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Someone to Talk to Update

someone to talk to

Chapter 2 – Questioning Answers

Word Count – 2,015

Chapter Summary – There’s a new victim and it pushed Reid closer to the BAU.

One More Night Update

one more night

Chapter 7 – Hard Days Work

Word Count – 1,319

Chapter Summary – Ian and Mickey’s first day at work together.

Soulless Update


Chapter 15 – Rising Power, Falling Stars

Word Count – 2,060

Chapter Summary – Cordelia makes her allegiances known while all around her the sides are shifting.

The Summoning Update

the summoning

Chapter 6 – Help a Sister Out

Word Count – 1,009

Chapter Summary – The ritual is completed

Deal Me In Update

Deal Me In

Chapter 5 – Why Me

Word Count – 2,049

Chapter Summary – Dean and Castiel end their date and Sam gets some company of his own….

Angel’s Destiny Update

Angel's Destiny

Chapter 7 – We Meet Again

Word Count – 2,087

Summary – Old acquaintances are renewed, both good and bad.

New Story

banner op 2

Summary : These are some Deleted Scenes for What About Now, or really just that Universe. There were several things I wished to do with Daina that I just never got around to, or I chose to go another way with it.

Chapter 1 – Rescue Godric

Soulless Update


Chapter 14 – Waking Nightmares, Sleeping Dreams

Word Count – 2,172

Summary – Now that the spell has lifted, the scoobies are in for a rocky ride. Actions have consequences after all, even unintended ones.

Story Previews


Victory is Mine!!!

I finally got the previews for the upcoming stories posted. You can see them by either going to the Story Previews Page and clicking on the banner pics or if you want to see more about the story look at the connecting pages.

kill me now

As for my already in progress stories. I am almost done with the next chapter for Soulless, mainly just editing now. So that will be Chapter 14 out of 20. So almost done there. Beyond that who knows, the holidays really took it out of me creatively.

Chapter Update Someone To Talk To

someone to talk to

Chapter 1 – Viva Las Vegas

Word Count – 2,019

Chapter Summary – The BAU team gets the lay of the land in vegas.


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