"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 3 – Changes

chapter 3


Dyson sat in the quiet darkness of his loft just staring at the human sleeping in his bed. Kenzi. It still boggled his mind how this fragile, opinionated, spunky little person had so insinuated herself in his life and his heart. After she had gotten his love back he’d tried to make everything within himself go back to the way it had been before. But, for some inexplicable reason every time he thought about things, genuinely sat down and reviewed his life over the past two years it wasn’t Bo who dominated his mind. It was Kenzi. Crazy, stupid, human Kenzi. The girl who kept his secrets after the incident with the Gorgon blood, the girl who refused to admit fear even as Basilisk poison raged through her system. The girl who took on a creature all fae feared just to make him whole again. Thinking back over his long life he couldn’t remember any other soul who had risked so much for him without the promise of something in return. As she began to stir he moved quickly towards the kitchen to start breakfast. Something told him they would need good food and even better coffee for this conversation.


Kenzi woke the way she always wanted to. To the smell of coffee and bacon. Did Bo bang a fae chef last night? Just like that, that one thought brought everything rushing back. Bo, Lauren, Dyson. Oh Christ, Dyson, he was going to want an explaination and she wouldn’t be able to give him one without the other. He was gonna be so pissed and maybe even a little hurt that she hadn’t asked him for help when she’d asked Trick. Shaking her head a little to clear it she sat up to greet the day. She’d learned a long time ago that regret and second guessing never really changed anything … except you.


Looking towards the kitchen she froze staring transfixed at the sight of a shirtless Dyson cooking. She knew she should look away, this was Bo’s Dyson after all, but she just couldn’t. If she let herself admit it she knew she’d been halfway to falling for the fur ball since he pinky promised not to leave her in the hands of Lauren and her evil cronies at that fae hospital. She’d always pushed it aside, always called it something else, gratitude, friendship, something… anything but that one thing she could never say out loud. She knew that if she ever said it, ever gave voice to that tiny whisper in her heart all it would do is cause pain and heartbreak all around. Dyson belonged with Bo end of story.


Dyson had just finished the final touches on their meal when he looked back to find Kenzi sitting up and staring at him with some emotion close to pain in her eyes. Then just as quickly it was gone almost as though it had never been. Replaced by her signature Kenzi smile.


He gave a little half wave telling her to come on over to the counter to eat. As she walked towards him in her usual energetic sway of hips he nearly became transfixed before he dug down deep enough to find the will needed to turn away and fix them both a cup of coffee. Turning back he found her already chowing down on a piece of bacon she’d snagged from the plate. Pushing a cup towards her he took a deep breathe to steady himself and gather his thoughts and watched as she seemed to do the same.


“So last night I got that Bo kicked you out because Lauren lied, care to elaborate this morning?”


He watched her close her eyes and take a deep breathe almost like she was gearing up for battle before launching into a long tale starting with her visit to the Norn. The more he heard the darker his mood became. She’d been hurt helping him and when she’d needed help in return she hadn’t wanted to worry him. That logic was just so… so… Kenzi. No one else he knew would ever be able to navigate the twist and turns of Kenzi logic that was for sure. By the time she’d finished telling him about her fight with Bo and the misunderstanding with Lauren, tears were freely streaming down her face. He let out a sigh of frustration before trying to unravel everything.


“So where did the lie come in exactly?”


“Lauren told Bo that I had betrayed her by siding with the light through another fae, which so isn’t true. Before I left Bo told me that she hoped BK was worth it, but I don’t know any BK hence the lie. Bitch!”


The last part had seemed to slip out as she thought about Lauren. Since he’d had similar thoughts about the doctor over the course of his association with her he didn’t bother to try and calm her down. Instead he tried to explain.


“But you do know a BK Kenzi we all do. Whenever you go to the Ash’s compound you have to sign in not with your name but your position, your title. Since your human you’ve never had to do that and neither has Bo since every time she’s gone before it’s been at the invitation of someone from the compound. Since most Fae titles are so long they cut it down to a few centuries ago to just initials. Trick is the Blood King and he’s the one who took you there. Bo just doesn’t know any more about the rules than you do so she assumed it was a name not a title. Lauren doesn’t know who Trick is she still believes he’s just a proprietor of a way station which doesn’t afford him the rank necessary to get you to where you’ve been going within the compound, so it would never have occurred to her who this person is. BK is Trick.”


Dyson left Kenzi in his loft to try and sleep a little more. She’d wanted to go to the compound and help Lochlan and Trick, but he’d seen how tired she really was and knew that what she really needed was rest. Promising to go in her place and to report back everything they found he kissed her gently on the forehead and set out to tackle the day.


