Good Night (One-Shot)

Lex pushed through the corn stalks searching the darkness for something, anything to tell him that he was going the right way. Each direction the beam from his flashlight swept through looked the same and he was amazed that more people didn’t get lost in the heart of this maze. Hearing a soft groan he followed the sound until the tall stalks gave way to a small clearing with a stake in the center meant for a scarecrow. Instead of a man of straw this one held a flesh and blood body. 


The boy was stripped down to just his boxers with a red “S” spray painted across his chest. It was barbaric! Beyond that though it was sexy in a way he hadn’t known he wanted before he saw it. The view of his hard sweat slick muscles straining made his own muscles tense in anticipation. He was tied to the stake, he wouldn’t be able to stop him if he chose to take a few liberties, he would release him after of course he wasn’t a monster to leave him hanging there all night.

Stepping forward he set his flashlight on the ground before he brought both hands up to rest against his abs. The boy was built! He didn’t even know that a teenager could have muscles like these. All the boys of his youth had been lanky like he was or built like brick walls and overly developed for sports. Clark was a carved Adonis, a fantasy made flesh.


“Shhh. Don’t worry Clark, I’ll get you down. Soon.” Letting his hands drift down a bit he traced his fingers against the top of his boxers before he hooked his thumbs under the band and pulled them down slowly. Every inch of newly revealed flesh was more appetizing than the last, he just wanted to lick the concaves of his hips and taste him. 

Thinking about it for a moment he couldn’t think of  a single reason why he couldn’t so he let himself indulge. Leaning in he dragged his tongue from the top of his boxers, now barely covering his cock, to the top of his jutting hip. He followed the delicate arc of bone before dipping back down into the hollow there for a deeper feel.

“Lex!” His voice was breathless and broken, a sound he would savor for the rest of his life.

“Sorry Clark, I can’t help myself. Don’t worry it only gets better from here.” Pulling the worn fabric down a bit more his mouth watered at the sight of the most perfect cock he’d ever seen springing forward. His erection was a work of art, he deserved to be worshiped and he knew just how to prove his devotion. 

Wrapping his lips around the head he sucked lightly not wanting to end things too soon. The sound of the guttural groan being pulled from deep in the boy’s chest had him fighting to keep himself from cumming in his pants. Letting himself sink down more he wrapped his tongue around the shaft massaging him way down to the root until he held him completely in his mouth. It was heaven. 

Hollowing his cheeks he pulled out every trick he’d ever learned during his misspent youth to pull more intoxicating sounds from the lips of his God. He would worship at his altar happily for the rest of his days. Getting lost in the feel and taste of him he nearly missed the shuttering of his whole body as his orgasm began to build and build inside him, doubling down he sucked just a little bit harder just enough to force him over the edge with a light drag of his teeth. 

The flood of cum that coated his mouth was so warm and sticky he wanted to bathe in it. Drinking him down he palmed at his own erection and finally opened his eyes to look up at the sight of debauched youth laid out before him. Clark’s eyes were heavy lidded and glassy, every bit of his energy drained out of him. He looked perfect.

Pulling back he let the now flaccid cock pop from his mouth, his breathing was heavy and his lungs stung from the cold night air but he didn’t care. He wasn’t nearly done yet. Circling around behind Clark he reached up and untied his arms so he could watch him fall onto the softened stalk strewn ground below. He was sprawled out and boneless, he tried to push himself up but didn’t have the strength. 

Licking his lips he knelt down behind him pulling at the boxers until they were in his hands and no longer blocking his views, he stuffed them in his coat pocket for later. Grabbing Clark’s hips he lined himself up with the beautiful hole he was about to conquer. Clark belonged to him!

Pushing forward he found nirvana. 

He was so tight it was a bit of a struggle to fully seat himself but going slowly he managed it after a few minutes, the body beneath him was lax and open and perfect. The heat wrapped around his cock made him want to stay there forever, but the tightness of his balls urged him to move. Pulling out slightly he pushed back in, he repeated his movements until it became an easy slide of flesh into flesh. Then he pulled out more before pushing back in with more effort forcing a soft grunt out of them both. It was so good, he had known it would be from the first moment he had woken with a taste of him on his lips that even river water couldn’t cover. Finding his rhythm he gave himself over to the sensation until he could feel his climax building. He was so close.

“I’m so close, Clark. You’re so good. Feel so good.” Feeling the rush of his release he held himself still until every drop had been wrung from him. Allowing himself to go boneless he fell over beside his companion breathing heavy but satisfied.

“Was it as good as you imagined?” This had been a fantasy swirling in his mind for years ever since he’d found Clark in this field the year they met. He had thought it would always stay a fantasy too until Clark suggested a little role play for their last night in Smallville.

“Better. That has to be the best way I’ve ever said goodbye to a town in my life.”

“Really? How did you say goodbye to Metropolis when you first got shipped out here?” He’d gotten drunk and vomited all over the carpet of his fathers office. Probably not the best story to share while in a post fuck haze. 

“I’ll tell you later.” Clark was finally eighteen and it was time for the two of them to say goodbye to the small town life and go find their place in the world together. They weren’t going to Metropolis either, they were leaving Kansas entirely. They might come back one day, but for right now the only thing they both wanted was to be somewhere that held no bad memories for either of them.

“The only thing that’ll be better than this is when I drive down mainstreet on my way towards proper civilization with a beautiful farm boy sucking my cock.” Staring up at the clear night sky with a laughing lover at his side he felt at peace for the first time in forever. 

This was a good night.

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