"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

Chapter 1 – Ride Me

Chapter 1

Sookie looked around the party and still couldn’t believe where her life had ended up. If the her from two years ago could see her now she would be horrified. Heck, if her Gran really knew what she was doing for a living she would be horrified.

Two years ago her Gran had a stroke, and with the medical bills added on top of the regular living expenses, they had been drowning. Jason had been no help at all, preferring to use his money to keep himself afloat and full of his new drug of choice, V.

It was thinking about her brothers new habit, that she’d come up with the idea for a solution, she would be a donor at one of those big hotels in Shreveport.

Before she’d even gone for the interview, that had been more like an audition really, she’d resigned herself to having sex with people she didn’t know. They could say that donors only gave blood all they wanted but everyone knew that being a donor was a full service kind of thing. She didn’t think of herself as that sort of girl, but push had come to shove with the bank threatening to foreclose on Grans house and it was time to do what needed to be done.

With only a high school diploma to her name, this was the only way she was going to be able to get the money they needed as fast as they needed it. So she’d answered the ad, full of determination and bravado that she didn’t truly feel. She’d only had sex once before after all, she’d lost her virginity senior year of high school to J.B. DeRune one of the sweetest guys ever, dumb as a post but sweet. This job had been her last chance, her one hail mary, if this tanked she and her Gran would have been screwed.

Two Years Ago

Sookie stood in the center of the room while the vampires ogoled her. There was Mr. Andell and Ms. Karla, they were co-owners of Shreveports only exclusively vampire hotel and were in charge of picking the donors.

It made sense she supposed who knew better what vampires would want than other vampires after all. She’d forgone any of her usual sundresses in favor of a tank top and short denim skirt. It didn’t exactly scream sexy, but it didn’t scream church social either, so it was the best option she had on short notice.

“Turn around girl.” She bit back her inital response of anger and irritation, she could not blow this.

“Well, she’s pretty enough, but how are her skills?”

“One way to find out. Come here girl and suck my cock.”

She didn’t react beyond a slight nod of her head to show she understood and consented, she had expected this after all. She’d walked up to him, sank to her knees, and used everything she’d ever seen done before.With all the memories and fantasies she’d witnessed over the years, she was fairly sure she would at least be average even without any practical experience.

She began slowly, almost teasing him with kisses and licks but gradually, as she grew more confident and his moans of pleasure grew louder, her movements became bolder. The hand gripping the base of his shaft began to pump up and down while she sucked, her head bobbing in time with her hand, then suddenly she stopped and twisted her head to the side, so she could run the slightly rougher, top side of her tongue against his sensitive glands as she sucked.

“Mmmm, she is truly talented.” His hand twisted in her hair gripped her tighter, causing searing pain to spread along her scalp. It was painful, but not altogether unpleasant, if she was being honest she was kinda getting off on the whole thing. She could feel her thighs becoming damp with her mounting need.

When his release came she swallowed it down, knowing men preferred to watch a woman do that rather than spit it out.

“Well, we know she is experienced with men, what of women? Many of our guests are female, have you any experience with the fairer sex?” Karla asked, her fangs already down from what little of the girl they’d already seen. She truly was magnificent on her knees.

“I never have before, but I’m willing.” Sookie, had thought about her lines, which she would cross and which she wouldn’t, very hard before she ever even came here. She knew that going down on a woman was likely to be part of this job, and when faced with the consequences of not getting this job, doing so didn’t seem like such a bad thing after all.

Karla spread her legs, draping them over the sides of her chair and beckoned her over with her with a wave of her hand.

“Don’t worry sweetness, I’ll give you all the instruction you’ll need. You just do your best.”

Sookie had never done this before, but she had seen it more than once. It was truly amazing the people who condemned same sex partners the loudest were usually the ones who had such experiences in their mind most of the time. Of course those thoughts were usually followed by a laundry list of reasons why it didn’t count against them, but that didn’t change what she’d learned.

She crawled on her hands and knees from Mr. Andrell over to where Ms. Karla waited for her, making sure to arc her back just enough that they could see both down her shirt and up her skirt. She’d forgone any form of underthings, it had been one of the more daring things she’d done to date, but considering what she was doing now, not the most daring she’d done today.

She began simply, running her tongue fully up the length of the other womans slit. Tasting her tangy juices as they coated her tongue.

“Just like that, you slut.” She continued on, encouraged by the womans words, using every trick she’d ever seen before.

While her head was buried between the other womans legs she felt Mr. Andrell move in behind her. They were going to share her. As her skirt slowly slid up, revealing her naked sex, she braced herself mentally for what was to come. She’d never been used like this before, and while it was different, she had to admit that it was also a little empowering that knowlede that they wanted her so badly.

“You are such a good girl, take it all for me.” As he began to slide into her wet heat from behind, her walls squeezing him tightly, she felt the shudder rock his body. Both vampires were breathing heavily, on the brink of release, pushing and grinding against her. She began to moan with each thrust into her pussy, making Karla cum all the faster.

She continued to lick at her juices, feeling the aftershocks of pleasure pulsating on her tongue, until she felt her hole being filled with hot, sticky, cum. Only then did she pull back and straighten up onto her knees.

“Mmm narvana. Now for a taste.” By this point, both vampires were so aroused they had begun to crave what else this beautiful creature had to offer them.

They had both leaned in and fed from her, one on either side of her neck. It hurt, a little, at first, but she knew that it would. Soon though, that pain gave way to such pleasure she understood why some people became addicted to the experience. When they each had their fill, they’d leaned back with a slightly dazed expression on their faces.

“Yes, she’ll do nicely, very nicely indeed.”

That was two years ago, and the money she’d made since had helped to pull her and Gran at least mostly out of debt. It was a little hard to get completely out from under when it seemed like everyday more was being added, but at least now they weren’t in danger of losing anything anymore.