"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere" Albert Einstein

List of Stories



Soul-less – Angelus/Cordelia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Rated – M

Warning(s)- Violence, sexual situations, Dub-con, stalking, torture,etc.

(WIP) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary – Angelus wants his revenge on the slayer but he just needs one thing first. Cordelia. Set in Season 2 of Buffy.

Inspired by –  My love of the Angelus/Cordelia pairing. There just aren’t enough of those stories out there.


Angel's Destiny

Angel’s Destiny – To put the pairing would be a spoiler (Angel)

Rated – M

Warning (s) – Violence, Sexual situations, graphic depictions of well everything!

(WIP)  Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – What if Darla had given birth to twins? This is the story of Angel’s daughter Destiny and her struggle to fit in a new world with her brother and Holtz on one side, her father and his crew on the other and a blooming love in the middle. Where do you turn when your loyalties are divided?



Family Business

Family Business – Bones/Booth, Angela/Hodgins (Bones)

Rated – M

Warning (s) – Graphic depictions of violence, crime scenes, and there will be sex.

(WIP) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary – What if Bones and Russ hadn’t lost their parents. What if they were raised in the family business. After getting caught Temperance Brennan is offered a deal work at the Jeffersonian instead of going to prison.


Criminal Minds

someone to talk to

Someone to Talk To – Hotch/Reid (Criminal Minds)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – Sexual content, graphic depictions of violence

(WIP) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary – When the team goes to Vegas to solve another crime spree Hotch meets someone who’ll turn his world upside down.

Inspired by – My need to do a criminal minds fic. My imagination is just disturbed.


Lost Girl

Dog Wild

Dog Wild – Kenzi/Dyson (Lost Girl)

Rated – T

Warning(s) – mild violence

Word Count – 8,438

(Complete) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – After the Garuda is defeated Kenzi starts to focus on her “gift” from the Norn. When the pain starts to spread she knows she’s in trouble and need to ask for help. Only question now is who to ask.

Inspired by – My active imagination during the break between seasons two and three when I just really needed to know what the hell was up with that rash on her arm.


Dog Days

Dog Days – Kenzi/Dyson (Lost Girl)

Rated – T

Warning(s) – mild violence

(WIP) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – Now that Kenzi is dealing with all the new changes in her life the last thing she needs is fae politics to enter into it all, but now that a new wolf pack is in town she doesn’t have a choice but to play her new hand and hope she wins. This story was complete but is now being re-written.

Inspired by – It’s predecessor Dog Wild


I got you

I Got You Lachlan/Kenzi (Lost Girl)

Rated – T

Warning(s) – Mild violence and implied sexual situations

Word Count – 1,422

(Complete) | One Shot

Summary – When Lochlan sets his sights on Kenzi he gets her alone to make his wants known, and what the Ash wants … the Ash gets no matter what.

Inspired by – the fact that I haven’t seen much for this pairing so I had to do a little something for it.


My Girl

My Girl Kenzi/Vex (Lost Girl)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – violence, sexual situations, dub-con, and torture

(WIP) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – When Hale made a deal with Vex to help him overcome the Morrigan and save his way of life he didn’t expect to be double crossed. But the Morrigan held the trump card for dealing with Vex. A certain little russian with a hell of an attitude and Vex’s heart in her hands.

Inspired by – The first fic I read about these two called the Russian Queen which showed me just how badass Kenzi really is (like I didn’t already know that) and how she really needed a little dark in her life. Also I just think these two would just work together so amazingly.



leave out all the rest

Leave Out All the Rest – Merlin/Freya, Arthur/Gwen (Merlin)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – Violence, hatred (hateful words/slurs), and mild character death

Word Count – 13,613

(Complete) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – When Camelot is overtaken by Nimuhe Arthur, Morgana, Gwen, Giaus, and Leon are the only ones who escape. Now that they need help to gain back their home Giaus suggests seeking the aid of a very powerful sorcerer a man that he used to know called Balinor. What they find on their search for their savior isn’t what they expected.

