Angel’s Destiny (Complete)

Summary : What if Darla had given birth to twins? This is the story of Angel’s daughter Destiny and her struggle to fit in a new world with her brother and Holtz on one side, her father and his crew on the other and a blooming love in the middle. Where do you turn when your loyalties are divided?

Chapter 1 – Welcome Home (4,350)

Chapter 2 – Truth of You and Me (4,721)

Chapter 3 – Meeting You Meeting Me (3,097)

Chapter 4 – Home (3,563)

Chapter 5 – Power Plays and Other Games (3,382)

Chapter 6 – Family Matters (4,389)

Chapter 7 – We Meet Again (3,615)

Chapter 8 – Experiencing Life (4,313)

Chapter 9 – Bonding Together (2,143)

Chapter 10 – Epilogue (930)

Questions, Comments, Concerns....

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