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Fic finder sites

Reading Recs

This page is to sort of give you an idea of different places to look for good fanfiction stories besides the usual searches on Fanfiction.net and AO3.


Spuffy Fans’ Journal – From what I can tell this site is still active, and gets posts from time to time about new fics, contests, etc.. I personally use it if I’m just in the mood to surf around for fics I may have missed for this pairing.

Spuffy Wonderland – This site is also still active, even if it is months between posts. This is another good one to just look through for links and suggestions.

Spuffy Fanfiction  – Still Active, but looks to me like it’s mainly for self pimping. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you’ve got a story spread the word. Just saying that it’s less rec lists and stuff and more just people getting the word out.

Bloodshed verse – Very much still active, this is a Spuffy archive site. You can find all kinds of amazing stories, both complete and still ongoing, here. There are challenges, categories, all kinds of things for your little spuffy shipping heart.

the spuffy realm – This site has a variety of amazing fics to choose from, but I mainly go there for the find-a-fic section. You can get recs from all over the net for any request and people are so helpful.

Nocturnal lights – This site really isn’t active so much anymore, but it like many others is a good place to look for some of the older fics that were going back when the show was still on the air or just after it ended.

Elysian Fields – This site is still very active and offers up some of the best stories out there, I love this site and it’s very helpful members who always have time to lend and ear if you’re stuck with a story you’re trying to find or write.

Buffyspike Diaries – This site is accessed through the wayback machine and is an amazing place to find all kinds of old fics that may not be available anymore.

Cordelia/Angel (Angelus)

Go Team C/A – This site has some of the best Angel/Cordelia or Cordelia/Angelus fics out there. It’s sorted by author so searching is a little hard, but to me that just means you’ll miss less if you have to look yourself.

Stranger-things.net – I don’t think this site is in use any more but the archive is still full of all kinds of interesting and amazing stories.

Buffy/Angel Other Rec Sites

Twisting the hellmouth – This site is full of mainly crossovers, and while some just make you go huh! Some are just interesting to see how they make it work, or how they explain away the differences.


Destiel fanfic – This site is very active with posts nearly every day. They rec old stories, cover contests like the dean/cas big bang, and keep you up to date on new fics as they come out. They only ever rec stories that either they themselves have read or that have been recced to them by fellow readers whose opinions they trust.

Supernatural Cop fics

spn vs cops – Not Active as far as I’ve been able to tell, and hasn’t been for a few years now, however it is a pretty good place to look if you enjoy fics where the winchester boys go head to head with cops be it either in canon or crossovers. Manhunts, chases, and interrogations this site lists them all.

Cops and hunters – Also not active and very much like the one listed above this is a good place to start looking for fics that deal with the boys and cops, older fics but still good ones.


Klaroline fanfiction – Active and getting a face lift. This site has changed so much in the past months making it better and better. Here you can find stories, graphics, resources, Betas, basically everything you can want or need from the fandom.

Klaroline fantasies – Active and not only recs good fic to read but also has a place for you to submit a request for cover art if you need it. Not as extensive as some of my other sites, but still a good jumping off point.

Klaroline Fanfiction Directory – I Love This Site. It has a post for Fanfiction Updates that posts every day so that you never miss a new story that gets burried under the updates. Beyond that it’s a good place to ask for help finding lost fic, or really anything klaroline related.

Teen Wolf

werewolfwagon – Active with a masterlist that will make you drool. If you can think of the scenerio I garuntee there is a category for it with fic attached. (You know assuming that there is a fic to go with it, some things simply haven’t been written yet)

twficfinder – Good place to find stories that you’ve lost with extensive tags and pretty fast answer time.

Rec all the sterek – The first fic finder site for teen wolf I ever stumbled across and still one of my go to places when I just want to find something new. Sometimes I just scroll through other peoples asks and if I think the fic they wanted sounds interesting I check it out myself.

stereklibrary – Great, extensive, and friendly. Three amazing things to look for in a finder site.

True Blood

Fangbangers Anonymous – True Blood on WordPress! This is how you find those authors and stories you missed before.

Only Eric and sookie story locator – Not completely done yet, but still has some good story recs for their different categories. Will probably be much better after it’s all set up, but whats there now is good for a look.


ianxmickey-together – Not just for fic recs, this site is good for graphics, news, behind the scenes stuff and more.

Live journal fic finders

These are all pretty much the same, very active with extensive tags and helpful staff.



Teen Wolf

Queer as Folk


Criminal Minds

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