Inspired by – This actually came out of left field like a lot of my ideas do. I was just sitting around one day after the series ended listening to music thinking about Merlin and I had an idea of how his life could have gone and that’s where this AU came from. I mean Merlin was always more powerful than Arthur or at least they were always on even footing and I really wanted to see what would happen if they started out that way instead of Prince and Manservant.


forever lost

Forever Lost – Arthur/Gwen, Freya/Merlin  (Merlin)

Rated – T (Mostly a friendship fic)

Warnings – None so far

Word Count –  5,517

(Complete) Chapter IndexChapter 1

Summary – Arthur has killed a Unicorn putting his kingdom in danger who will help him set it right again.

Once Upon a Time

consequences of reason

Consequences of Reason – Henry/Lydia OC (Once Upon a Time)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – violence, sexual situations, abuse of power and authority, and so much more

Story Word Count – 5,455

(Complete) Chapter IndexChapter 1

Summary – When Henry starts questioning his life and his decisions he meets someone who helps him put everything in perspective.

Inspired by – It always struck me how Snow would always say that a parent should give their child their best chance. So one day I started to wonder what if you were trying so hard to do that but you just kept going about it the wrong way. Then I started to wonder if Emma did that with Henry who would side with who and where would Regina fit into it all and that’s how this story was born. (This story is sort of the prequel to the story I really want to write, but I had to get this one out of the way first).



one more night

One More Night – Ian/Mickey (Shameless)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – violence,drugs,underage drinking, breaking the law, abuse, and sex sex sex

(WIP) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – After Mickey’s first time with Ian they both think that would be the end of it but when Mickey can’t stop thinking about Ian he decides they have to be together no matter what Ian thinks.

Inspired by – Every Ian/Mickey Shameless story I ever read which always seemed to keep Mickey as the emotionally stunted closet case and this is my response turning him into the badass he portrays to the world. I think it’s about time that Mickey gets what he wants.



Deal Me In

Deal Me In – Castiel/Dean (Supernatural)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – violence and sexual situations

(WIP) Chapter Index | Chapter 1 

Summary – Castiel fell in love with Dean the moment he saw him and his love only grew with time. So when he sees Dean about to make a deal to save his brother he can’t help himself. He steps in.

Inspired by – This is a merge of two fics with some of my own thoughts poured on top. It’s all in the Details and A demon by any other name both helped to create this and I rec them to anyone who likes this pairing.


Teen Wolf


Discoveries Stiles/Derek (Teen Wolf)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – Sexual content, Violence, implied domestic abuse

Word Count – 10,153

(Complete) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – Stiles will do anything to make sure Derek gets his happily ever after even if it means lying to his friends. But when his friends start to piece things together and jump to the wrong conclusions will he be able to fix it before it’s too late.


Forever yours

Forever Yours Stiles/Derek (Teen Wolf)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – Not sure yet haven’t gotten far enough to know.

(WIP) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – AU. Derek is a powerful (non-werewolf) creature and his rage is legendary. To keep from being targeted by him a group a druids send his beloved far away and take his memories. Now Derek searches for the only one he truly cares about and his search has brought him to Beacon Hills California.


True Blood

will you be mine

Will You Be Mine – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M

Warning(s)  – violence and sexual situations

Word Count – 23,227

(Complete) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary  – When Eric makes his offer of protection Sookie only hesitates for a second before jumping in with both feet. Now, they need to figure out how they fit together with everyone trying to tear them apart.

Inspired by – That crap ending to season four!!!! Don’t even get me started on any of that so I fixed it.


Will you stay with me

Will You Stay With Me  – Eric/Sookie Sequel to Will You Be Mine (True Blood)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – violence and sexual situations

(WIP) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary –  Eric and Sookie have moved on but others seem to want to drag them back.  Can they stay one step ahead of their pasts or have they taken one step forward only to take two steps back.

Inspired by – Will You Be Mine this is the next step is their relationship.

