"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 2 – Training part 1 – Claws

chapter 2

Kenzi stared down at Dyson’s outstretched hand, his once short nails now razor sharp claws, and frowned with frustration. Why couldn’t she do that? They had been “practicing” for hours now and still her mani was completely flawless.

“Ahhh, I’m never going to get this.”

“Yes you will, it will just take time, and effort.”

“Is that how you mastered all your wolfy-ness oh great one?”

The way he ducked his head down and smiled, made her heartbeat thunder in her ears, not that she would ever truly go there. But still that smile was downright lethal.

“No, it’s not.”

“Then why can’t I learn the way you did?” Anything had to be better than this way. She just wasn’t getting any of it this way.

“Because, I was born with my wolf, I was never anything other than what I am now. There were no limitations I needed to overcome. With me it was always more about learning not to shift, than learning to do it.”

“Oh, dude, did you like run around as a little wolf cub? Was that your people’s version of a toddler running around bare ass? Even if you didn’t I now totally have it as a mental image and it’s soooo cute.”

“Come on Kenzi, try to focus, the sooner you learn this the sooner we can leave this cabin and head back to town.”

She scrunched up her face so that he could see that she was concentrating just like he asked, but at the same time she couldn’t help but think about what he’d said. Did she want to leave here? This cabin in the woods where it was just her and D-man, chilling and talking all day and all night? With a jolt she realized that no, no she didn’t want to leave. But why?

She missed her BoBo she really did, even though they hadn’t parted ways on the best of terms, she knew she and her bestie would work things out like always. She’d made new friends or really better friends of not only Dyson, but Trickster and the formerly dubbed Ash-hole. She and doc hot pants had developed a little friction but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some good old fashioned avoidance. So what was her deal?

She didn’t know why she was so afraid to go back, and afraid she was. She might not like admitting to her fears out loud, especially when the Fae were within earshot, but she could still recognize them for her own and she was afraid.

Looking up as Dyson took her hand and moved it this way, and that way, trying to help her do what came so naturally to him she had her answer. She was afraid of Dyson. Not like afraid, afraid, but scared witless of losing him. When she finally go this whole wolf business down and went back to where they both belonged, he would go back to where he belonged. Bo’s arms.

Not, that she really had a problem with that, if Bo-balicious was who made his wolf sit up and howl then all the power to them both, but something way down deep inside of her sat up and snarled at the mental picture show that went along with that idea. She didn’t understand that any more than she understood anything else that was happening in her life at the moment, so she did what she always did when life got too complicated to deal with, she pushed at all to the way side and concentrated on one thing at a time. She would sprout some claws if it was the last thing she did!

Dyson watched as Kenzi’s face got all serious, a sure sign that was really thinking about other things, but it was so cute he decided to let her have her little mental dialogue for the moment. If it went on for too long he could always bring her focus back to where it was really needed after all. For now though he had a few mental road blocks to overcome himself. When he’d talked about them leaving the cabin and going back to the Dahl his heart had skipped a beat leaving a burning sensation in his chest.

He knew he loved Kenzi, and deep down he and his wolf were both sure that she returned his feelings, but at the same time he couldn’t force himself to say the words to her when she was awake and coherent enough to truly hear them. He was being a coward, he knew that, but he just couldn’t force those words out of his throat where they burned waiting to be said. He was stuck in the land of what if. What if she didn’t feel the same way? What if she did feel those feeling for him but he rushed her and messed it all up? What if the woman who made him, both man and wolf, content didn’t say it back?

Letting his eyes slide closed for a moment he let those thoughts run wild for a moment, before he slammed the door shut on them. Now was not the time for that, now was the time for training. If there really was an unknown pack in the area like he thought, then Kenzi would need to know how to defend herself, and that began with being able to call her wolf claws into her human form. In close combat they were better than any knife.

“Come on Kenzi, you can do this. You’re just over thinking it. The wolf, your wolf, is a part of you. She’s always with you, just beneath the surface. Waiting to help you survive anything, willing to let you draw on her strength and her true predatory nature. The claws are just a part of that. Always there but hidden from sight until truly needed or asked for. Close your eyes and see your wolf, you’ve seen her before, just let her in if only a little bit, let her guide you to what needs to happen. Just let go, that little bit, let the wolf inside of you rise to the surface.”

He watched as slowly her nails began to change to the claws he’d always known were there. When she opened her eyes again instead of the grey ice blue of her human side the bright gold of her wolf shone through.

“Good. Very good.”

He wasn’t so worried now, now that he knew that if it came down to it she could and would do whatever she had to in order to survive. He shouldn’t have been so surprised Kenzi had been a survivor long before she’d ever met the Fae and now that she was fae herself that wouldn’t change.

A/N – Alright so now I know what I want to do with this re-write. The last one just seemed a little rushed and sort of anti-climactic to me after I re-read it so this one will be a bit more action packed and it’ll also focus a bit more on Kenzi coming to terms with her new wolf side and what it takes for her to learn to control it. She’s mastered the claws in this chapter but she still has to master shifting not only when she wants to but also how not to shift when her emotions run away with her, and she’ll have to learn a bit more about what it means to be a shifter and the history of her new people, and probably a great deal more than that. Not to mention the Dyson/Kenzi feels that they both have to see their way to admitting. We’ll see over the course of her training as they both realize how much they already understand each other.


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