"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 1 – Unexpected Changes

Chapter 1

“Damn it Stiles, you are human!”

Like he’d never heard that argument before! Why was it that every time something went wrong or something dangerous happened his human-ness was brought up? Could no one come up with a better argument? Was there no other thread for them to pull at?

“I know that, if I didn’t before I would now since you remind me every single day!” Which was true, no he spent every single day painfully aware of his limitations. Of his weaknesses. Of his species.

“If you know that why would you even try to fight that thing?” By now Derek was right in his face, crowding him, in his usual fashion. Why the guy had so much trouble with boundaries was a mystery.

“Hey I didn’t start it and it was a fight and die or run and die tired sort of situation.” Why did no one ever understand that. He didn’t go around picking impossible fights! He just didn’t always run from them either. Completely different.

Derek had nothing to say to that, of course, why would he have a come back ready for something logical.

“Wow! Speechless sour wolf really? Stating the obvious is all it takes, good to know.”


“What? What could you possibly have to say to me n…” He never got to finish his rant because all of a sudden there was an alpha werewolf attached to his lips.

His mind froze for all of two seconds while he processed that the scary guy who he thought hated him and wanted him to die a slow and painful death was kissing him.

After the two seconds of astonished paralysis came to a close Stiles found himself responding enthusiastically, if clumsily, to the feel of Derek’s lips on his. When he felt Derek’s hands on his stomach as he lifted his shirt away his need fogged mind gave way to the stunned realization that this was going beyond just kissing.

The hand on his belt told him it was going way beyond kissing.

All he could think was that he didn’t care as long as Derek kept touching him.

He felt himself being pushed back towards Derek’s room, and more importantly Derek’s bed, blindly stumbling back trying not to break contact with Derek’s mouth. He knew that if he gave Derek enough time to think about this then this wouldn’t happen at all. His mind was racing a mile a minute trying to figure out if he actually wanted this, and the answer was of a course a resounding YES. He wanted this more than he ever wanted anything in his life.

He had never really thought of Derek that way, always seeing him more as a potential threat to his life rather than a threat to his virtue. Now that he was touching him though he found himself rapidly changing his opinion.

He felt their lips separate just as his knees hit the edge of the bed and he tumbled back onto the surface, looking up at Derek terrified that he would see the older man changing his mind he found nothing but lust staring back at him. Oh yes this was happening, and it was going to be amazing.

Derek lay naked in bed next to an equally nude Stile and tried to wrap his mind around what he’d just done. One minute he and Stiles were fighting, then Stiles brought up just how close he’d come to dying, and he just… reacted. He’d known his feelings for Stiles had changed since the two hours they spent trapped by Jackson in the school pool, but Stiles was a kid.

Just like he had been all those years ago which unfortunately in this mental chastisement made him Kate.

The question was what to do now. Stiles was sixteen, almost seventeen, and he was twenty-four. He had no business doing these things with Stiles. It was immoral, not to mention illegal, and he was the sheriff’s son not that that made it more or less wrong but is did do something to the situation as a whole.

He knew he shouldn’t be with him, but at the same time he knew he couldn’t be without him either. He closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep maybe he’d know what to do in the morning.

Stiles stood in front of the bathroom mirror just staring at his reflection. That morning before he did the walk of shame from Derek’s place to his, Derek had laid down the law.

If they were going to do this then it had to be a secret, at least until it wasn’t illegal anymore, no one not even the pack could know. He was fine with that he really was but looking in the mirror he didn’t know how long that would last. Derek had covered him in bites and scratches. As he ran his fingers over the claw marks on his chest he wondered if this was a werewolf thing or just a Derek thing. Shrugging he decided he really didn’t care what it was, he fucking loved it.

Isaac knew it was wrong to follow Stiles like this but he just couldn’t help it, he was curious.

Stiles had been acting so weird lately, he couldn’t even pinpoint when everything had changed, Stiles was always weird. It had been so subtle, all summer he had been so fidgety almost like he had a secret he was afraid all the wolves around him would sniff out, he knew no one else had noticed, because if they had they would have just ambushed him with questions until they all knew what was different.

He loved his friends, his pack, but some of them had absolutely no sense of tact.

They seemed to think that they needed to know everything about everyone else, which considering he was currently tailing Stiles, he was probably the same way only more discrete about it.

Stiles finally stopped in a clearing in the woods about five miles from the old Hale house. How did he even know this place was here? More importantly what the hell was he doing here in the middle of the night?

As far as he knew there wasn’t any new big bad hanging around making late night excursions into the woods necessary.

Just as he was about to let Stiles know he was there and demand answers he saw movement on the other side of the clearing.


What the hell were they doing meeting in secret like this? Maybe there was a new evil in town and they just hadn’t told anyone about it yet, taking the approach of not worrying everyone until there was something to really worry about.

As soon as he thought it he discarded it as not possible. Derek never thought like that, he wanted everyone on high alert at all times, especially when there was danger headed their way. So what were they doing?

“Did anyone follow you?”

“Not that I know, but you know as someone of the non-furry variety I could be wrong.” Oh yeah, totally wrong.

What he saw next left his mind whirling in disbelief. Out of all the explanations he’d thought there’d be for Stiles new behavior this hadn’t even made the list.