He couldn’t wrap his mind around everything he’d learned. Especially about his own feelings for Kenzi. For the longest time he’d been so sure that he belonged with Bo and no other, then these feelings for the little human girl had snuck up on him and he just couldn’t seem to shake them. Now though, her life seemed to be on the line and he would do everything in his power to try and save her. Stepping into the light fae compound he took a deep breath to steady himself, he had work to do.


Trick wasn’t sure what to think of the newest developments, the most startling of which was that Lauren had actually told Bo about Kenzi’s comings and goings here at the compound. It wasn’t so much that she’d told on Kenzi but that she’d told an unaligned fae about the movements within the light fae building. That was such a breach of protocol that it could carry a penalty of death if the Ash were in a bad mood that day. Luckily for the good doctor Lochlan had decided to forgo her punishment until after the current crisis had passed.


Kenzi was getting weaker and weaker by the day, they were running out of time. The only good thing to come of this was that it seemed that Dyson was beginning to understand his feelings towards the girl and he may even be letting go of the feelings he thought he held for Bo. After Dyson had fun off that night to get back to Kenzi and make sure she ate something to try and keep her strength up Lochlan even made mention that he too had noticed the change in the young wolf.


“Care to make a wager Trick?”


“What did you have in mind?”


“I wager that Dyson will be the first to admit his true feelings for the girl.”


“You are delusional old friend, Kenzi is clearly the one with the most courage of the two. She will clearly be the first to speak.”


“If those are your true feelings why not make it interesting? Loser owes the winner one future favor no questions asked?”




Kenzi was staring at herself in the mirror when Dyson finally returned from the compound.


“Did you guys find anything?” She tried not to sound desperate, but considering the situation she didn’t feel so bad about failing at it.


“Not yet, I’m sorry Kenzi, but don’t worry we’ll find it.” He sounded so confident, so sure, she just wished that she still felt that way.




She watched him pause for a minute where he was setting out the food he’d brought back with him. Something in her voice must have really given her away. He walked towards her stopping only a few inches from her and stared into her eyes for a minute like he was looking for something. Finally he lifted his hand between them and held out his pinky.




Smiling she wrapped her finger around his and held on for a minute for the first time in a long time feeling safe and reassured.


“Now let’s eat, you have to keep your strength up.”


Trick could barely contain himself as he knocked on Dyson’s door. Bo had come to the Dahl to drown the sorrows of her life, spilling everything to him about the supposed betrayal of her soul sister and one of her many lovers. While he debated with himself over what to tell Bo, or more to the point what not to tell her, he’d gone back to the Light Fae library to try and put his nervous energy to good use. Finally it had paid off. Getting impatient when there was no answer he decided that the information he found constituted an emergency and began to fish his spare key out of his pocket. Opening the door cautiously he called out.


“Hello, Kenzi? Dyson?” He took a slow step inside looking left and right making sure to make a lot of noise. The last thing he wanted to do was walk in on them if they had finally admitted their oh so obvious feelings for one another at last. Rounding the corner he found Kenzi lying on the floor at the foot of the bed clutching her arms to her stomache.


“Kenzi!” Running up to her he put his hand on her forehead before quickly jerking it back, she was burning up. Not good, not good at all.


“Kenzi where is Dyson?” He hoped she was lucid enough to answer him.


“Had… had to go to… police station.”


Quickly digging out his phone he dialed the number he knew by heart while frantically looking around the room wondering what to do.




“Dyson! It’s Trick I found out what’s happening to Kenzi. When I stopped by to tell you both I found her on the floor. Dyson she’s burning up. I can’t get her to the compound so I’m going to call Lauren here. Get here as soon as you can.”


He hung up without waiting for a response. He cradled Kenzi’s head in his lap as he made his next call.




“Lauren, it’s Trick. Look there isn’t a lot of time to explain so I’ll give you the short version. When Kenzi faced off with the Norn to regain what Dyson had lost she got hurt. Dyson, The Ash, and I have been trying to help her. I found out what’s happening, but now we need you. I need you to hurry over to Dyson’s loft and bring with you…” When he finally got off the phone he looked down at the shaking girl in his lap. He needed to get her temperature down.


Lauren hung up the phone numbly. Calling over one of her assistants she set him about gathering all the supplies Trick told her to bring while she made the call she was dreading.




“Bo! Listen to me carefully… we were wrong about Kenzi.”


Bo drove as fast as she could. Kenzi was sick, Kenzi had been sick for a while now. How could she have been so stupid? Kenzi would never betray her she should have known that. She lost faith in her sister and now all she could do was pray that it wasn’t too late to fix it. Screeching to a halt in front of the building she saw Dyson just reaching for the door.


“Dyson!” Jumping out and slamming her door she turned all her fury on the only target she had besides herself.