Future with me

Future With Me – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – violence, torture, and sex

(WIP) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary – When a demon gives Eric, Pam, Bill and Jessica a glimpse into their futures they’re all stunned at where they ended up. Now that they know how the story ends some are trying to change it while others try desperately to reach their happy ending.

Inspired by – I kept reading all these fic where someone would go back in time and fix everything and while that’s a good idea and one I’ll likely use later on I just thought I would switch it up and have the people from the past go forward and try to puzzle everything out.

Another World

Another World Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – sex and violence

Word Count – 25,325

(Complete) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – After Sookie’s death Eric would try anything even Fae magic to see her again. When he’s given the chance at a fresh start he realizes he can do it all again and do it better in another world.

Inspired by – My version of Eric traveling back in time to get it right.

What about now

What About Now – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – Sex and violence of all kinds

Word Count –  19,700

(Complete) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary  – When Sookie’s telepathic cousin comes to town she decides that she needs to help Sookie find the right guy for her. With vampire interference, human hatred, a trip to Dallas, and her cousin’s own stubborn pride that proves to be harder than she first thought. Luckily she knows the perfect Viking for the job.

Inspired by – Well I had the character of Sookie’s cousin in my head for the longest time just shouting at me to be written then I came up with this idea that Sookie couldn’t be the only telepath in her family (I mean other than her nephew) so this is what came out of that.

banner op 2

The Cutting Room Floor

Rated – Ratings vary from Chapter to Chapter

Warning(s) – Since each chapter will be different, I’ll post any warnings at the beginning of each one.

WIP – Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – These are some Deleted Scenes for What About Now, or really just that Universe. There were several things I wished to do with Daina that I just never got around to, or I chose to go another way with it.

Vampire Diaries


Revenge is a Klaus Specialty – Klaus/Caroline (Vampire Diaries)

Rated – M

Warning – VIOLENCE

Word Count – 7,860

(Complete) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary –  After one attempt to many to end his life Klaus decides that he’s let things go to often lately and now he has to put everyone in their place.

Inspired by- I got the idea for this fic by reading Revenge is a Confession of Pain and then I got to thinking about the idea of Klaus going postal on everyone and then it became the challenge to come up with the right punishment for everyone based on what they did. It was really fun and stretched my imagination a bit.

Only One

Only One Klaus/Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Rated – M

Warning(s) – Violence, death, sexual situations

Word Count – 29,134

(Complete) Chapter Index |Chapter 1

Summary – Rose tells the story of Klaus and Caroline to Elena,Damon,and Stefan while they’re on their way to Mystic Falls.

Inspired by – My imagination

Party plans

Party Plans – Klaus/Caroline (Vampire Diaries)

Rated – T

Warning(s) – emotional and physical abuse, torture in last few chapters (but nothing too graphic).

Word Count – 38,116

(Complete) Party PlansChapter 1

Summary – When Klaus hears that the Mystic falls gang is planning a party he gets suspicious so he gets himself invited. Sort of.

Inspired by – I can’t tell or it would ruin the surprise.

Life Plans

Life Plans – Klaus/Caroline (Vampire Diaries)

Rated – T

Warning(s) – Nothing I can think of at the moment, will change later it necessary.

(WIP) Life Plans | Chapter 1

Summary : Sequel to Party Plans. Now that the punishments have all been handed out it’s time for everyone to start living in their new reality, especially Caroline.

Inspired by : It’s predecessor.

Veronica Mars

love me now and forever

LoVe Me Now and Forever – Logan/Veronica, Lilly/Weevil (Veronica Mars)

Rated – T

Warnings – none so far

Word Count – 2,662 | One-Shot (for now)

Summary – Logan and Lilly rule the school together but what do they do when they’re apart. Or more importantly who do they did it with?


the summoning

 The SummoningFaith/? (Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover)

Rated – M

Warnings – Extreme depictions of violence, graphic depictions of sex and sexual situations,

(WIP) Chapter Index | Chapter 1

Summary – When Anita is called to the scene of a murder she thinks it’s just another day at the office. When the second call comes she starts to worry. With the third call comes understanding, and so much more.

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