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True Blood/ Southern Vampire Mystery Series

Let Love In by Terri Botta – Eric and Sookie finally have that talk they’d been putting off since Eric got his memory back.
Kodak Moment by Terri Bottta – A let love in side story.
Life and Death in New Orleans – A Let Love In side story. Eric and Sookie head South to take care of business.
Hope Is the Thing with Feathers – A Let Love In Side Story. Eric gives Sookie a gift.

Status : Complete (for all four of them)

My Thoughts – When I first read these I went a little backwards and accidentally read Kodak Moment first and I fell so in love with it that I read Let Love In to get the back story. This author is amazing and talented, and her way of looking at the world of Eric and Sookie is very unique and thoughtful.

Viking vs Vampire by AoifeNZ – Inspired by Dead to the World, but the stranger that Sookie picks up is a living Viking mysteriously transported through time and space. With Bill finally out of the picture, Eric now faces the toughest competition for Sookie yet – himself. Which Eric will Sookie choose?

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – I love human Eric in this, my favorite part is when Sookie finally realizes who she has in her house at the beginning. Definitely worth a read, and a re-read.

A Marriage of Inconvenience by Queenofareafive – William T. Compton thought it would be an easy mission: procure the telepath using any means necessary without permanently tying her to him. However her husband, the Sheriff of Area Five, will make sure his task is not so easily accomplished.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – Queenofareafive is one of my favorite True blood authors and I reccommend any one of her fics. This one will be the only one of hers to make the list otherwise we’d be here forever.

Five as Agreed Upon by ficlet78 – Set in You Smell Like Dinner, Sookie and Eric’s little arguement ends differently, with both of them coming to an agreement about Sookie getting her house back. Namely, an exchange.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – One of the first True Blood fics I read, I was late coming to the fandom, and honestly one of the better ones. Though as my first it does hold a special place in my fandom heart.

Negotiations by Texanlady – Sookie discovers Eric bought her house out from under her will she was away in Faeryland and goes to Fangtasia to confront him about it. Eric gets to explain his behavior at the end of Season 3 and negotiate terms for Sookie to regain ownership.

Status : WIP

My Thoughts – This was the first story I ever read by this author, and one of the main reasons I decided to try my hand at True Blood fanfiction. Up until that point I had been a lurker, leaving reviews without ever really posting any of my own work. For that alone she’s one of my favorites, but her writing stands in a class of its own.

Own Me by Chezu – “With what you are, Fairy Princess, you need to be somebody’s or you won’t be at all. Eric is handsome, he’s rich, and in his own way he cares about you. He really does” Though I hated to admit it, Pam was right.

Status : WIP (currently being edited)

My Thoughts – This was one of the first stories I read for this fandom that made me go back and read it again and again. I love the Eric/Sookie relationship and the characterization of Bill.

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