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Prologue – The Path We Walk

Disclaimer time – I don’t own anything that even slightly has something to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All rights and stuff go to Joss Whedon and any of the hundred networks that aired it. I own nothing and therefore make nothing for doing this.


1789 Nice, France

Buffy sat in her drawing room, of her modest home, and waited for the knock on her door. She knew he would come tonight, as he had come every night before for the last week. She had always turned him away in the past, reluctantly, out of loyalty to her current “benefactor”. The man who had purchased this very home for her, in exchange for her company.

Everyone of her profession knew that a woman with a reputation of stepping out on the men who provided for her, rarely found protection again. Or at least rarely found it easily.

While the rules of love and lust were not as stringent here as they were in some parts of the world, there were still certain rules that needed to be observed. If not strictly followed all the time.

For that reason alone she’d turned down her handsome admirer, but now that the man who had once been her friend had passed on, she was no longer choosing to ignore his advances. She had checked around when she had first caught his attention and she knew that this man, this Angelus, was well off and well respected.

In other words he was exactly what she needed, and after tonight she would do everything she could to be everything he needed in return.

1879 Venice, Italy

Buffy stood at the large bay window staring up at the moonless night sky and thought on her life, what it had been, what it had become, and what it was shaping itsself to be.

“What are you thinking of so deeply my sweet girl?”

Feeling her Sires arms wrap around her waist, she closed her eyes and just savored the moment. Since she knew her next words would ruin it.

“I am lonely, my dark angel.” She was prepared for his anger, his violent response, so his tightened grip on her waist was no surprise.

“Lonely? Do I no longer satisfy you? Do I leave you wanting? Does my touch leave you cold?” He puctuated his every question with a strong thrust of his hips against her backside. His erection straining and easily felt through both his clothes and hers. Oh, how she wished she felt it even more.

“You know that is not so, I crave your touch as much now as I did that first night you took my body with your own. However, you are forever busy dancing attendance on Darla, or finding a new interesting plaything to play your never ending games with, or enacting some scheme. While I crave your touch, I at times go days or even weeks without it. I do not seek to replace you in my bed, I only wish for it not to be so empty.” She knew her Sire well. He and Darla could take anyone to bed that struck their fancy, at any time they felt the urge, but she was never to be touched without his permission. He owned her, and he did not share his possessions lightly.

It was for this reason that his next words startled her out of her morosse reveree.

“Very well then my sweet girl, if it would make you happy to do so, then I give you my permission to find yourself another companion. One of your very own.” She could have someone?

“Truly?” She spun around to see his face, his words could at times decieve even her, but she had learned to read his eyes long ago.

“Do I ever give permission I do not mean? Yes of course, but know now that while I may share you, I will never lose you. You are now and will forever more be mine!”

“I will always belong to you, my Angel.” Looping her arms around his neck, her body flush against his own, she spent the rest of the night both proving her eternal gratitude and planning for her future companion.

1881 Paris, France

Buffy ran down the alley her long full skirt tugging and pulling at crate corners and debris as she went. The shadow of the thing behind her stretched out before her on the wall as he gained on her easily beginning to overtake her with his faster pace. When she felt a pair of hands on arms she froze, not moving a muscle as she was turned and slammed forcefully into the stone wall behind her. Looking up into the yellow eyes of the creature that held her… she smiled.

“Very good William, you’re learning.”

“Well, I had a hell of a teacher didn’t I love. Now that I caught the prize, what’s my reward?” His voice dipped low with seduction as he spoke, grinding his hips against her own for good measure trying to find some relief for the arousal the game of chase had caused.

It was a game they played together often since she’d turned her dear William nine years ago. He was still learning to better his skills at everything and so she was still teaching him the nuances of a good hunt.

“Oh my darling dark knight, whatever did you have in mind? Come on tell me.”

“Never was all that good at telling sweetness, much better at showing.” The new rougher accented he’d taken to over the past year thrilled her to the bone. His words singing in her very blood.

Without another word he grabbed both of her legs dragging her up, her back scrapping against the hard stones behind her, until she was wrapped around his waist in open submission to his will. While she was older and could easily dominate her bad, bad boy, and had when the mood struck or when a lesson was needed to be taught she much preferred to be dominated. Most likely a combined result of her upbringing as a human and the time she’d spent with her sire Angelus. She loved the feel of his bruising touch as his finger dug painfully into her thighs pulling her legs farther apart. Yes, her darling boy was an amazing student, and there was still so much to teach him, but the lessons he learned he learned well.

“Yes, my dark knight, take me.”

They spent the next hour pressed up against that wall, doing all sorts of naughty things. When they were finally righting their clothes again preparing to venture back onto the main street filled with all the lovely humans to eat she spoke of their future plans.

“Now, remember, we shan’t be here long so don’t get attached we’re leaving tomorrow to meet up with the others.”

“Where are we meeting them again?” Her boy was starting to pout. He never did like sharing her, especially with her Sire.

“Oh, sweet thing, are you not happy about the celebration.”

“Don’t ever think that, of course I want to celebrate your birthday with the others. It’s not every day you reach your century mark after all. It’ll be a big day. I’m sorry love, I’m a bad, rude man, now come on tell us where are we going. Will it be a big party?” His grin was infectious and she immediately found an answering smile tugging at her own lips.

“The biggest my dear boy, the streets will run red for days. As for the location I got word from Darla just the other day we’re to meet them in St. Petersburg Russia, where I’m told we will be attending the ballet. You know how much I love the ballet. After that we’ll travel together for a time. We’ll likely go to Rome, you know how much Darla loves it there she says it’s more the city of romance than Paris could ever be, not that I agree with her but it’s never nice to argue with the elderly. After that we’ll wander for a time.”

“Nowhere specific in mind love?” She knew he would follow her anywhere, her dark knight.

“No, but Angelus has been talking about visiting Romania for some time now so perhaps we will go there as well.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Yes it does doesn’t it.”

So that’s the start of this new adventure, this chapter was mainly a quick look at the lead up, before we get to the main event. I decided I’d give a little time line details down here for everyone who was like me before I started this story and knew the gist of when certain things happened for the characters but was a little hazy on the exact dates.

Time line

Darla was turned in 1609 making her about 388 years old when we first see her in Sunnydale in 1997.

Darla turned Angelus (Liam) in 1753 when she was about 144 years old. As far as I know he was the only person she ever turned.

Then I had Angelus turn Buffy in 1790 when he was 37 years dead which does seem young but Dru turned Spike in the original timeline when she was only 20 years dead so I figured it still works. Besides Angelus was always impulsive so I could totally see him turning someone after only 37 years.

After that Spike got turned in 1880 originally by Dru but in this story I had Buffy do it.

Then in 1890 the gang go to Russia and see the Ballet that was later seen again in the Angel episode Waiting in the Wings.

1894 They all go to Rome and they meet the immortal which you saw in a flashback where he locked Angelus and Spike up and then spent some time banging Dru and Darla

Then in 1898 Angelus was cursed with his soul.

Then in 1997 things kick off in Sunnydale for Season 1

That’s the majority of the timeline for now. I just wanted to touch on it because while it is cannon and I did mention some of it in the story above, and may even make mention of it later I won’t really be going into much detail for most of it. The next chapter will pick up in the Buffy canon when Spike came to Sunnydale, so roughly season 2 1998.