"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein


Within a Sea of Red by Inane_Rational – High-class prostitute, Merlin Emrys, becomes acquainted with Arthur Pendragon, heir to a massive crime empire lead by Uther Pendragon, consequently, also the owner of The Avalon, the brothel where Merlin resides. The more Merlin gets to know Arthur, the more he wonders about his family, and questions how far entrenched into the crime world he could succumb, as he succumbs to his feelings for the Pendragon heir.
Status : Complete

Pairing : Merlin/Arthur

My Thoughts – This story was a really wonderful read. I can’t say to much without giving things away but it is well worth the time if you like stories like this one. Well written and engaging.

Beneath the Surface by Ultra-Geek – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned especially if that woman happens to be the all powerful Lady of the Lake and you’ve just shot her boyfriend with a crossbow.

Status: Complete

My Thoughts – I love Freya and any story where Arthur or anyone finds out about her or meets her or anything like that I love.

The Lady at the Lake by hujwernoo – One-shot. Merlin is injured, fatally so, at the edge of a lake. A woman appears and offers to heal him, but Arthur will never trust magic again. Never.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – Another Arthur meets Freya Story. I love how caring and loving Freya is towards Merlin even after they’ve been apart for so long.

Overheard by hujwernoo – The knights, Arthur, and Gwen are planning a surprise for Merlin… only to overhear a shocking conversation between Merlin and Agravaine.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – Agravaine isn’t so sneaky in this fic, the combination of a reveal fic and a friendship fic is a welcome change from all the angsty reveal fics out there.

A Question of Motives by Alaia Skyhawk – As he lay there bearing witness to the battle before him, he could scarce believe what he saw. What was he to believe? What to do? How are you supposed to react when the man you saw as your closest friend turns out to be a sorcerer? *Spoilers for SE-3*

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – This one got a little tangled for me, because it starts here with the first story of the series, but then later the author started posting prequels that start before this. Other than that confusion though, it’s an amazing story that takes you through the twists and turns life and Camelot would have taken if Merlins secret hadn’t been so secret for so long.

Make me king by Vividpast – One-shot, pre-season 4. When Morgause and Morgana get a hold of a spell that would make the most powerful being in Camelot the ruler and everyone would be forced to obey thier will, well let’s just say their expectations plummeted down to the ground.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – Worth the read just for Morgause and Morgana’s reactions to their spell not going as intended. Marvelous and great fun.

The Death, Reveal and Stories by peacelight – When Merlin realizes that Kilgharrah is dying much faster then he thought and he goes to see him the knights follow him and learn a few interesting things about their friend.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – This one is one of my faves because most reveal sort of fics like this go into the events of every single episode (which is fine and can be amazing), which takes an eternity and most authors lose their momentum halfway through and never finish the story. This one focuses on just a few points over the course of the show, the highlights really, and did them well.

Leon and the Servant by sarajim – As he watches Merlin go through a difficult time, Leon is forced to question everything he knows about duty and responsibility and the place of servants and nobels in society.

Status : Complete

My Thoughts – I loved Leon in this show, he was pretty much the only knight who survived from beginning to end. This fic shows him a bit more in depth than they did on the show. He starts to question everything he thinks he knows before anyone has to point it out to him. It shows just how intelligent and observant he could be.

Loaded March Series by Footloose – Modern Military AU. The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can’t keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur is because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everthing he can to prove that Merlin isn’t good enough either. Except he is.

Status : 14 works Complete, Series WIP

Pairing : Merlin/Arthur (eventually)

My Thoughts – There are no words for this series.

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