Chapter 10 – Epilogue

Travers had started to think that perhaps he had lived too long. He remembered the days when life was simple and easily defined. The days when there was one slayer and that one slayer answered obediently to the council and the world was divided into black and white. Humans were good, mystics were bad and the slayer protected the humans from the evils of magic and other wordly threats.

Now there were vampires with souls and other vampires with electrical whatsits in their brains making them good. There were two slayers neither of whom remained within their assigned place for any length of time, both rebels in their own ways. There were watchers who went rogue in either direction at any given whim. There were prophecies that contradicted one another directly and still others that foretold such events as to be unbelievable they were so fantastical. And now after all that, there were now children born of vampires that seemed to be alive in their own right and heavens forbid able to possibly breed with humans to create a new race or superpowered creatures. 

Sitting at his desk he rubbed his eyes and wondered if things would not have been simpler had he just died in his younger years so he could have gone to his grave believing in the world order with no notion of what was to come next. Wouldn’t that have been grand. Alas it was sadly not to be, he was not only here for these catastrophic events he was in charge of marshalling the forces needed to fight against the ever flowing tides. 

Time to rally the troops.

Giles got off the phone and immediately removed his glasses for cleaning, they didn’t really need it but to be honest ever since he moved to Sunnydale they rarely did anymore. Looking over towards his Slayer who was still not a hundred percent after her recent… return, he wondered if this little assignment from the Council would help her or damage her all the more. 

While it was true that Buffy no longer worked for Travers and his ilk, and hadn’t for some time now, the news coming from Los Angeles trumped all past indiscretions and divided loyalties. If it was true that two vampires had procreated, then it would be all hands on deck as it were. It would appear that they would be taking a trip.

He wasn’t sure yet what he was meant to do with Dawn during this coming adventure, she could not be allowed to travel with them. If heavens forbid something were to happen to them all she would then be stranded in a nearly unknown city without aid or comfort to be found. His first instinct was to leave her here in Xanders care, but he had a feeling they would need the boy on this journey as he was one of the few who had always seen through to the heart of Angel and never allowed sentiment to guide his actions. If he took only Buffy and Willow with him to try and fight against the man, and there would be a fight of which there was no doubt, he would need help keeping them both on point. His next thought, though much more reluctant, was to leave her with Spike as a minder. The vampire had been nearly fanatical about the young girl’s safety since… well since the event. But once more he was loath to leave Spike behind, while Xander would offer guidance Spike would offer needed muscle. If Buffy could not be persuaded to go against Angel, it might be necessary for Spike to be there to take on the task himself. While Xander might despise Angel, Spike truly wished to kill the man and that was something that might come in handy. Anya would be of no use without Xander there to reign her in and explain to her for the umpteenth time why you had to feed human children daily. Tara would be needed as a steadying force for Willow. They were all it seems spoken for.

He supposed he could simply pack her away to her father’s for a short time, explaining it away as a much needed vacation from the perils of living on the hellmouth, but the two’s relationship had become strained of late and might end in an even bigger fight than the trip to L.A. 

Perhaps he would be better served to simply allow her to tag along. Oh happy day.

Faith couldn’t believe what her lawyer was yammering on about, the Council was pulling strings to spring her. She had half a mind to tell them to take their pardon, all wrapped up in its attached strings, and shove it up their collective asses. Then they told her why she was being sprung and she knew that Angel would probably need her in this fight, if the rumors were true. 

Out of everyone in her former life he was the only one that took the time to come visit her on the regular, not just to preach either, he came by just to talk. To keep her up to date on the happenings in the shadows of the world, and the unexpected rays of light that would sometimes work their way through. She owed him more than she could ever repay, but she could start now by having his back. If those kids really did exist, no one would be laying a hand on them, evil or not, without the big broody ones say so.

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