"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein


You have my back – right? by catsmeou – Dead Air tag. AU. McGee and Ziva discovery that a couple of hours of peace and quiet stolen while on the job comes with a price. If you like McGee and Ziva, you might want to pass on this story.
Status : Complete

My Thoughts – A good look into how actions have consequences, even unintended ones.

Two Weeks Notice by maleshka – Tony has finally reached boiling point and hands in his resignation. Gibbs has two weeks to change his mind.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – I love this story because Tony’s leaving forces everyone to sort of examine their own behavior and try to adjust in an attempt to keep their friend.

Dereliction of Duty by charli911 – They treated it as a joke, but Tony wasn’t laughing. An alternate ending to Dead Air. This is what we wish would have happened in the show. Strong Tony and Gibbs friendship, McGee and Ziva bashing.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – I love this one, mainly because of the Gibbs/Tony dynamic. I enjoyed how the author showed Gibbs taking Tony’s side. Strangely that dosen’t happen often in fics for this fandom.

BETRAYED by subtleshadeofgrey – McGee makes an error in judgment but it is the decision he makes afterwards that alters the lives of the whole team especially Tony. Not for fans of McGee. Papa Gibbs, Hurt!Tony.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – This story shows a different side to little Timmy, showing his more power hungry side, which I found different and refreshing. Usually McGee is shown as this little puppy easily led astray by the powerful women in his life (i.e. Kate, Ziva, Abby, Director Sheppar) and here we see him standing on his own two feet and making his own choices. The wrong choices, but still.

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