“Bo…” She never gave him a chance to speak. She went right up to him and planted her fist in his face.


“How could you not tell me?”


“I only found out about it the night YOU kicked her out!”


She didn’t like his tone, and she was already itching for a fight.


“Are you saying I should have known?”


“No, I’m saying that next time you might want to talk to Kenzi rather than ambush her just because Lauren whispers something in your ear.”


She was getting ready to let him have it when someone started clapping behind them. Jerking her head to the side she found Lochlan smiling at them still clapping.


“Bravo, bravo, very entertaining. Well done children, now if you’re done bickering we do have a sick girl to help.”


“Why are you here Lochlan?” Finding a new direction for her fury she geared up.


“Not that I ever have to explain anything to you, but I happen to be quite fond of Kenzi, and when Trick phoned to explain things I thought she might need someone to referee. And look I was right.” His smug grin just ate at her self control.


“You know what’s happening to Kenzi? Well come on spill!”


“When our dear brave Kenzi went to the Norn she came into contact with the blood of an Omega wolf. Since Dyson already understands I’ll take my leave now.” As he pushed passed them she turned her confused gaze on Dyson.


“Alright, What am I missing?”


“When the blood of an Omega touches the skin of a human that human becomes an Omega wolf.”


“What? Why?”


“Back in the old days it was a form of retribution. The only way to get Omega blood on you was by killing one. If you took the life of an Omega then you became one to replace it. The Omegas were wiped out over a thousand years ago and I never thought it was possible to store their blood. I was wrong it seems.”


With that Dyson stormed inside leaving Bo standing on the sidewalk completely lost. Kenzi was going to be a shapeshifter and a wolf one at that. Her world was being turned upside down. Hearing Kenzi scream tore her from her self-pity party and sent her running inside.


Dyson stood in the doorway of his spacious bathroom and stared at Kenzi. Trick and Lauren had put her in his tub and filled it with ice water, she should have been freezing, but even from this distance he could tell she was burning up. Glancing at Trick he knew what the problem was, she was human. Not so much in her body anymore, but her mind was very human. She needed to let her wolf merge with her human side, but didn’t know how. If she fought it too long or too hard she would kill herself. Yanking off his jacket he bent down to unlace his boots. She needed help. She needed him.


Lochlan saw Dyson start to undress and had to fight not to smile. If these two didn’t admit their feelings soon he was going to lose the bet he made with Trick. He’d bet that Dyson would admit his love to Kenzi, while Trick believed that the little human would find her courage long before the wolf and be the first to voice her feelings for him. Their love for one another was painfully obvious, but never more so than when Dyson got into that freezing water with Kenzi cradled to his chest. Glancing towards the door he saw the storm brewing in the eyes of his least favorite succubus.


Bo tried to tell herself that Dyson was just being Dyson. Helping people came naturally for him, but she couldn’t hold on to that. Watching him hold her, whisper to her, stroke her hair, it was beyond obvious that he loved her.


“So what are you two together now?” The startled look on his face just fueled the fire. He’d forgotten she was even in the room.


“Bo I think you should go.”


“What?” She couldn’t believe Trick was kicking her out. He was her grandfather, shouldn’t he be on her side. She had every right to be upset. Didn’t she?


“This transformation will be hard enough on Kenzi, and without the influence of Dyson’s wolf she may not make it. He can’t be distracted.”


Oh well that sounded practical. She was a big distraction for Dyson. Turning away she walked out secure in the knowledge that she hadn’t really seen what she thought. Dyson and Kenzi would never betray her like that. They loved her.


Dyson held Kenzi for hours as the war within her raged. He told her that it would all be alright all she had to do was relax. Let go. That he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. Finally he watched her beautiful blue eyes flash gold before she fell into an exhausted sleep. It was over. She was Omega.


He watched everyone slowly leave as he got a now warm and dry Kenzi tucked into bed. Lauren was following after the Ash apologizing over and over for running to Bo with Light Fae business. He studiously ignored her pleas for forgiveness. Trick trudged out grumbling about a bet. He paid them no attention at all; every ounce of his focus was on Kenzi. The girl he nearly lost. The girl he loved. There he admitted it, he’d fought long and hard to deny it, but he knew it was true.




“Yeah Kenzi?” The sound of her voice made his heart stop.


“What am I gonna do now?”


“Well, you’re gonna stay here with me and I’m gonna teach you all about being a wolf. The rest we’ll deal with when it becomes a problem. Deal?” He held his breathe for her answer.


“Deal.” With that she fell back into a restful sleep. Leaning down he kissed her forehead before curling up next to her in the dark.


“I love you Kenzi.” With that sleep reached up to overtake him.


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