Space Dogs & Others

This one was a bit harder to title for me. There is a space in fandom where people keep putting the characters of Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen together and that is a space I dearly want to occupy but there is no true name for it really. There are names for the various ships but not this space as a whole so I went with this… the ships will be named below.

Adam Raki (Adam 2019)/ Nigel (Charlie Countryman 2013)

Aiden (Blood and Chocolate 2007)/ Nigel (Charlie Countryman 2013)

Will Graham (Hannibal)/Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)

The list goes on and will grow as I delve into each pairing but these three are the ones I have fics for.

In the End

Rated – Mature

Summary – Nigel gets his divorce papers in the mail from Gabi and he has feelings he would like to express.

Relationship(s) – Aiden (Blood & Chocolate)/Nigel (Charlie Countryman), Past Nigel/Gabi

Characters – Aiden, Nigel, Gabi (mentioned)

Tag(s) – Mature sexual content; swearing; canon typical views

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