Stiles looked at Derek and could hardly keep himself in place while at the same time he was rooted to the spot in awe. Of course this was the norm with them, they had been together all summer and still the fact that Derek not only noticed him but wanted him, still floored him.

He moved forward with unsteady steps trying and as usual failing to keep his reaction to Derek under control. He couldn’t help it he was just so totally wrapped up in him it was almost funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do just to bring a smile to his face.

Grabbing the condom out of his pocket he pushed Derek back against the tree behind him before dropping to his knees. After their first time together he’d gone into total research mode and since then had used everything he’d ever Googled about how to keep your man satisfied in bed. It seemed to be working, Derek never voiced any complaints aside from telling him to slow down every now and then, and he kept coming back for more which was the whole point.

Finally freeing him from his tight pants, seriously no one should be able to wear these things they were like painted on. Then again nearly every werewolf except Scott and Boyd wore pretty much the same thing so maybe it was like a Were-uniform or something.

Maybe it was in a rule book somewhere if you gain fur at least once a month you must be a stacked sex god in tight pants and black leather is a must at least one week out of every four.

Never mind doesn’t matter right now. Right now the only thing that matters is Derek.

Slipping the condom in his mouth he decided to use a move he’d read about in Cosmo this week. Oh god, if Lydia or god forbid Jackson, or just anyone really found out he read Cosmo they would just annihilate him. Was it his fault that it was one of the best mags for sex tips about pleasing your man?

They couldn’t even blame him! He was blameless! It was all Danny’s fault he was the one who’d gotten him started after he’d cornered him for an awkward sex talk during his research marathon.

Deciding to put all that away for now he leaned forward and swallowed Derek to the root. Turns out not having much of a gag reflex was one hell of a perk in his new alternative lifestyle.

Derek felt his hand tightening in Stiles hair but he just couldn’t stop. He couldn’t seem to stop anything when it came to Stiles. Every time he told himself it would be the last time, or that they wouldn’t do anything but talk so he could explain why he had to end this. Then every time when he saw Stiles standing there with this look in his eyes, like he was his whole world, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Then Stiles would always start doing something that felt so good, like what he was doing right now, and he would just lose his train of thought all together.

Stiles was always a quick study and good at picking up new skills but damn. He remembered their first time, which he was sure was Stiles first time ever, and now only a few months later Stiles knew just what to do to make him a quivering mess of want and need. It wasn’t long before he felt his release start to build, it was deliberate he knew, Stiles could draw it out for hours if he wanted to. When it finally hit his hand in Stiles hair tightened even more to the point of leaving bruises. It seemed like he always left bruises on Stiles these days. Like they were his way of reminding Stiles of him even when he couldn’t be there. His way of holding him to him, so he wouldn’t leave. Because he knew one day Stiles would see just how wrong for him he was and then all of this would end.

Stiles closed his eyes in ecstasy when Derek’s grip on his hair tightened. He loved that Derek always felt the need to mark him. It gave him hope that one day Derek would want him for real, not just for the sex. Not that the sex wasn’t awesome it was, it just always felt like Derek was ready and waiting to bolt at any moment.

Like he wasn’t enough yet.

Normally he would talk to Lydia about these things, ever since he’d given up his major crush on her they had become good friends, but that would mean breaking Derek’s rule about nobody knowing and that would just give him an excuse to leave and that could not happen. He knew that one excuse was all it would take and Derek would be gone.

Stiles felt kind of bad that he was keeping things from the pack but if it was a choice between total honesty between him and his friends or sexy times with Derek he would choose Derek every time without hesitation. He loved his friends he did, but they had absolutely no sense of discretion and he knew within days of them finding out either his dad or one of his deputies would know and then not only would it be over but Derek would be in so much hot water, yeah it would just be bad. Something he knew the pack would never understand.

Isaac didn’t know what to do now. He knew about it now and he couldn’t un-know it, no matter how much he wished he could. He was so conflicted. On the one hand he was happy for them, especially Derek, they weren’t alone anymore, they had each other. On the other hand, he couldn’t help but wonder how healthy their relationship is after what he saw last night.

Derek had been holding Stiles in a tight grip, and he could remember on more than one occasion seeing bruises on Stiles that he couldn’t explain away as Stiles being clumsy. He was always so aware of the injuries of others. He supposed it could have been a one time heat of the moment thing though right?

Lacrosse practice started up again in about a week so he knew what he would do. He would wait and try to catch Stiles while he was changing, if he wasn’t hurt then he would just leave the two of them in peace. But if he was hurt, he didn’t know what he would do then. Derek was like the only family he had, he didn’t want to cause him any problems, but he couldn’t just stand by if Stiles was being hurt even if it was unintentional.

Yes, he had Erica and Boyd and on every other day Scott and Jackson, but it wasn’t the same with them as it was with Derek. Derek had been the one to save him. He’d been the only one who’d been paying enough attention to him to see that he needed to be stronger, then he made him into a survivor instead of a victim. He gave him the power to never be a victim again. But despite that he couldn’t just let Stiles be a victim either.

He knew enough about Stiles to know that he wouldn’t see himself that way. If things were going the way he thought they were Stiles would just say he was fine. He’d say that he knew his limits and tell them all to mind their own business. He understood that feeling and respected it, but that wouldn’t stop him from stepping in if he had to.

Next Chapter


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