"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Veronica Mars

Secrets and Lies : A Father Daughter Story by becuzitswrong – Keith Mars decides he doesn’t want the growing distance between himself and his daughter. He feels it’s secrets between them that’s keeping them apart so he finds a solution.
Status : WIP

My Thoughts – This story hasn’t been updated in years (doesn’t mean it won’t be, but that’s not up to me to decide) but it is already over 80,000 words long and well worth a read if you don’t mind frustrating never complete works in progress. Other than that I love the story because of the relationship and bond between Keith and Veronica and how they both keep trying to get back what they’ve lost.

The Real Thing by Josielynn – AU. Logan and Lily are off again/ on again. Duncan is dating Meg. Veronica was never friends with Lily. Logan sees Veronica in her soccer uniform and wants to date her.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – This is the story that inspired my story LoVe Me Now and Forever. I love the dynamics between Logan, Veronica, and Lily in this.

A Model Life by Shel12 – Lily entered Veronica into a modeling show because she is fabulous. How well will Veronica do without Lily? And how will Logan react when he watches Veronica on screen.

Status : WIP

My Thoughts – It’s finally being updated again, yeah! Can’t wait to see the ending. Beyond that, it’s a lot like watch one of those Top Model shows, only with the Veronica Mars characters peppered in.

Ricochet by lateVMlover – This is an AU set in season 2 over the summer when Logan and Veronica are still together. What if that day when the PCHers had shot out the back of Logan’s car had a very different ending? What if Dick discovered disturbing evidence of his brothers plans? Could he and Mac make a difference? LoVe all the way with Weevil a strong supporting player. A few chapters rated M.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – You should read it just for the Weevil/Logan alliance/friendship. I love how this story took the fandom and turned it on its head.

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