Chapter 7 – Picture Day

Penny Queen had finally made it in L.A. She had struggled for years to find that one part that would start her career and she finally found it, not exactly where she thought she would but it was a part. So what if she was doing voice work for a video game, it was a paying job where she got to tell a story, she was counting it. Today she was set to do some publicity photos and some character stills, the designers wanted to match her character to her voice as much as possible. 

Walking into the photoshoot set was like walking into one of her childhood dreams, there were lights and cameras everywhere, people were scurrying from one end of the large warehouse space to the other getting things set up. There was a clothing rack filled with designer dresses with her name on it, it was enough to make a small town girl swoon. Trying to remain professional and not look too much like a newbie she walked up to her agent, the only person she recognized, and asked what she was supposed to do first.

“So Penny, they’re still getting set up but this is going to be a bit of a closed set today. Once it’s all in place you’ll go to the makeup chair and they’ll style you for the first look, but everyone but the photographer will leave before you put on the clothes. The designers don’t want to risk any leaks, if people start complaining before the project even rolls out it could be a disaster, and trust me even when everything’s perfect people still complain. I know there are around sixty outfits on the racks, but you’ll only be doing about ten to twenty different sets.” She nodded along, everything sounded simple enough.

“Who’s the photographer?”

“Sheldon Cooper, you might have heard of him.” 

Might have heard of him? Sheldon Cooper was the biggest name in the industry, he had an eye for details that made others jealous enough to inspire true hate. He was a rockstar. He did shoots with big name celebrities, she didn’t think this company had the money to splash out for someone like him.

“We got Sheldon Cooper?” She tried to keep the awe out of her voice, she didn’t want to insult anyone. She was still waiting for the feeling to fade that any second now someone would realise they’d made a huge mistake going for her and kicking her out. 

“He’s a fan of the game creators, they’ve had a few major successes to their names already so in the right circles they are legends, he negotiated a very generous deal with the bigwigs. Something about having creative freedom and keeping the negatives, if this thing goes the way everyone hopes those will be worth a mint later.”

It was so cool someone was actually banking on her pulling this off. Sure she was just a small cog in a big machine but she still finally felt seen. That feeling kept her up beat through the hair and make up hell, she was being powdered and taped and pulled at and tugged on. It was all worth it though by the end she looked like a star. 

They went through over a dozen outfits and as many poses per dress change, but she was so jazzed even after hours and hours of working she was still full of energy and psyched to continue. When the others came in and started to take her makeup off and let her hair down she was disappointed, she hadn’t wanted this day to end. Then she noticed that they were still setting out props and putting up lights for another picture. Maybe they had someone else coming in after her? She didn’t think they did, but she learned early on that she wasn’t exactly on the list of people word got passed down to. 

When everyone started walking out again leaving her alone with Sheldon she started to frown, they hadn’t given her the sheet that told her which dress to pull for this one. 

“Um, Mr. Cooper, they didn’t tell me which dress to put on this time.” They had also cleaned her face and made her look like she was at the end of her day instead of at a glam photo session. 

“You don’t have one for this.” 

“What?” Was she doing this shoot in the robe? She didn’t remember any scenes like that in the game script.

“Come onto the set Penny.” At the command she came forward without thinking, he was the photographer she had spent the entire day listening to him when he told her what to do.

“Take off your robe.” Take off the robe, but she was naked underneath, he couldn’t mean that. 

“But-” She tried to explain, to tell him the mistake. Maybe this one was supposed to be a lingerie shot and giving her the set to wear had been overlooked. 

“Take off your robe Penny. We are still on a schedule, you’ve been a dream all day, don’t become  my nightmare at the end please.”

“But I-” She didn’t want to be a nightmare but she didn’t want to flash him either. That would be embarrassing for both of them.

“You were scheduled for sixteen outfit changes and one nude scene. I will make it tasteful, but you did agree to this.” A nude scene? When her agent had told her about the shoot she had never mentioned a nude scene being part of the contract. She hadn’t read the agreement herself; she had just let Nancy give her the highlights, apparently in the world of Nancy nudity wasn’t a highlight. 

She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to be difficult and get a reputation or anything and she knew that if it came down to it Sheldon’s wants would override her own with the company. She was a no name voice actress in her first role, he was a celebrity in his own right. 

“What do you want me to do?” She had done worse for fame, these were at least just pictures and not video, plus he said he would make it tasteful.

“Remove your robe and position yourself on this chair here, curl in a bit so that you’re covered and just your back and face can be seen.” Okay she could do this. Dropping the robe she moved to position herself in the chair, when she glanced up through her lashes she saw that Sheldon wasn’t even looking at her he was still adjusting the settings on his camera. He was being a gentleman about it. For some reason that made her start to relax and think that maybe they would get through this without either of them being too embarrassed.

“Good. Good.” Click, click. Flash. Click. “Now I need you to get down on the floor face down with both legs swinging in the air. Like you would do on your bed as a kid. Yes, just like that.” Click. Click. Flash. Click.

This was actually kind of fun, almost freeing in a way now that her nerves had started to settle. She didn’t want to do it again, and she would be making darn sure to learn everything about a shoot in the future before she signed, but this wasn’t too bad.

“Okay now I need you up on your knees facing me with your hands behind your head, good now turn your torso a little, yes a bit more. There, stay like that.” Click. Click. Flash. Click. “Now I want you to get down on all fours like you’re crawling towards the camera.” Click. Click. Flash. Click.

The floor was matted but it was still cold and hard beneath her knees and she was starting to lose that energy she’d had before. This had to end soon.

“Final shot Ms. Queen I need you to cup your left breast for me and make a shushing gesture with your right hand. Like this is a secret. Yeah, just like that. Hold on.” She was so focused on the fact that he said this was the final shot she didn’t notice too much when he came towards her. He had done it several times throughout the day. Moving her hair, adjusting her stance, moving one of the lights behind her. 

He was an artist and he wanted his art to be perfect so when he reached out she expected something like that. A stray hair sticking to her lips or her chin being too far down casting a shadow. She didn’t expect him to tweak the nipple of the still exposed breast. When his fingers squeezed the small nub and rolled it harshly she let out a gasp of shock and pain. Even after he let go she could feel the pain and heat still radiating through her. 

“There.” Squatting down right in front of her he started to shoot some more. Click. Click. Flash. Click.

“Sheldon.” She didn’t know what she wanted to say, if she wanted to yell at him or just ask him why or what, but she didn’t get beyond his name before he was talking over her.

“Keep still for me Penny.” Click. Click. Flash. Click. “Cup your breast tighter, I want the people seeing this to be able to tell you’re squeezing yourself.” Placing his hand over hers he guided her fingers until the pressure on her flesh was nearly unbearable. “Good.” Click. Click. Flash. Click.

“No. No. No. Your expression isn’t right. You need to look euphoric, sexy, like you want to share this secret more than anything else in the world.”

“But I-” She couldn’t fake it the way he wanted he was too close to her. She couldn’t breathe right with him so close.

“Here let me help you.” His hand drifted down, his fingers trailing against her skin until he reached the apex of her thighs, he cupped her sex for a moment never putting his camera down, before he inserted two fingers inside of her.

“Sheldon.” Her voice was breathless, but she could hear the panic undertones. What was happening? Had she agreed to this? Did she agree with this? His fingers started to move their pace slow and building, both of her hands rose to grip his shoulders afraid she might fall without something to hold onto.

“That’s it, just like that.” Like what? She didn’t understand.

She could feel her orgasm building until it washed over her making her gasp and arc her back pressing herself into him fully. It felt so good.

“Sheldon!” Click. Click. Flash. Click.

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