supervision or expectations for the rest of the day. So I left and picked up some burgers for the two of us. You know if you were interested, if not I can totally just leave an-“

He never got to finish before Derek’s lips were on his. Nice turn of events, not what he had been shooting for but he’d take it.

He felt Derek pushing him back towards the train car that served as his temporary home, or at least one of them anyway, and he offered little to no resistance to that idea. So he was weak who wouldn’t be when face with a hot horny Derek freaking Hale.

Once inside Derek grabbed his hands and placed one on the safety pole on one side of the aisle before wrapping his other hand around the one directly opposite him. Slipping behind him he kicked his feet apart and placed a hand on the center of his back between his shoulder blades and applied a little pressure until he was leaning forward slightly.

“No matter what you don’t let go. If your hands leave those poles then we stop and you can go home. Understand?” The sound of his lovers gravelly voice had shivers running down his spine in anticipation.

“Yes, Derek.”

“Good now just relax and enjoy this. I know you will.”

He heard the sound of Derek’s zipper dragging down and he forced himself to relax. Derek was right he would probably enjoy this, but only if he relaxed and let it happen. Feeling the slight pressure around the muscles of his ass his eyes shot open and for a moment he panicked before forcing himself to calm down again. The moment he panicked Derek stopped but the second he got himself under control again, the pressure came back.

No lube, no prep, just simple dirty fucking.

It burned, it was what Derek wanted he knew, he wanted Stiles to feel it not only now but for days after as well. The burn was like the bruises, a little reminder of him when he wasn’t there to do it himself. After today every second he was sitting at his desk in school he would be thinking of nothing but Derek, which was the point of this.

The deeper Derek pushed the more it hurt until he had to fight the tears that threatened to fall. He knew it would get better, that as soon as his body adjusted he would be begging for more but until that happened there was just pain.

“It’s okay, almost there, then the fun really starts. Do you want this?”

“Yes, Derek.”

Of course he wanted it, he wanted anything Derek was willing to give him. Pleasure, pain, it didn’t matter as long as it was Derek doing it. When he was finally all the way inside Stiles let out a sigh of relief, the hard part was over, now came the indescribable pleasure that was being with Derek.

Derek pulled out a little and he felt the dry drag of flesh on flesh before he slammed back in hitting his prostate dead on. All the air left his lungs in a rush followed by a helpless moan as the motion was repeated again and again.

Throughout it all he kept his hands on the poles like he’d been told and towards the end when the rest of his body had already gone boneless from hour after hour of unending pleasured agony those poles seemed to be the only things keeping him on his feet.

“Derek please!”

Like that was what he’d been waiting for this whole time the moment the words left his mouth Derek lost what little control he still had as he began to thrust harder and faster working them both towards their release. When it finally came it was so powerful it made him see stars, loosing all control over his now jelly bones his grip slipped and he fell to the ground sprawled naked at his lovers feet, his body covered in nothing but a thin coating of sweat and Derek’s cum that was steadily leaking out of his ass. Glancing up at Derek who still stood over him fully clothed, nothing out of place but his cock still free of his pants, the look on his face was nothing short of satisfaction like this had proved something to him, and whatever that something was he liked it.


A/N – After editing this I thought I should add a little note at the end as I guess a warning or something. Having sex without lube or prep isn’t comfortable and can lead to injury so it is not advised.

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